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The rumor mill has been churning for a while with suggestions that Samsung may be working on a new 7 or 10-inch tablet with stylus functionality. But now, a newly-certified device on the Bluetooth SIG site gives weight to reports that Samsung may be preparing to bring its "S Pen" technology to tablets. The certified device is listed as "Samsung Mobile Tablet GT-N8000", and when you consider that the original Galaxy Note is the GT-N7000, it doesn't take too much imagination to arrive at the possibility of a Galaxy Tab-like device with pen input. The other possibility is that we may be due a Galaxy Note hardware refresh already -- given the speed at which Sammy's churning out tablets these days, we wouldn't be too surprised if this were the case.

Last week, references to a "Galaxy Note 10.1" appeared on a casting website, as well as an official Samsung developer page, before being swiftly pulled. Having used the Wacom-based pen tech on the Galaxy Note, we certainly think it'd make sense on a larger screen. But we'll have to wait and see what, if anything, the manufacturer unveils at MWC.

Source: Bluetooth SIG; via: Sammobile


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Samsung 'GT-N8000' references suggest stylus-toting tablet may be on the way


I would be excited for this. I know many don't see a point to a stylus, but I'm looking to get rid of the need for me to use my Livescribe pen and paper. I take handwritten notes in meetings and keyboards just won't do for me. I need to be able to draw diagrams, write algorithms, etc and a stylus is best for me. I just hope that the stylus is fine tip and that the note taking application is excellent.

The thing that makes this cool is the pressure sensitivity and buttons that do various things on the pen. I will be wanting something like this for my next tablet purchase in a couple years.

HTC had a good thing going but the fact that the "Smart Stylus" doesn't dock into the device for safe and ready-at-a-moments-notice keeping made it a fail.

This is why I am currently holding off buying a 7.7 because I would love the option of a stylus to use for diagrams and quick notes when required.

this makes me wonder if theyre going to release two tablets.....the rumored 11.6" and this 10.1" with S Pen

Looking back on the design decisions behind iPad. I think Apple subscribed to the Colin Chapman rule. "Simplify and add lightness."

Moving to a capacitive screen removed the NEED for a stylus and I have no problem with that. However a stylus allows for greater precision; and a pressure sensitive stylus makes it a very creative user tool. Samsung seems to offer the benefits of both, without any loss; I love that.