C Spire Wireless, the regional carrier that covers the southeast, is finally getting some Samsung Galaxy S3 (see our review) love. More carrier availability means more S3 users, so this is great news for all of you on C Spire.

The S3 comes at a time when C Spire is really pushing their 4G LTE service. It is the second device that can support the higher speeds on the network and they have said they will be aggressively be expanding it this fall.

The S3 can be had in either Marble White or Pebble Blue on the 16GB model. It will cost $199 with a 2-year contract online or at any C Spire retail location.

If you're a C Spire customer, are you picking one up?

Source: C Spire


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Samsung Galaxy S3 comes to C Spire Wireless



I don't plan on being with C Spire for too much longer anyway, so it would be silly for me to buy a new phone for a few months. Best of luck to them, though.

C-Spire (formerly Cellular South) was the darling of the cellular world. Key word "was". They announced the GSIII months ago working their customers into a frothy fury then changed their data plans (yet again) to force a 33% price hike on those of us that had Unlimited voice/message/data plans. Their forums (Circles) are alight with angry posts right now and C-Spire is deleting posts every chance they get. This is part of their new "Personalized Celluar" service????? Really? The GSIII and Iphone5 will both do well on C-Spire but I expect there will be a significant exodus to other carriers (particularly Sprint) in light of C-Spire's official Subscriber Count Reduction Plan now in progress.

I don't post in the forums, but their slow turnaround time is why I'm bailing on them as soon as I can afford to get a different phone and pay their termination fee. That, and their insanely limited coverage area everywhere but Mississippi.

I got mine, and I agree the policy changes are bad for the company and will ultimatly make alot of customers shop around. I waited a really long time for a good phone and i'm really happy with my choice. In 2 years I hope the changes will revert back or i will be looking for a new carrier.