Galaxy J

Galaxy S4-like device with Snapdragon 800 CPU

As teased late last week, Samsung has officially launched its new Galaxy J handset in Taiwan. The Galaxy J, which we've already seen launch in Japan, features a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 3GB of RAM and an external design unlike many of Samsung's international products. Besides that it's essentially a Galaxy S4, complete with 5-inch 1080p SuperAMOLED display, 13-megapixel rear camera, 2,600mAh battery and 32GB storage expandable by up to 64GB via microSD. It's also running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and Samsung's TouchWiz UI out of the box.

The Galaxy J will arrive in red and white variants over the next month on Taiwanese carriers, and off-contract it'll cost NT$21,900 (around $740). So it's a high-end Samsung phone at an expectedly high-end price point. But despite its hardware leg-up over most Galaxy S4 models (excluding the LTE-A variant which also carries a Snapdragon 800), we're not expecting to see the Galaxy J outside of Asia.

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Samsung unveils Galaxy J for Taiwan


It wont be coming to India as people already have Octa core S4 and note 3..G2, xperia z and all the other..... My brother got not 3 and i have nexus 4 and 5.. I don't think it would be launched outside Taiwan

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Does it have the Apple physical button on the front?

Seems substantially powered and appointed to handle the Wiz-bang bloat on the path to Samsung forkdom. 2014 will be interesting.

It wasn't a "Apple" physical button. Samsung had physical home buttons before the first iPhone.

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You're correct.
While the return to home concept is iPhoneish, granted, the iPhone home button utilizes more advanced capacitive technology since initially introduced in 2007.

The original Galaxy S, introduced 2010 also had a capacitive home button. I think Samsung digressed to physical with the introduction of the S2 or was it the S3?

I wonder if they utilized a less slimey plastic with this new iteration. I know, I know... all Samsung Galaxy owners use cases to cover their cheaply made slimey plastic expensive phones anyway. At least this version has adequate internal hardware, actually heafty enough, hopefully, to handle all that wonderful Wiz-bang bloat.

This one is made with aluminum. On the US version of the S2 there was capacitive buttons, on all versions on the S3 were buttons. Also the original Galaxy S had a physical button I think.

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S3 had home button. S2 had it too but it was capacitive still.

Anyways.. Who cares?

It's not screen controls so they still doing it wrong. I liked the capacitive way more than the physical ones.

I find it difficult to understand your beef with Samsung products. All the time you keep bashing and condescending whatever they do.
The only thing you do best is praise HTC a company in decline like you were paid to do so.

If feel sorry for you if you don't get paid you sour grape.

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Haters gonna hate.

He doesn't like it, we got that. Not objective at all, got that too.

His loss, missing out on some great phones...

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Oh, so it's wrong to like companies not making profits? Just respect his opinions, not just those of people who agree with you.

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Why does everyone want metal phones??? We end up putting a case on our phones anyway rofl. I prefer a plastic body.. And lol what kind amazing technologies does the iPhone home button have?? The Fingersprint scanner is nothing new, was introduced into laps and never really was that next big thing. It was a dud.. I mean Samsung phones > Any iphone

Not everyone uses a case, at least when the phone is made of premium-feeling material.

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Well it was to be expected the Galaxy J exclusivly for the asian market-if this made an appearance to these shores and the us of a then im sure it would sell and in big numbers although its another S4 variant it has that style that perhaps if this J was sold as the S4 they may have met there intended sales targets. That said the S4 is a good device-and im sure the S5 will have that something special up its sleeeve. I will however wait patiantly for the Note 4 as i have now moved away from the S range.

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"External design unlike many of Samsung's international products"

How so?

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Good question. I was expecting no physical home button.
To me it looks like a Note 2.

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In what (now be specific) way does it look like a Note 2? You be tripping lol

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The overall roundness of the product. I still have a Note 2 and the pictures they have on here look like it.

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I'm at a loss why manufacturers don't think westerners would want these type of phones.
Instead they release a "dumbed down" version.
EXAMPLE-HTC Butterfly J/Droid DNA...
The "BJ" was a beast at the time and had HTC fans excited for once, then they (months later) announce the DNA which could have been so much more.

That was more than likely Verizon hacking it up.

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Yeah, Verizon omitting certain things out of a flagship (SD card slot, less internal storage) probably makes it cheaper to import.

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Not really, it was the first 1080p smartphone. And, 16GB of storage didn't stop people from buying it.

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If I would have still been on Verizon it would have been on a list of 'want' except for the storage.

Everything else was pretty well done

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

The Galaxy J looks nice. I think an aluminum, high-end Samsung smartphone would do well outside of Japan, too. Perhaps the J should have a bigger battery, though, like 3,000 mAh.

And I was considering the S4 months ago, but preferred the industrial look, metal, Sense, and feel of the One in-hand. If Samsung had an aluminum flagship available in the US, I might have chose differently.

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*Taiwan, not Japan. I recently read an article about this device being exclusive to Japan before this release.

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Your always going to get muppets that will repeat the same bs over and over without having any basis or real objevtive other than to get attention as they are no doupt sad and lonely awww there there my suggestion go out get laid and come back when you have something inteligent to say. Repeating bloat, plastic, samoled ect ect is tedious and boring.

Is the build actually alliminuim or have they stuck with lightweight plastic?

Either way it looks good and 2nd despite the like for the J we wont be seeing it here and if we do i would imagine it would be after the launch of the S5 which i see no logic. But perhaps im wrong and it wont ever be released in the States or the UK hmmm.

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Totally on the same wavelength as you mate. Samsung are doing a great job by offering their consumers different options which suits their needs unlike other OEMs.

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Other OEM's Motto are especially good at the present time, Htc well a bit stuck at present but with the one a great device although yes the build is great, i went into a store and the display model wasnt in great shape and was on a cord stand (yes alot of hands on) but it does not seem durable when you perhaps are decieved into thinking it would be. Its a great time for tech and im constructivly objectional-I wont jump on random thread to repeat the same bs nor will i comment outwith my knowledge like some that google then pretent like they know what they are on about.

Samsung do have flaws like any company tbh really but they also make and build quality products that cater for a vast market and not just smartphones. I find their products to fullfil my requirements but thats not saying i wouldnt switch if something else took my attention away just depends but for now Samsung is my product of choice.

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I don't understand why people bashing Samsung too. These guys make much more products than any other tech company in the world. Didn't they just build the largest ship ever to roam these great oceans of ours. I believe there is more metal right there then HTC or Apple will ever use in 1000 of years.

Yeah, but Samsung's shipbuilding business doesn't affect the quality of their phones :P

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