As we reported yesterday, Samsung's Galaxy Note and Galaxy S3 phones appeared as part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony in London last night. Now the manufacturer (and global Olympic partner) is taking us behind the scenes, showing how Olympic staffers and opening ceremony performers have been using its Android phones. In addition appearing last night's show in Hyde Park, the Note has been used by Olympic organizers like Head of Ceremonies Martin Green in their day-to-day work preparing for the games. And it looks like Olympic volunteer dancers got shiny white Galaxy Notes for their troubles too, which is nice.

Check out the full presentation embedded above. You'll find more Android/Olympics crossover news over at this story tag.


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Samsung goes behind the scenes at the Olympic opening ceremony


Wow, good thing he had the Galaxy Note to draw an arrow pointing to the giant Olympic Stadium. Otherwise he might've gone to the wrong place.

What I want to know is what phone did Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) use when he was playing his phone in the Chariots Of Fire segment of the opening ceremony.

They did a good job choosing the right phone to use for the event. Another reason why Android is more popular than iphone shit from shitland.

It's not like IOC admire Samsung popularity so they added this to ceremony , Samsung is sponsor, they paid money for this. Apple is not interested in any sponsoring, but if it was you would see ton of Apple products too whatever they sponsor.

Just realized that Samsung did something that Apple couldn't do.
Good thing they have copyrights or Apple would claim to have invented the Olympics.

"Good thing they have copyrights or Apple would claim to have invented the Olympics" love it!!!!!

What I found interesting was that, during the parade to me it seemed as though most atheletes were carrying iPhones and not Android or in this case Samsung S3. Did anyone else notice this or I'm I crazy?

I saw a good mix between the two. I noticed that a much larger portion of athletes from Israel had the blue Galaxy S III in comparison to other countries.

Even samsung's super magical picture transferring technology couldn't save that opening ceremony. Even if everyone in the audience had a GS3 and could use it.

The UK was confirmed for this event seven years ago. At that time the smart-phones we uses today were effectivey science fiction. No iPhone, no Android phones. A few Blackberries, some primitive Nokia stuff, a bit of Palm and a very dodgy Sony-Ericksson device (friends of mine were taking back as utterly useless). I was still using a PSION 5mx and a Nokia 6230.

Even 3 years ago smart-phones were much more basic. I was using a Nokia 5800, more a media player phone than a "Smart" anything. About then the legal storm clouds that plague us now were gathering.

Loved the opening theatrical show. What a show-calling job that must have been! Just two rehearsals without the fireworks to get it all right. Some of the content must have confused people outside the UK, the depiction of history in this form demands some local knowledge, and this storyline ran deep.

I hope the games are as epic as the opening night. I also wish we could leave the legal nonsense behind us for a few months . . . fat chance.

Good luck everybody. Have fun.

love it! gs3 is getting the acknowledge it should, as well as the note. A feather in the cap for android. Love It!!!