Samsung says Galaxy S5 will relieve iPhone owners of 'screen envy'

Samsung is teasing iPhone owners and their small screens by saying, in usual Samsung marketing lingo, that the next big thing is already here. Highlighting the 5.1-inch display of the Galaxy S5, Samsung is telling you that iPhone owners don't need to wait for the much rumored [iPhone 6](] that our friends at iMore are anxiously awaiting to get a better display.

In its 30-second ad, Samsung teases that you don't have to wait for two years for that phone with a bigger screen, alluding to Apple's next generation iPhone release, as the Galaxy S5 is already here.

Do you appreciate a larger display on your phone? Galaxy S5 owners, are you happy with that 1080p Super AMOLED screen?


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Samsung says Galaxy S5 will relieve iPhone owners of 'screen envy'


Yeh, the joke is over. iPhone users don't seem to care what Samsung says. iPhone sales are still stellar and better than any other single device. I think Samsung should change their tactic. They no longer the underdog.

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No, this is exactly the right tactic. I've seen it time and time again, once you actually use a phone with a 5"+ screen for any extended period of time, picking up an iPhone just feels weird. It feels like a toy. So Samsung is exactly right to get iPhone users thinking about the size of the screen. Their hope is that the next time they are in a store they will pick up an S5 and put it next to their iPhone.

Agreed. My wife is nursing asking an iPhone 4S until the 6 comes out. She is that commercial completely. She used my old 3S for a while. While still not an Android fan, she liked the bigger screen.

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It seems they are having trouble with the new sapphire screens for the Larger Model iPhones and they are predicting this could delay the release of iPhone 6 anywhere from 3-6 weeks, and maybe seeing a November launch. But CNN did not say anything of a delay for the standard size

Uhm... Samsung is selling twice as many smartphones as Apple today, 3 years ago Apple were selling twice as many as Samsung. Seems like Samsung is doing something right, no matter what bloggers might want to give an impression of. =)

That's cuz Samsung has 3x as many Galaxy S5s across the globe. Apple just has 2 phones. Its real easy to sell 5+ different version of the same phone in different markets, compare to two.

Samsung is stale and boring.

Difference is that the numbers of GALAXY S5 units sold are the sales of the GALAXY S5; other versions like the S5 Mini, ZOOM, Active, etc, have their own numbers and not considered in the total tally of GALAXY S5s sold around the world.

So if Samsung sells 3 GALAXY S5s per every iPhone, they are talking about the original S5 model, not including other variants.

It isn't a joke. If you are going to compare products, you do it with your competition. The only competition that Samsung has is apple so that is who they go after.

This is not a dig against other Android, Windows, or BlackBerry oems. It is just the reality of the situation

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I couldn't agree more. Apple are only bringing a bigger screen now because they are being forced into it by the competition. I use the note 3 and wouldn't even consider using an I phone. I think the Samsung commercials are funny and true.

Lol, my friend said he's gonna wait for the iPhone 6. I told him it came out 2 years ago, it was called the GS3!

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Been using the S5 and S4 for along time, but the screen size is too much for me. Actually something in the middle is nice around 4.7" if you ask me. But they just seem to be getting bigger. Although the iPhone is too small as well. Luckily, there are more than just Samsung out there, like the Moto X and other nice phones in different screen sizes that people want. So all can be happy.

The display on my old droid X was bigger than the ibrick,, let alone the 4.5 on my RAZR maxx HD lol

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But,'s retina! Because Apple makes people think you don't need more than 300 PPI!

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I went from a 3.5" iPhone 4S to a 5", 1080p Galaxy S5.

I am very happy with the screen size. No more squinting for me. I honestly don't know why Apple doesn't offer 5" variants of their iPhone. Seems like a logical, business decision. But even now the rumors have it locked in to around 4.7" because they're afraid people with short thumbs will revolt or some nonsense.

In fact, after making "the switch", I don't see myself ever going back to an iPhone unless they fire Tim Cook and hire people with innovative ideas. iOS 8 looks like nothing but a catch-up to Kit Kat (or even Jellybean) and I expect the next iPhone to have a Heart-Rate sensor in it too, even though nobody even cares about it.

I doubt they will put a heart rate sensor in the iPhone 6. But you can bet it will be in the iWatch.

.....and Rene over at iMore is going to let the world know how much he hates this ad....

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

Samsung phones have become kind of boring as there is not much of an upgrade going from S4 to S5. And the S5 is ugly with thicker bezels and a weird pattern back cover. I had loved the full black HTC One M7, the phone was the sexiest phone in a while after the Motorazr V3 and the Iphone 4. (To me those phones were the best looking phones ever made for mass market)

To you the upgrade may not seem like much, but there are little things done different that set it apart from my s4. For example: 1.The soft touch back which greatly improves grip and fingerprint resistance. 2. The screen has a lot more visibility in direct sunlight, and nuisance with my s4. 3. Touchwiz is lighter, better, faster. Not as fast as sense or stock, but definetly better. Now to an outsider, the upgrade from s4 to s5 may seem incremental, and it is, but its improving on what crippled the s4 and making it a good phone.

