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Samsung announced two new models in their Galaxy Tab line, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9

The Tab 10.1 has been redesigned since we saw it at MWC and both tablets can now boast that they are the world's thinnest tablets at 8.6 mm.

Both will feature an updated Live View interface on top of Honeycomb, specifically designed for the platform. They each have dual core 1GHz processors, will support HSPA+ as well as have WiFi-only versions. 

Samsung also announced pricing and availability today, something that they don't often do. 

Here is what they announced:

  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi-only 16GB: $499, available June 8th
  • Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi-only 32GB: $599, available June 8th
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi-only 16GB: $469, available "early summer"
  • Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi-only 32GB: $569, available "early summer"

Samsung announced some pretty impressive additions to their Galaxy Tab lineup and is stepping up their game in terms of pricing. Sit tight for more news! [Samsung Mobile]


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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 announced, pricing revealed (including WiFi-only versions!)


Maybe thinner... but same specs... why oh why would you go to custom UI. That just means that in 8 months when google launches an update everyone with this tablet is complaining about having to wait for the update.

I'm still sold on the Moto Xoom - I said never again after my locked bootloader experience with them, but the fact that the Xoom can be locked/unlocked makes it better IMO.

BTW - does anyone know if this is going to be the case with the WIFI only version - will be unlockable?

The only advantage I am seeing here is a thinner tablet, and MUCH longer waits on OS updates.

With Samsung you dont have to worry about locked bootloaders and having a wiFi only Tab will make updating to the latest version of Android easy for developers at xda.

This thing will have an OC/UV kernel by fall, guaranteed.

Do you honestly still believe that the Xoom has a locked bootloader?
It's a dev device brosef, and is ADB unlockable:

fastboot oem unlock

Yup, it's that easy.

/troll rating you.

Swing and a miss Sammy with the TouchWiz. Almost had a Day 1 purchase. Not getting myself locked into a 6 month wait time for OS updates. Sorry.

Sold! Under one condition: get that Touchwiz UX OFF IMMEDIATELY after purchasing!

Devs, you NEED to make vanilla Honeycomb ROMS to make this happen on June 9th!

I gave you a day, didn't I? :)

fail fail fail have to use there cable to plug in ala ipad, fail dont expect a update to it since it sports its own skin we say fail AC IM SPAM

did anyone watch the live video, the second presenter couldn't say one single sentence w/out f*ing up the lines. He kept stuttering and re-saying his lines, eventually 1st presenter started getting nervous and forgetting his lines too.

they should of hired some people who didn't look so rough either lol, these guys looked like they hadn't slept in weeks or had hangovers.

When will the next Google IO?


That time, there will be Android 3.1 or 3.5 ...

The Xoom will get an update right away.

This Samsung Tabs will wait ... forever :(

Too bad :(

Sorry Samsung, you stuck me with a buggy $200 phone that you won't support with timely OS updates, I'm sure as heck not going to buy a $500+ tablet from you. Your loss is HTC and/or Motorola's gain...

The specs look ok, but touchwiz is a no-go. Also, from the presentation it looks like is a tablet for limo riding bigwig real estate guys. Not interested. Better off buying a Xoom or an iPad.

Honeycomb is new. Not sure why they have to wiz all over the interface already.

Someone needs to do some kind of study on these interface codes to see what problems are caused. My Nexus One never has half the issues my buddy's incredible has, it's always a contacts/social issue from Sense that mucks up his storage.

Touchwiz + Samsung slow updates = no buy for me.

I'm a fan of the 7" form factor, personally. I had to setup an IPad for a coworker, and its too big for the usage I do. But I am excited that the devices are getting thinner. That's a step in the right direction.

I really want to like this tab. I will admit it is sleek and sexy, Touchwiz and the fact that it won't release until June kills it for me. Looks like I will be getting the Xoom.

Damn touchwiz may have just killed this for me too. I really like my Epic but the update problems Samsung has shown with the Galaxy S line really makes me pause.

Can we see a hands on soon so we can get a realistic idea of the "horrors" of Touchwiz?

It can't possibly be as bad as the above disgruntled make it out to be...

I can understand a bit of frustration with slow updates if there's a compelling reason why the upgrade is needed (like no flash) but if the tablet isn't really lacking anything to start with then why the frantic need for updates?

Well, let's say Google finally comes out with an android music/video store that allows you to buy or rent movies and songs directly to your tablet. It's only available on the brand new software update -- but since Samsung is already developing its next tablet and has your money there is not much motivating them to update their custom interface and allow you to enjoy the new features.

They'd rather you buy a *new* tablet from them to get it.

Notice how that link actually works and takes you to the homepage?

Notice how you get a 404? Sure seems like they are going to start a movie service (also works for /music and /books, though /books is already live)

Touchwiz notwithstanding, Sammy deserves a lot of credit for emphasizing the availability of wifi versions, and for getting two models under the $500 price point.

I knew that there would only be a couple of months before manufacturers started skinning Honeycomb. They just needed enough time to work with the source code. I'm more inclined to buy one of these over the Xoom, but I'll wait until Cyanogen has a crack at them. The days of custom UIs being perceived as a value add are over.

Love the competitive pricing Sammy, much easier to cope. Hoping that HTC does the same with Flyer and other supposed tabs....

Both too big for my liking, just saw the video of the Playbook 7" and it's the perfect size, the guy was holding the whole thing in one hand.

How do you know that 7 is the perect size maybe 8.9 is much better. Don't muck it before trying it.

