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Pricing and tentative release dates have leaked for a slew of Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories today. If we go back to Samsung's Unpacked event in New York for the S4, they talked a bit about some of these, namely the gear to use with Samsung's S Health application. We also got a quick look at a gamepad and some flip covers, but today's leaks looks to cover everything.

There are a bunch of them, so hit the break to see the list with suggested retail prices and plenty of pictures.

Source: SamMobile; SamsungMania (Czech)

Prices and release dates, per SamMobile:

  • S Band – $129,99 -
  • S View Cover – $69,99 – Week 14
  • Wireless Charging Pad / Cover – $49,99 – Week 17
  • Flip Cover – $34,99 – Week 14
  • Pouch – $59,99 – Week 15
  • Protective Cover+ – $19,99 – Week 14
  • Headset – $29,99 – Week 15
  • Extra Battery Kit – $29,99 – Week 15
  • HRM – $79,99 – Week 15
  • Body Scale – $129,99 – Week 15
  • Game Pad – $99,99  - July

Prices (converted from CZK to USD) and release dates, per SamsungMania:

  • Universal audio docking orb -- $119.82 -- Week 17
  • Premium audio dock -- $774.14 -- availability unknown

Week numbers are 2013 calendar weeks, and yes, some have passed. Supposedly anything slated to release in March is now set to release in April. An image gallery follows.



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Samsung Galaxy S4 accessory pricing and release dates leak


Ummm... I am pretty sure that we are not past 14 weeks this year yet. Please step away from the pipe Jerry (and let me dispose of it for you :))

Anyone else NOTE-ice that it says Note II at the bottom of the Windowed Cover?

You have a problem with people who use pipes Tbarb? So plumbers are a problem for you? The local Pipe-Stuffers 420 Union would like to have a chat Tbarb.

I was only trying to help 420... You weren't by chance a Rear Admiral were you? Like to scrub the poop deck? I kid, I kid. I am stepping away from the pipe now.

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I bet you like licking the poop deck eh?

No disrespect to Veterans at all. I appreciate all they have done and continue to do!

Just messing around since you chose to go after my "pipe comment".

Later dude.

They cut a big a$$ hole on the front for a Notification area and they still couldn't make a freakin' pin hole for the notification LED??!!! (Yes, I actually use that little blinking light of bliss)

I thought Samsung knows their marketing. This S Band thing will pass with no fanfare. And then Apple will release their iWatch and market it as the best thing since well, the iPhone.

now you can actually use the camera with the cover flipped to the back. that was easy now wasn't it samsung.

Am I the only one who thinks this is the stupidest thing ever? You use a flip cover to protect the screen. Not to cut 1/4th of it out. Sure more of your screen is covered than not, but you've not created an opening for dust, dirt and other things to get caught in.

For example, if you accidentally put it in your pocket with keys, your key could get stuck in the opening and scratch the screen.

If you use a screen protector as well, than what's the point of a cover? I've had an invisible shield on my Galaxy S3 for over a year, no scratches whatsoever, even with keys in my pocket.

You do realize the window means it has a plastic piece in it, right? So your screen is still protected anyway.

haha the second picture describing the game pad shows the person playing old school counter-strike lol.

+10000 for the extra battery kit even tho u can get a cheap one from Amazon most of the time but it's still nice that they acknowledge the need for one and STILL OFFER REMOVABLE BATTERIES.. (sorry HTC)..

The price of that S-Band needs to come down a good bit. There are many competing bands on the market that are cheaper.

I'm thinking those comma's in the price list ought to be replaced with periods. Don't want someone thinking that a S- Band is $129k :-)

Ugh, this was released by a UK company and in the UK they use commas instead of periods for currency. Get cultured man!

**looks like a Czech website but same rules apply...

Am I missing something? Why is the cover with a hole in it almost double the price of the regular cover? What kind of magic is in that cover that makes it more expensive?

So where are these accessories, the S-Band is no where to be found, the wireless charging dock is also MIA. You can't use S-Health with any other fitness device which is rather dumb samsung. Don't expect people to use your app and go out and spend another $130 to get something they already have. The phone alone was the added benefit.