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Although I use both platforms, I think 4.7 and 5 inch screens are the ideal size for me, so I do appreciate the larger displays currently available from Android OEMs. And these recent Samsung ads are funny. Still, I'm planning to upgrade to the iPhone 6.

I've never owned an Apple device (not a fan), yet Apple is going to sell massively with their next generation of devices.

The iPhone 6 will sell millions; est 75 million.
The iWatch will do much better than Android Wear combined.

iMore fans will have reasons to be proud.

Nexus 5. The best thing ever is a True HD IPS+ 1080p with 445ppi. half the price of the white fruit or the band aid phone, for double the resolution. I don't know what to do with the money I got left.

1. Camera really isn't that bad, colors are pretty true to real life and the OIS helps a lot.

2. Android L is said to improve battery life by up to 30%, and the N5 is getting that first.

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Compared to phones out around the same time, it is in the lower half of the spectrum.

The battery life, for a stock device, should have been much, much better out of the box. I have also been hearing for the last few updates that they made battery improvements and they really have not materialized

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I chose between G3 and N5 and ended up to N5 and couldn't be more satisfied. Both battery and camera were both positive surprises for me since I read lot about them. In my use better battery life is counted in hours, so that two hours isn't pain in my a**. And I thought I took a step back in cam, cos my previous phone was Lumia920. But it was a surprise that N5 photos are even better in normal conditions. L920 still beats N5 in low light. But I don't use camera so much anyway.

I don't say G3 is bad choice, but this N5 is right choice for me and for someone else it could be G3.

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Just like Samsung to try to convince people who are perfectly satisfied with that ecosystem and phone quality to switch to a chinsy phone when the larger screens are due out shortly, but hey you can't blame them for trying.... Lol

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The screen on the GS5 was one of the main reasons I upgraded. Very happy with it, especially in bright, outdoors conditions.


There is something weird going on there. Every android fan used to support samsung with their galaxy s2 when it was underdog. Now it seems tables have turned. Yes lg with their G phones is their nemesis now and everyone is for Lg. But lets not forget that samsung put android on the map. I own lg g2 but still understand that thanks to samsung sticking to removable battery and sd card the lg g3 is also doing same. Google tried to force everyone to have non removable battery and storage like nexus. I also own nexus 4. But i will always support samsung no matter how big they get.

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Samsung is the new Apple when it comes to being hated. While I am not a fan of touchwiz, J. like almost everything else they did with the S5, though some features could've been better implemented or were unnecessary.

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They need to do away with the duplicate apps. The features are what they are and you cannot do much by try to improve them

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Agree....I have nothing against Samsung and was a relatively early adapter and grabbed the S3 at launch....but a few year pass and I have no interest I another Samsung. The updates would kill my phone and the apps...ohhh the apps. How I loved jumping on one of those moto x sales and now running a clean smooth phone.

Im not sure it was Samsung alone that put Android on the map.
I remember my first device was the Hero, but it wasnt till the HTC EVO came out that phones got impressive. Same time the Samsung Galaxy came out. Back then HTC also had a larger market share. SO i think its a combination of HTC AND Samsung that helped get Android kickstarted to where it is today.
I for one liked the GS2 and to an extent the 3. But the EVO LTE and then the HTC One M7 and now M8 have truly made me believe that HTC made some great devices.

HTC used to have such terrible battery life. I love larger screens and for me until verizon kicks me off of unlimited data and im forced to buy a beautiful oppo find 7 I think I'll stick with the galaxy note series. Such a premium quality phone.

Samsung know what's they're doing. There are a lot of iPhone users just dying to get something new & bigger. For instance, my wife's co-worker just got the the LG G-Flex & my wife was so jealous of the big screen. She loves to watches TV on the phone but the iPhone is way too small & the iPad gets awkward & heavy after a while. She saw the big screen and almost buy the Samsung Mega on the spot. What I'm saying is there are some iPhone users willing to jump to Samsung, they have to be told or shown its cool.

"They have to be told or shown" ...100% right. IPhone users make up the biggest part of the sheep population (sorry people, is true). In order to get them out of the hampster wheel, they need a "show and tell". I just got my aunt out of the cave ;)

Switching from an S4 to a LG G3.
Samsung didn't get my money.
Samsung pay attention. I have an S4 and just bought two new phones, both LG.
BTW -I bought the LG phones because I had "Screen Envy".
I will not buy phones with KNOX!!!

So long Samsung.

Knox isn't much of a problem anymore, it's become the equivalent of the custom binary counter. It may take a little bit when a new device comes out, but eventually Knox is neutralized

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Trying to sneak in those last second "my screen is so much bigger & brighter than yours" sales before the iPhone 6. I'd be scared if I was Samsung too.