Why all the Touchwiz hate? I mean, it's a stupid name, but the interface was one of the few things that *didn't* tick me off about my Captivate.

It's not hate toward TouchWiz itself, it's the fact that because of this custom UI overlay when Google updates the OS with cool new features everyone with a Samsung device must wait for Samsung to take that update from Google and update the TouchWiz UI before giving the update to it's customers. People who own a Xoom or any other pure Android device will have the updates the same day.

My wife has a Sprint Samsung Epic 4G and she STILL hasn't been given the update to Froyo. That's two versions of Android old on a brand new phone. This is because of TouchWiz.

That's definitely fair. I guess I was just reading the comments as being down on TouchWiz itself. The Captivate had its good points, but I am SO glad that I returned it and bought a used N1 off of Craigslist. I swear, the Nexus line will be running Tiramisu (why not? :D)before Samsung gets around to providing Gingerbread to the Galaxy S line.

Take a look of the history of Samsung updating their Android devices. It's been a disaster, mostly because of the manufacturers unique interface. I don't think it's TouchWiz hate per se, but a recognition that often the device with Touchwiz is not adequately supported by a OS update.

I could see skinning being useful on a 7 inch tablet. The UI controlls on Honeycomb might be too small on a tablet that size. I'd rather get a 3rd party skin like launcher pro that does not effect OS updates though.

Great pricing, should make a dent in iPad sales compared to the Xoom, but what kills it for me is Touchwiz. I was this close to boxing up my Xoom and waiting for this til I got to the part about Touchwiz. I absolutley love Honeycomb and don't want to see it covered up by any OEM UI's. Granted, we really haven't seen it in the wild yet, but I really think what's going to keep the Xoom going is pure Honeycomb. I guess it's going to be just like the phone market, the people "in the know" will get the Xoom for the pure experience, and the regular joes will get the Galaxy tabs and be happy with a Apple alternative that's competative in pricing.

I was thinking of getting the 16GB WiFi only. But know I remembered that Samsung takes a long time to update their android products whereas other company do it faster. I just want something either 7 or 8 inches with honeycomb and dual-core processor.

With or without touchwiz, I think Samsung is doing great.
They undercut both Apple and Zoom with the 8.9 @ $469.

Good job Samsung.

Good overlay is an oxymoron.

Why do people still whine about skins anyway? THEY ARE EASILY REMOVABLE!!!

I can't speak for TW, but Sense has been anything but "easily" removable on the Evo since at least the Froyo update. You used to be able to go into Manage Applications and select a different launcher--the closest you could get to "removing" Sense without rooting. You used to be able to root the Evo in 5 minutes by installing the file in the root directory, but now you have to spend 30-60 minutes working through forum posts that are pretty intimidating for novices. Unrevoked might be able to permanently root the phone now, but it wasn't able to the last time I had to do it.

If the skins were removable by simply unchecking a box, getting to stock Android isn't be so intimidating. Most users understandably just accept custom UIs rather than risk bricking their phone, or spending hours in forums.

It would be nice if these custom interfaces were optional(even in a unrooted device). That way, if you chose you could remove the custom interface and enjoy the new Google update while the custom interface is updated--but no. It's all about locking you into a device and forcing you to buy new hardware if you want new software features.

An Android device with a custom interface is no different than an iOS device IMO.

Nice.. I really thought about it and almost was gonna buy one. However, I mostly use my phone for mobile "on the go" net use anyway. I can't fathom carrying around another device to do the same exact thing. So reality kicked in and I bought a Acer laptop with a 2.2 GHZ AMD Phenom II Triple-Core,500 GB,4 GB DDR3, 17.3 in LED screen instead for just under 600 bucks instead. I will get far more use out of that than a tablet toy any way.

Really, I think the question is, when will the case manufacturers start embracing the the Android tablets? Aside from that pos that Motorola sells for the Xoom, there really isn't anything out there. Pretty sad that these expensive devices are being sold, and there really isn't a way to protect them properly.

Although I haven't owned a Samsung device since the flip phone days, I've read all the horrors with the updates here and elsewhere. Saying that, I really like the hardware design, the size, and the price for the 8.9. Depending on what comes out between now and then, and also on what gets announced, I could see myself buying this. I would just immediately root it, remove anything I didn't want (TouchWiz) and load a stock honeycomb ROM onto it. Which is why I love Android.

OK, I want to know ONE thing--when will this cause the price of the original Galaxy Tab to drop!!! I want a cheap tablet, but I don't want a crappy one! I was going to buy an Archos 70, but now I'll wait a week or so to see the Galaxy Tab's price go down (hopefully).

Anyone hear anything about this yet?

The priceing is great and puts them in line to compete well. To everyone freaking out about updates remember a few things. Samsung Galaxy phones in Europe got froyo fairly quickly, it was our carriers who mucked up that update. A wifi only device wont need a carriers blessing to get an update so that should help alot. Lastly Samsung hardware is pretty easy to root and put on a custom rom.

Look at all the complaining about a skin that includes new widgets and skinned buttons
and the update bs has to go

They have sold me on a WiFi Xoom! I have used a friend's Xoom and the thickness isn't a problem for me at all. It has everything in it I could want in a tablet, including stock Honeycomb.

i would never buy another samsung product. now they are trying very hard to copy and be like Apple. with no sd card slot, with their own charging cable. dont try to copy Apple . just because it works for Apple doesnt mean it will work for you.