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Following the reports last October of global Galaxy S series sales topping 30 million, Samsung says that South Korean sales of its flagship device, the Galaxy S II, have exceeded 5 million units. To put that into perspective, South Korea contains around 48 million human beings, of which some 20 million are mobile phone users. Some basic number crunching will tell you that suggests that a quarter of mobile phone users -- or more than 10% of the country's entire population -- now own a Galaxy S II.

In terms of overall market share across all mobile phones, Sammy now claims to hold 53 percent of the Korean market, seeing off competition from Apple, as well as local rival LG.

Source: Samsung (Korean)


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Samsung: one in four Korean phone users has a Galaxy S II


Seem like a smart bunch in Korea. I know plenty of people will disagree with me but I really like Samsung's Galaxy line. I have the epic touch, a nexus s (I know, not a galaxy phone) and a galaxy tab 10.1. The epic touch and the tab 10.1 are my favorite devices. I find myself on them all the time. One question I do have is given Sammy's track record here in the US with painfully slow software updates. (my only problem with Sammy at this point.) Do they update their devices more quickly in Korea? Besides that, they make a fine product. Just my two cents.

Yes they do. The OG Samsung Galaxy S had Froyo & GB a long time before a Galaxy S variant in the US got it.

Fix the story! It's one in four SMARTPHONE users. Something like 98% of Korean people have cellphones. 20 million is total of smartphone users.

I read the original Korean news as well. That's what it says.

This is usually the trend in Korea! Koreans are VERY loyal to their companies!! some examples...

Walmart and Carrefour tried to get into korea.. Failed cause of similar Home grown companies
McDonalds.. although does well, but not as good as their home grown fast-food places like Lotteria
When you go to Korea all you see are Hyundai (Eqqus, genesis included), Kia, Daewoo and Samsung Cars.... rarely do you see "import" cars.

So smart phones would be the same... Apple is doing alright, but probably can't compete with the loyalty Koreans have to their companies..

yes you see iPhones in Korean Dramas and TV shows, but the regular consumer is loyal...