Samsung Galaxy S4

Four million shipped in first four days, Korean press reports

With strong brand recognition, an colossal marketing budget and plenty of anticipation among smartphone buyers, it was almost inevitable that Samsung was going to see enormous demand for its new Galaxy S4 handset. According to an unnamed Samsung executive quoted by Korea's Chosun Ilbo newspaper, the company shipped four million Galaxy S4s between Apr. 26 and Apr. 30, and as of May 10, shipment numbers stood at 6 million.

Of course, a unit shipped isn't necessarily a unit sold to a customer, but the shipment figures do show a strong appetite for Samsung's latest handset among its carrier and retail partners. The Galaxy S4 has benefited from a smoother global roll-out than its predecessor, with Europe, North America and parts of Asia, including Samsung's native South Korea, getting the phone in late April.

If previous Galaxy handsets are any indication, this isn't the last story we'll be writing about shipment and sales milestones for the Galaxy S4. Samsung itself is hoping to hit the 10 million shipped mark by the end of May, the Chosun Ilbo reports.

Source: Chosun Ilbo; via: UnwiredView

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MC_A_DOT says:


Bring on the note 3


I will agree with you, I am waiting for the Note 3 as well.

TroyBoy30 says:

no one cares about shipped and sitting on store shelves

Ruel Smith says:

Exactly! These aren't sold numbers. Apple only releases data on SOLD units. This is how we see these blown out of proportion headlines where Android has 81% of the world market! That's because they're comparing Android's "shipped" numbers to Apple's "sold" numbers. During the Apple vs. Samsung trial, it was revealed that as many as 1/2 the number of "shipped" units didn't sell at all.

Anthony W says:

The only you could know that is if you went to each vendor and ask them how the phone sold which would be a very hard task to pull off. Second, What's Apple shipping numbers versus their sold numbers? If the numbers were vastly different then that would shed some light on the situation. Lastly the number shipped would be the number of units shipped minus the number that was sent back to the manufacturer.

barondebxl says:

Haters are going to hate. 6 millions shipped in 4 days.... keep on haaaaattinggg!!!

halmo20 says:

For phones like GS4, shipped is basically almost as good as sold... Yeah if you're talking about HP webOS tablet, or Blackberry playbook, I get that.. Do you really think carriers are that dumb to keep ordering phones just to let them sit on their shelves?

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Brace yourselves. The Samsung Heaters are coming.

xlDeMoNiClx says:


sublimaze says:

Say what you want about "shipped" vs "sales".
Retailers will undoubtedly have no problem offloading 6 million S4s.

shipping is nothing we need sales price I can ship 1 million shirts but if no one buys them from the retailer it means ntn

BoB16731 says:

Shipped is nothing how many have they sold

Ant34 says:

Everyone uses shipping numbers except Apple. It would be tedious to go around and ask each vendor how many phones they've sold. If Samsung keeps getting orders for the phone then they must be selling well.

Taz89 says:

Finally some common think carriers would be ordering all these s4's if it weren't selling... It doesn't make business sense to order something that's not selling..clearly they are selling well otherwise carriers etc would not be asking for more.. All this sales and shipping argument is bs in this case... You just have to see Samsung quarterly profits to know that they are actually selling these phones and they are not just left in a warehouse.

jccruz76 says:

Agreed!! simple logic

sublimaze says:

Shhhhh.... logical thought is not allowed here


XXX0307 says:

wrong, apple uses shipped numbers as well

Anthony W says:

Makes sense. They can only keep track of what they sell at their own stores.

Yeah sure because you have to ask each vendor, one by one, for units sold nowadays...

Aaron Watson says:

I guess apple releases sales numbers because they have their own retail stores. Correct me if i am wrong. :o

Ruel Smith says:

Except that they're in Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, Sprint, Rodgers and just about every other carrier globally, these days. Just about everywhere there is a Galaxy 4 for sale, there is also an iPhone for sale. Not quite 1 for 1, but it's getting there. So explain how Apple still compiles "sold" figures instead of "shipped" figures and it doesn't break the bank compiling that data for them? Obviously, it's an attempt at manipulating public perception. If the public thinks Android is the "cool" device to buy, they'll sway new buyers and on-the-fence former iPhone owners to buy Android.

mmark27 says:

My local Sprint retailer has a room full of S4s that haven't been sold. They showed me the room, they're not lying. S3 is such a solid phone, not many people are jumping up to the S4. I for one am waiting it out until after I/O for sure and to see if Sprint will carry a 32GB version.

mhmmdy123 says:

And that's why Apple saying.

jccruz76 says:

Is it hard to accept that the S4 is really selling well? We will see real numbers hopefully after a month..

turb0wned says:

Samsung fanboys... Samsung just Apple'd them with the Galaxy S3s...

xlDeMoNiClx says:


odubz242 says:

I am sure that Apple is capable of giving sold numbers based on the fact not only that they have physical stores and direct order. But I am sure they leverage data from iTunes as well for collecting new phones accessing the system.