Samsung Galaxy S5 KNOX 2.0

Samsung has announced that its KNOX 2.0 security suite is finally available globally for the flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. The company also announced that through future software updates, KNOX 2.0 will be brought over to other Galaxy devices as well, which will be good news for IT administrators and enterprise users who want to bring their own devices to work.

We had briefly covered KNOX 2.0 in the past, and the major thing about the update is that for devices like the Galaxy S5, the security suite will utilize biometric authentication, requiring the use of the device's fingerprint scanner and a passcode.

As outlined by Samsung, KNOX 2.0 will include several key components such as the KNOX Workspace, EMM, Marketplace, and Customization.

KNOX was introduced by Samsung initially as a way to marry work and life balance on the same device and compete more effectively in the enterprise space that's dominated by BlackBerry and its Balance software.

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Samsung secures Galaxy S5 with KNOX 2.0 for enterprise customers


what's better then Knox? Knox 2! p*ssed as f*ck. bricked my S III. twice.

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There's two kind of "bricks": a hard brick rendering the device useless and a soft brick meaning the phone may be unusable but still able to somehow restore it. I believe he was talking about the latter.

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I don't like soft brick. Goes against original meaning of brick, confuses people and is only around because people wanted their situation to sound bad.

Brick should mean brick. And there ain't no coming back.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I agree... "Bricked" mean the device has no more function than a cement brick. I don't think theres any potential to restore the OS.of any brick in your wall.

Just like almonds and soy can't produce a "milk" from not being mammalian... people just talk with no thought these days

I had a what you call hard bricked phone that wouldn't turn on lights didn't work .nothing. I sent it for a jtag and even that didnt work .but I fixed it. And actually I'm typing this message on it

No problem I have that case for my note 3. I like it a lot. It's thinnish with good protection.

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Too bad stuff like this isn't optional. I am sure it's nice for people who use it but for me it's bloat that affects how I use my phone that I paid for.

Problem is the bootloader still shows you cracked it and the warranty is void.

Nope, I'm all done with Samsung in 7 months.

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It is optional, they sell a developer's edition. And, Knox is a downloadable feature. If you don't want it, just don't download it......

It's still on your phone whether you download the app or not. If you have a samsung phone goto system, appilciatons manager and scroll over to the all apps tab. When you look Knox is still there and it can't be disabled. If you flash something it will "burn" and image showing you voided your warrantee with 0x1. Why do you think so many people have a problem with Knox...
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No it is not. It's a downloader. Yes, the fundamental security system is there, but the whole Knox feature is something you will have to download manually. If the download icon annoys you so much, remove it. Seriously.

And again. Buy the developer edition if you need an unlocked bootloader! It is not very complicated to remember.

Is anyone here the one who knox? I don't use it/disabled it.

On a side note, enjoy having your fingerprint biometric data (your finger scan data used to compare against your finger when you use that method of unlocking/authentication) stolen off of your phone somehow someday, by hackers or by the nsa etc, for a wide range of purposes.
Remember that in life, whatever you use as a key to seal away and secure your financials and valuables, are what criminals will go after, so if you embrace fingerprint authentication in your life, don't ever, ever, cry that someone cut your finger off in order to rob you etc, you brought it on yourself. If you like using your fingerprint as a key then this is the risk you are accepting.

Sorry Samsung, but you really need to practice what you preach. You boast about listening to your customers but completely ignore the majority when they tell you bloatware isn't welcome or wanted that includes Knox. For the majority who's phones are personal it's nothing more than unwanted trash that takes up ram while it sits in the background unused. For those going to say root now I say been there done that not interested I'd much rather keep my warranty intact and save myself a tone of constant maintenance!

Shouldn't KNOX and other bloatware be optional installs?

I thought a Korean court ruled that bloatware should be optional and must be chosen by the user whether he/she wants to install it or not...

Personally I think it should be like that world wide, unfortunately here in the UK they still have free reign to fill your device with as much crap bloatware as they want effectively taking the device "owners" personal choice away from them.

You are clueless. The majority don't even know what bloat is, nor do they care. Knox, nor any bloat use up RAM. After uninstalling all bloat, the same amount of RAM is in use. Android is designed that way. Unused RAM, is wasted RAM.

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Great. This should make Galaxy devices even harder to root and more impossible to return to stock. Yay for Knox flags.

I got my S4 from Google and it came without a Knox, so there is always that option if the S5 makes it to the Google Store.

Why cant it be an option may i ask? I use two phones. One for work and one personal. I want my personal to be rooted/flashed and antibloat. What i get? KNOX and warranty void if i try anything

User of S4. Last samshit phone i ever bought.