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Samsung is certainly no stranger to refreshing the paint jobs on their product line when it comes to their smartphones. But, as yet their tablet offerings have been somewhat more reserved. That looks set to change as these leaked press renders obtained by the folks at Sammobile show. 

This new color appears to be the same Garnet Red seen on the Galaxy S3, and is bound for the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1, and the Galaxy Note 10.1. The new colors will reportedly show up for sale next year, potentially before Valentines Day. 

Source: Sammobile


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Samsung planning new red versions of Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Note 10.1


Exactly why I am replying. Tab 2 7 needs JB in the USA! I'm looking for my next tablet and it is going to be someone who can update the os in a reasonable time. The EU tab 2s have had jb for over a month. So I think Samsung will not be in the running for my next purchase.

I second that! What's Samsung waiting for? Jelly Bean for the wifi-only Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
should have been released already. :(

Just when you thought the Tab 2 was going to get a silent and (very late) burial, it comes back again. (considering the Tab 2 is just a microscopic upgrade on the original Tab).

The red Note 10.1 however is commendable, and an instant collector's item in my book.