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We've just received our invite to a Samsung event in New York on Mar. 14, inviting us to get "ready 4 the show." Looks highly likely that we're in for a Galaxy S4 event, and we'll be live in New York on the day to bring you full coverage!

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Alex, you're such a hard worker. I'll make a deal with you:why don't you take March 14th off, and I'll go to the Samsung event in your stead. Deal?

mwara244 says:

March 14th? I'm thinking Samsung wants to beat the Motoroloa X phone at Google I/O, last year the SG3 was released in June. If you guys need an assistant for free at Google I/O I'd be more than happy to volunteer my services.

ultravisitor says:

They're only announcing it on March 14th. I wouldn't expect it in the US until this summer.

Black_1 says:

Was that about the timeline for the S3? Figures my luck though, I just ordered the S3 Friday. Wake up this morning to this...FML

XChrisX says:

Why does everyone keep saying it won't get released until summer? Last year Europe, and Asia saw the S3 weeks after the official announcement, and The states saw it a month later. With this being announced in the states this time, I expect a US release to follow close behind.

tim242 says:

Please glossy plastic. I know metal is too much to hope for....but please no gloss!

icvos says:


threepackape says:

so you want Samsung to take the final step and start making iPhones? :)

G_The_One says:

No. We want them to use the same premium material they used in the Wave devices.

Dutchmasta says:

I don't own one but my friend has a Note 2 and he says he drops it all the time. He doesn't have a case on it yet it hardly shows any damage. The material is def resilient

birdman_38 says:

Metal is a hindrance to wireless signals. Thus the reason for all the plastic phones.

Masheen says:

even with all the plastic samsung signal is shit

Prediction: Pretty impressive insides plus cheap plastic outside, some kind of AMOLED screen, and a big ugly iphone-style home button.

XChrisX says:

So excited, can't wait to get the S4!!! My S3 is being passed down to my mother!

just an FYI, based on rumored specs, the S4 is just a slightly enhanced S3. Not upgrade material.

91_z28_4me says:

Isn't that true of pretty much any yearly upgrade?

XChrisX says:

I have an available upgrade, so it's not that big of a deal. Plus these phones are so easy to resell if you know what you're doing. I'm not saying the S3 is no longer good enough, but if I can upgrade why not?

bwhick7492 says:

I just hope the battery life is good. If nothing else changed other then the battery I would still buy the phone.

XavierMatt says:

They better bring it. I love my GS3.....But HTC went in this year on design. And I'm sure Apple will also.

Viper says:

I wonder why it says Episode 1 at the top...

jnaught says:

Great question! I hope it doesn't allude to a drawn out, multiple event release?! I have a Droid Charge that I bought a week after it came out ... up for an upgrade and can't wait. I loved my Charge for the first year, but now it's horrible - reboots all the time out of nowhere, runs slow and choppy, etc ... this is going to be one hell of an upgrade for me!

zero3187 says:

I am currently using a Droid Charge as well and it is definitely time for a relevant device.

According to what i read over on SamMobile, they are having a separate "launch" event on the 15th for European Countries due to the time zones.

Would assume that would say Episode 2

Because the next Samsung Unpacked event will be Episode 2. Kind of like last year when they had an Unpacked event for the SGS3 and then one in Berlin for the Note 2

Good OL MC says:

I was just going to ask the same thing. Anyone have any ideas?

Black_1 says:

really? REALLY?!! I JUST ordered the S3 Friday because I was tired of waiting for this thing. Scheduled to receive my S3 tomorrow only to wake up THIS MORNING to talks about the S4 Launch... FML Wonder if I can avoid a possible restocking fee?

smooth3006 says:

the s4 won't even ship in the states until june-july.

Black_1 says:

so this is just a reveal... I'm struggling on whether or not I should cancel my S3 order and order the S4.

Gearu says:

Cancel that S3 quick sticks! It's old tech and was not much of an improvement over the S2.

icvos says:

disagree. they are unpacking in NEW YORK. whenever they launch it, maybe april, the US will be on the list of initial launch markets.

Good OL MC says:

Restocking fee will depend on the retailer's individual policy but I think most places won't charge you as long as you don't open or activate the device.

I normally don't say wait for the next one but in this case you're better off seeing what the S4 is all about. Even if you don't like it very much the S3 will probably go down in price as a result of it's successor's release.

smooth3006 says:

personally i think it's too early for the next galaxy s line but whatever. depending on the specs and if it comes to tmobile ill get it this summer. pretty happy with my note 2 atm.

svinyard says:

There is certainly room for Samsung to improve. HTC's LCD screens are better by far than the AMOLED. I have an S3 and HTC EVO LTE's. S3 is my main device (developer support) but that LCD on the HTC is legit nice. Also, this should be the year Android DOMINATES with sick new camera technology. Everyone wants it. We all have kids or family or stupid photos to post on FB and want them to look sweet if taken indoors. Their UI has been functional but kinda ugly and not nearly at tight as Sense. I don't care for either but TW is fast and ugly while Sense is pretty but slow. I like the idea of expanding on the health stuff. Everyone here in Portland is in love with workout watches, HRM's and run mappers. The phone should be the hub for all this and supported by cute, cheap peripherals on blue tooth.

All that aside, someone needs to do something really dope and new with the mobile market. I thought Samsung would be the one now that they are flush with market share but damn, I have my doubts after seeing the rumors. Thank goodness the unicorn of all phones, X Phone, is still out there promising hope for a magical marriage of Google pushed innovation and Motorala build quality and battery size. We will see...

becquery says:

Its likely to be more of the same....bigger & fatter gangnam-style cheap plastics - Sammy's greatest innovation in the smartphone world.
Same shape, same style, just bigger & fatter....truly innovative.

heyimjunior says:

gangnam style. lmao

Gearu says:

Give me Super Amoled Plus HD (the S3 didn't have the plus factor the S2 did), A camera that is newer and better than that 13mpx shovelware Sony have been pimping for ages now, and a removable 3000mah battery and I'm pretty much in.

Oh, and Samsung, don't mess up the capacitive buttons by putting them on the wrong sides like what every other manufacturer seems to be doing now. Or if you want to be awesome and innovative- make them swappable, including on the software side of course. Or again maybe instead of icons, use colored orbs on each side and you can set which can be back & menu in settings.


ps. Onscreen buttons only = no sale.

From the pictures I've seen so far the S4 looks like the S3 and S2, can you say deja,deja,deja wait for it Voo. Sorry Samsung but you get an F for this one.