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Everyone likes accessories, right? At tonight's Unpacked event in London, Samsung unveiled a whole heap of official accessories for the Galaxy S III. From cases, to docks and even a "Pebble." 

So the Pebble isn't just a Pebble. It's basically an updated version of the old Pebble MP3 players Samsung used to sell. Covered in the "Hyperglaze" finish as with the phone, it's designed purely as an accessory to the Galaxy S III. It has 4GB of internal storage, and one use case is taking it out on a run to listen to your music, without the need to take your new, expensive Galaxy S III with you. 

Cases are cases, and it's hard to get excited about them. But we've got them nonetheless. There's a selection of hard shell and leather flip cases available to protect your shiny new Galaxy. 

There's a few different docks available too. As you would expect, there's an official Car Dock which is basically an official Samsung branded cradle. No contact less charging on the Galaxy S III. The desktop is also taken care of, with a Desktop Dock and a simple battery charging stand. 

Samsung are also offering up their own, branded HDTV adaptor which is pretty much a standard MHL adaptor. There's also a pretty cool sounding wireless charger, which didn't seem to be out on show. 

We've got a few shots of what was out on show for you after the break.



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Samsung show off a whole range of Galaxy S III accessories


Hopefully it comes out soon and not like nexus phone assories been what 6 months and nothing

Sad :(

I loved the way my Nexus One would just switch to car mode as soon as I docked it, and was easy to put in and out of it.

Looks like this 'car dock' is just a holder, and you'd have to attach the mini/micro USB cable from the side yourself.

Agreed. I hope they release a better one. Even if I have to pay a bit more. I've enjoyed my Original Epic 4G's mount for far too long. Even the GSII dock was nice. this just looks like a cheap piece of plastic.

I am most interested in wireless charging, nothings been as good as my og palm pre . It would be great to have some of that 2009 tech put to use

Actually the qi wireless charging technology (no idea if that's what Samsung will use, but I used it on my Japanese Sharp-made smartphone last year) is I think more advanced - ie it doesn't depend on having induction coils on the back of the phone, all of that is integrated directly in the battery.

I was able to charge the battery by itself by laying it down on the charging pad, which is very convenient if you have multiple batteries, as you can keep one charging while you use the phone with the other battery!

qi is pushing a lot to get the technology more widely-used, but it's going to take a while... DoCoMo in Japan is trying to get cinemas, airport lounges, supermarkets, etc to provide charging pads as a free service, so that will help, at least in Japan.

I've been hassling Samsung constantly in the UK since Feb about the car dock and still no dice. Galling to see the range of accessories that the SGS3 is getting espesh as I paid £530.00 for the GNex on launch day 6 months ago. Trading Standards next port of call. Boo Samsung. GNex lovely mind.

car dock looks useless. Maybe its on the other side but I don't see any charging or audio out connections on it. Looks like you just loop your cables through the open end. Why would anyone but the Samsung branded one if it just holds your phone. If they had wireless charging in the car dock then that would be something.

Without the convenience of keeping the charging cord connected in my car the charging dock is a dealbreaker for me. I have my Droid X rooted and constantly use it as a GPS with the car dock. All I have to do is put the phone in the dock and I'm done. Cord is connected all the time. I refuse to give that up. Without GPS I can't find my way out of town... ;)

These two are the CHEAPEST I've found that are selling the US, so I've already gotten the best price for the best area (other places you have to wait WEEKS because they're shipping from hong kong )

So which one would you guys get?!

I'm so a gamer, so I love the white Game Boy idea here:

And then I also LOVE these designs on these ones, there's like 10 different kinds too!! Which one of these would you guys get?

If worse comes to worse, I'll buy one of each (but please help with deciding which of the 10 I should get at least!! lol)

Silicone I found is the best type of case so I'm really excited to find them like this, all I found when searching for these kinds of styles were hard cases and I found those actually do MORE damage then going without a case at all! Talk about ridiculous!!