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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the hot ticket right now, and British retailer, Phones 4U, sends word of just how hot the launch has been. It's in no way a surprise that a ton of people wanted the Galaxy S5, but Phones 4U has said that launch day sales were double that of its predecessor, the Galaxy S4.

Pre-orders alone were "escalating significantly" ahead of those for the Galaxy S4 last year ahead of the launch, and the Galaxy S5 made up 40% of all contract sales at the retailer on April 11. The news comes alongside the reports of long lines at Samsung Experience Stores throughout the UK at the early launch on April 10.



LONDON, UK, 16 APRIL 2014: We’re thrilled to announce that Phones 4u has seen record success with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5, with sales on the first day alone being double that of the Samsung Galaxy S4 during the same period.

Since its global unveiling the Samsung Galaxy S5 has continued to thrive at Phones 4u – pre-registrations for the newest Galaxy smartphone reached over five figures ahead of the pre-order launch, with official pre-orders escalating significantly past those of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Scott Hooton, Chief Marketing Officer at Phones 4u comments: “The Samsung Galaxy S5 is clearly one of the most anticipated handsets of 2014. We’re incredibly pleased with the success it’s had at Phones 4u in such a short space of time already, with sales of the new smartphone being double those seen for the Galaxy S4 on its launch day last year. Samsung continues to innovate and create products and technologies that really make a difference and offer tangible benefits to people’s lives. The newest 4G Samsung smartphone to enter the market made up a huge 40% of our contract sales on day one of its global launch, and 99% of our Galaxy S5 sales so far are on 4G, further supporting our number one independent 4G retailer position.”

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is available to buy at all Phones 4u stores and online now.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 launch day sales double the Galaxy S4 at one British retailer


Show you the numbers? Samsung stopped doing that since 2012. How else will they be able to manipulate the press about how great they are doing. This sort of things works, it works great for Amazon and their quarterly announcements of "we sold more kindle this quarter than last," with no numbers to back them up. For all it's so called secrecy, Apple is the most open company when it comes to their financials. They tell you everything, how many they sold and more.

The problem with that argument is that it is not Samsung stating double sales in this article, but a carrier.

My Argument remains the same, we have no numbers whatsoever. As for samsung, we have official documents all over the web to back up my arguments.

Why would a reseller lie about sales numbers? To get themselves in trouble with the authorities? You do know that it's illegal for a business to present false sales information? And I am pretty sure you're the only person on this site thinking the GS4 wasn't the biggest selling Android phone last year, by a factor of more than 10:1 compared to anything else.

And to your lie about Apple being more open about sales numbers. How many iPhone 5s's did Apple sell the first day? OH, yeah, they bundle all iDevices in their numbers, just like any other manufacturer including Samsung.

Well someone must not be paying attention about the numbers game samsung play. There is a reason why they stop providing numbers. Show me one company on the android camp who provide numbers. None of them do, I've been complaining about this for years. What we get of course are those guess shipment numbers from the likes of NPD. A company I have no respect for since their only real numbers are from Apple which Apple provide for everyone. Since samsung don't provide numbers where do they get them? Here is a link for you btw, they were even fine about those fake numbers, which is one of the reason behind them stopping to provide sales numbers now.

Stop avoiding the question, troll.


You do realize Apple actually does provide these numbers right? I mean in every financial call they provide total number of actual sales, not retail units sold (batches 'sold' to retailers) but of actual customer sales. This is information is easily searched on Google so you don't have to rely on the so called 'troll' since he is avoiding your questions for whatever reason... A 45 second web search will yield you the results. Additionally the information they give about sales each quarter for their devices is a part of an actual SEC filing so the information is verified under danger of felony charges if found to be incorrect. Additionally I believe that he is referring to this incident when he talks about Samsung being misleading about their sales:

Lastly while iOS isn't an open platform by any means, Apple is actually open about their sales numbers as they have a responsibility to their shareholders to do so. Say what you want about the OS and the products they make, and yes hate them because many of their customers are annoying little wankers, but don't let your bias against or dislike for cloud your potential to be object or your intelligence.

I see you picked the part you wanted to hear/read. I said they were the most open when it comes to their financials. None of the big players release their numbers, none, but Apple does.

He picked a fundamental part of your made-up Apple marketing BS. If you can't stand by your claims, how about stop making them?

That's because Apple knows they sell a hell of a lot of phones, and they know everybody is jealous of their bottom line, haha.

Who is buying this phone?? I mean - it's not a bad device - but it's not special or interesting in any way. Apart from the waterproofing maybe.

My Tissot is only water resistant....

To 100 metres..... It says so right on the back of it.

People should really stop trying to use that semantic as an argument for anything. :)

Well...10 million people bought the GS4 in its first month so I'd say it's likely there's a lot of people buying it. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean there isn't a ton of people who do :)

People who think the only phone companies in the world are apple and Samsung

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It wasn't, but you're welcome to believe whatever helps you sleep at night.

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Just because the phone you bought sucks and no by wants it you belive what you want to sleep at night
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When you walk into any phone store or retail store or even the carriers website they don't only have iPhone and galaxy phones on display

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They really do. I walked into a Best Buy, a Sprint, and an AT&T store yesterday. Not one of them had the M8 on display (even though it launched weeks ago). They all had the S5 of course.

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Note 3 with its steep discounts is an excellent deal compared to the s5 but if they where the same price then I think the s5 gets the nod due to it being newer.

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Wat? Best screen in business, great camera, water proof, battery life is incredible, SD storage, not sure what else you are looking for.

It's all about timing. I would guess that people buy new phones every 2 years not only due to carrier upgrade timing like in U. S., but also because they get bored with a phone about this time. I can almost see all the S3 owners upgrading. It's a strategy that Apple uses and should work well for Samsung.

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For another £10 I would rather have the Note3 with 32GB of memory rather than the measly 16Gb most sellers stock for the S5

On contract you can get the note 3 for free with more internal storage, s pen and bigger battery and display.

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Sounds the same as with iPhones, people criticise them for being barely any different to the previous one, they then sell far more than the previous one, so clearly it doesn't seem to matter.

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the S5 has the better camera between the new flagships hands down. Tried the M8 in the stores but its too big to use one handed comfortably and its thick albeit looks elegant. Afraid that the z2 is just as large, however it is much thinner than the m8

The One M8 is 0.16" taller, 0.12" skinnier, and 0.07" thicker than the S5. Is the difference really that noticeable?

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To me it was, I'm a Nexus 4 user 5.27 x 2.70 x 0.36 and the S5 felt no different but the m8 was too big for a 5 inch phone

Reading the comments I realize samsung is the new apple. People hate them just for fun.

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Well Samsung seems to be doing very well. And all the hatred on the net about the S5 LMAO. The S5 is going to be the best android seller of 2014. It's the best phone so far.
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I think we all can agree that it will be the best android seller this year no doubt but the same can't be said about it being the best phone so far.