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Hot off the release of the new Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, rumors are once again flying that Samsung may also be gearing up to release a stand-alone smartwatch that would work without the need to be connected to a phone. Much like the Neptune Pine or Omate TrueSmart watches, Samsung's offering would take its own SIM card and essentially be a wrist-size phone with full cellular connectivity.

The Tizen-powered device would offer not only many of the features currently found in the Gear devices like a camera, music player, and heart-rate monitor, but also things like email, GPS and phone calls. Samsung is currently talking to carriers in the U.S., South Korea and Europe about the new watch, which we could see announced as early as next month.

Still nothing official from Samsung, but this isn't the first time we've heard about a watch of this nature and it certainly won't be the last.

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Samsung may soon offer a stand-alone smartwatch


Nah, I think this is great. But the 360 is hot as a watch in general all technology aside. I think they can coexist just fine

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Right. Because anyone wants to pay a monthly subscription fee for a freaking watch.

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I don't know how "good" this would be. I have the gear neo and I love what it's capable of doing, but even using the dialer on the watch is tough. Responding to emails, texts and anything else needing text input would be extremely difficult to pull off.

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Exactly. A smart watch in my mind is meant to be an accompanying device. How many of Samsungs users that use a Gear watch are like 'damn I wish I didn't have to carry my phone'... No.

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My *only* concern. This is natural progression to replace the feature phones (not smartphones).

Okay, now I understand. "Feature" watch is the category this falls under.
Used to replace your feature phone.

I had no idea we got here this fast..
Well.. you would need serious voice recognition software for txting, dialing, mailing etc.. pull that off with your tizen software and you may really have something as cool as old Dick Tracy use to wear.
Prime Phones.. A new line of tablets, The Note 4 coming in 90 - 100 days and now a Watchphone line.. Samsung is no joke.

You ll start off w Stand by time of 20h and w each click or command deduct 30 min :)
Samsung is in the mood - "we'll do it because we can." I guess it's good for keeping the brand name in the news - first curved phone, first optical zoom phone, first call making watch, etc. As long as they can attach "innovation " somewhere around the name regardless of real usability or demand it will work. Luckily they have all the money in the world to mess with.

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Bravo you've managed to say absolutely nothing about Samsung while proving to the rest of us you only clicked in here to say it. I read it all yesterday on the article about their possible VR headset though and it was BS then, still BS now.

Nobody is interested if you feel they innovate or not. Frankly we are all kinda sick of sifting through all the anti Samsung trolling posts to find actual points being made. Maybe the 10 or 15 of you that hate Samsung so much could just stick to one tech blog and leave the rest of us in peace. You'd fit right in at Android Police.

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History on their rushing to push through w a product proves me right - terms of battery use: gnex, note1, gear1. Therefore I have the right to be skeptical when they are the first to release something. BTW I bought note 3 for my wife so I have no "hate", neither I "love" any company - they are not human individuals. I can only like or dislike specific idea or product, that's all.

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of course they are ... they only have a handful available at the moment

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In other news, Samsung loses any chance of making sells from their smartwatches after LG and Motorola release theirs with android wear.

Cant wait for the Samsung Gear S, Gear S Mini, Gear S Active, Gear Note, Gear Note 2.0 ("), Gear Note 2.4, Gear K, Gear Ace, Gear Mega 2.5, Gear Mega 3, Gear Pro, Gear S Duos, Gear Star Trios, Gear Lite....etc....etc.

Seriously, welcome to Wastelands of Samsung. And this "Prime" schtick is also absolutely unnecessary. It's really getting too much in already over saturated market. BTW, I love the (paradox of) "inspired by nature" moto Sammy uses.
Idk but They should be regulated somehow (other OEMs too) with 2 year rule - you get to make 1 flagship, 1 mid range and one low end mobile device in 2 years. :)
Same with the car makers and all other manufacturers." The Big Junk Avalanche" is about to collapse , people. :)

VZW Moto X

lol, that has to be one of the most idiotic things I ever heard of. I understand the sentiment, but it is unrealistic. One and rumor has it that HTC has a prime model as well....

But stop crying about it.. just prep your Standard S5 for sale on swappa .. take $0.65 to a $1.00 .. pay the difference and get the Prime.. Crying is NOT going to stop the Metal Framed, 1440P, 805 /420 Fire Breathing Monster that is known as the S5 Prime.

If you can beat'em .. join'em.

No. There is always something new and better a few months down the line. If you're gunna be a baby about that maybe you're not mature enough yet for a big person phone.