I don't think you understand. Apple is about to innovate yet again by inventing the world's first 4.7"+ screened smartphones.

If apple bumps their screen size to 4.7 in they will increase market share. Lots of ppl don't care whether its android or ios they just want a great phone and yeah some want the cool factor. But size matters in screens at least. Thats all iphone lacks. They will increase this year but I'm betting it will be more like 4.3 or 4.5.

My younger brother and two best mates both have iPhones. One mate loves his iPhone unconditionally, but my brother and housemate (who are both tall guys with big hands, unlike the other) both wish the screens were bigger. Don't see them leaping to Android anytime soon but they definitely have screen envy. Its an issue that Apple need to address, so I'm sure they will.

I love my S5 screen. When people ask me what I like, I say the camera, screen, and battery.

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Borrowed an iPhone from a friend because I thought I might try my hand at development on iOS. I know why they call their displays "retina"... I nearly blew mine out looking at that tiny little screen after using my S4 for the last year or so.

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I love my Galaxy S5's screen size! IPhones are a high priced joke in my opinion...

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There may be iphone users envious of a larger screen like in the galaxy series. But I highly doubt they are envious of Samsung's clunky and horrid incarnation of Android. Samsung are the main reason Android gets negative press. I can't understand why anyone would like to buy such an ugly gimmicky device when Motorola and Sony make way better devices with more functional software add-ons that are functional and unobtrusive ruining the great Android experience Google have worked hard to create.

Surprised you left out HTC and LG. Sony isn't available enough in North America and Motorola puts out this years phones with last years specs.

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Samsung give the Android platform nothing but good press. Around these parts you are correct. People on AC hate TW and all that it offers.

In the real world, you will find the opposite.

I wonder if Samsung thinks I have bloatware envy too? I like their hardware (yes! I like their plastic phones! Sue me!) but good God they need to quit loading their phones down with so much garbage! Between what they load on there and what the carrier loads on there it's an absolute mess.

Yes, I am sure apple and iphone users are envious of their 25% drop in profit this quarter. They should stop worrying about apple since apple does not care about the mid to low end of the market. They need to focus their attention to those who are eating them alive in asia, like xioami, and zte. Those guys will do considerable more damage than apple ever could. Samsung, your days are numbered and since your are not an innovative company, good luck getting out of this on your own. Your r&d department (apple) have not release a new market defining product yet that's why you are strugling so far. Your innovation is to be a fast follower and flood the market with everything to cover all your basis. You are going down.

Doesn't care about the low to mid end of the market?? Heh...right. You can get your "high end" phone at Walmart. I see them all the time with ghetto bling and duck dynasty covers. If you are one of those latte sipping hipsters who still think flashing an iGadget around is some sort of elite status symbol, you're living in a fantasy world.

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I guess I am going to blow everyone's mind by telling my opinion. I went from the 5s to the s5 and regretted it for days. I knew Apple would be releasing a new iPhone this fall, so I traded in my S5 to buy an HTC m8. The only disappointing thing I have found with my m8 is the camera, but I love everything else about it. This is my favorite android phone. I will keep it even when I get the new iPhone bc I get bored and like to switch phone's frequently. I felt like the s5 wasn't worth the price for my use. The speakers suck and the health stuff was a waste on me. I don't want to carry a device for my music and my phone, I use my phone as my MP3, and HTC has the best sounding speakers. Just my opinion.

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Great they keep reminding them about the new iPhone, like Apple needs any help

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Sometimes I want a device with a small screen. I have a Moto X on the desktop without a SIM, but configured and ready to go... connected via WiFi. Currently sporting the GS5 and LGG3 (Work/Personal). I also sport the Surface Pro 3 and iPad Mini Retina LTE (personal/work). I feel like goldilocks sometimes.

"the iPhone 6 will be amazing"... That's what they said about the 4s.... And then the 5... Then the 5s.... Like apple is the same old same old... At least with android you have a variety of choices to choose from, the platform give you a much better user interference, I don't see much at all in apple products they get so boring all to fast. Sandpits give you the flex ability to customize your phone.. Apple has been playing catch up with android for 2 years now, it's about time apple users switch to android and give something a try because they will love the change

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Let's see for how long they can tease. 4.7 and 5.7 in iPhone release this autumn will significantly affect Samsung flagship sales next year and this commercial is probably a product of that fear. Most of the people who switched their iPhone for Samsung or other Android (those that I know) did it solely for the screen size. Only geeks did it because of lack of customization, tinkering etc.

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on VZW Moto X

I Love My Galaxy S5 !! I have never liked I phones. They have always felt weird and are very very limited on what you can do on them. Also what little you can do they charge you for it. Also they don't offer what is most important to me but android does and it's free.

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