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Why are you taking the time to comment to me.. ? Looks like another pissed off client that has an S5 to me!
Your right.. I'm not ready to get SUCKERED.. I can wait for the Prime.

that is not getting suckered it is getting a phone. Then the S 6 will be out 6 months after that are you a sucker for purchasing the prime then? It is a separate phone probably more expensive and 95% of S5 owners will not give a shit about it. Once again it is only the 30 Samsung haters on these tech blogs, none of whom own a Samsung nor intend to buy one who are bitching about it.
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I don't have an S5 but if I did it wouldn't bother me one iota about the S5 Prime. Anyone who bought an S5 and is bitching about the S5 Prime is a baby. But I don't think those people even exist. Only Samsung haters like yourself complain about this non-issue and you are all whiney now because someone is calling you on it. Grow up.

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Easy Mate..
You need another burger! It's the holiday weekend!
Calm down... I love Samsung.. and when I drop my 7 $100.00 dollars bills on my carrier's counter, it will be either for the Samsung S5 Prime or M8 Prime.. The M8 Prime looks pretty damn nice in the renders I've seen and the S5 Prime checks all the boxes with the latest chipset, SD Card Slot, Removable Battery and of course 1440P 2K technology.. If the M8 Prime matches these specs then I'll go with the M8 Prime if not, Samsung Prime it is.

But you really need to calm down.

Says the guy who attacked me for commenting on his post when I commented on someone else's.
I'm pointing out that Sammy is not "suckering" people as you say it for putting out an upgraded phone. If you want the S5 Prime more power to you but those with S5s arent 'suckers.'
So it was not me with the big problem with the S5 Prime. Let's leave it at that.
Enjoy your holiday weekend ours was last weekend!
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You STILL have not had that burger to calm your ass down huh?
are you using a 2 inch screen?
*Read Up The Posts*
NoNexus commented on some poor sap that pissed at the Prime coming.
Then *Me*
Then Ryanmtech
Then...**ME** again...
THEN YOU!!! :-) you had no business following us ! you jumped in, and here you are a whole day later STILL going on....and on.
And then guys wonder why their Wife and Girlfriends cheat on them..
Stop right here.. right now.
Go enjoy the weekend.. another thread.... something. you're going on an on like a little B is not going to change anything.

Dude I did not wrote you. We both wrote the same person. You can READ UP and CHECK THE INDENTATIONS since that kind of comment seems to be your style. Keep coming at me with this bullshit and tell me to calm down. You were wrong get over it and yourself.

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Far be it for me to be the voice of reason, but it's over. Let the conversation just die out...

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You're still at this!!!
Dude.. go have burger.. a drink... something!
I'm tired of getting these updates and it still YOU!!!!
It's Sunday... go find something to do.. Find a girl (or guy?) to focus on!
Then you wonder why 66 2/3 of Wife's and Girlfriends cheat... NO ONE CARES ANYMORE!

I never cared to begin with except to tell you I didn't write you. It is not a big deal it was a simple mistake. Neither of us is being very mature here but seriously give it up now.

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Seems like very few can get the point across
Otherwise, I might end up in jail for plotting to establish Bolshevik's government :)

VZW Moto X

The government should dictate what companies can make? Go home, Commie.
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I can see one place this might eventually lead: Suppose your "watch" had all your cellular connectivity and the ability to act as a hot-spot. Then you could carry a wifi tablet for times when you need the screen and input real-estate.

Battery life, battery life, battery life!

On a related note: Has anyone considered solar powered trickle-charge?

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This would be good to have as a backup or as a travel companion. Only issue is going to be battery life. It may last 3 hours :)

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It's Samsung. You just know they're gonna try and squeeze a 5.5 inch display on that thing.

Armadillo, the other white meat.

I mean really? Does anyone really want to talk on a watch? Imo "smart" watch should be just about notifications and things like media playbacks and fitness. Forget all the the stuff that clearly wasn't made for smart watch like taking pic or making phone calls on a watch. I don't think that's what's going to make a smart watch popular but hey its Samsung and they want to make a device for every single person so I'm sure there's a few that will love the idea of smart watch that is also a phone. Might as well start Web browsing, playing games on a 1" screen.

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A stand alone Smartwatch with a Tablet would be a bettar duo than a Phone and watch or Phone and tablet. Since the standard size for a Smartphone is between 4.5" and 5.7" it leaves little use or need for a 7" or even an 8" tablet along side it. Who likes carring their flagship phone and a tablet when you make yor rounds? At the same time the Smartphone makes the current Smartwatch just a accessory.

This may put the use of tablets in a better perspective while freeing your pocket of a device . I just need a bluetooh headset to take/ make a call and the watch screen is plenty to either dail a number or see a missed call. Id much prefer to email on a larger sceeen than my Note 2 and im sure those of you who FB, G+, Twt etc....appreciate a larger screen as well.

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Yes this is the future. Where devices are grabbing a connection from the watch rather than the other way 'round. People wouldn't be talking into the watch but headphones/mic I would think.

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It's crazy how phones just keep getting smaller and smaller.. My big hands are too large to even... Wait, what?

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To me , the main point of a smart watch is as an accessory to my smart phone. I would want them to communicate. Samsung has lost me on this one.

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This is for those who would not like to carry a phone so not for you.

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