Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2

Android Central at Mobile World Congress On paper, the Samsung Galaxy S Wifi looks to be a pretty basic PMP with Android and Samsung's TouchWiz user interface. In person, that's exactly what it turns out to be. You've got a 4.2-inch TFT IPS display at HVGA resolution. You've got a 1GHz processor. You've got Android 2.3. And you've got a punch of preloaded games and media options. And that's about it. No glitz, no gimmicks. 

The Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 (in addition to having a pretty awkward name) feels decent enough in the hand, if a little boxy. It's straight-up Samsung plastic, and the white and chrome stand out nicely in bright light.

The big question for a device like this, of course, is the price. Anything under $299 (remember that there won't be a montly bill involved with this guy) should be doable. Get at at $199 and below, and it could sell nicely.

We've got more pics and video after the break.

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Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2

Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2Samsung Galaxy S I Wifi 4.2


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Samsung Galaxy S Wifi 4.2 hands-on


I really like seeing this kind of thing. I think that having an iPod equivalent device for android is great! Especially for people like me who refuse to buy apple (no hating I just don't like their style). The only issue I see is having it be just as expensive.

I like it. I think it looks neat. But I can't ever see myself buying one. If it wants to put a dent in the ipod touch market good luck. In order to do that you should at least have ics with a slightly modified theme to separate it. Maybe an ability to switch the color your device is themed with an easy setting!

I was hoping to see Samsung release a device, like this, with a dual core chip and ICS. My Daughter has the 5" one and my brother has the 4" and they both love theirs.

I would love something like this just to use as a "cordless" phone at home. Running 3CX Phone or Sipdroid connecting to my PBX in a Flash VM.

are u fucking kidding me. someone needs to tell samsung they already have this device its called the galaxy player 4.0 seriously what the hell is the difference besides a .2 inches

HVGA = 480x320... time to correct the post bro, other news sources say it has a 800x480 (WVGA) resolution, not HVGA.

I bought two of the Gal Wifi S 5" units, one for each of my children, for about US$150 equivalent here in England. It's a lot cheaper to feed handheld gaming additions on android or iOS than a Nintendo handheld console or PSP or Vita!

I am very impressed with them: FM radio, wifi, gps, accelerometer, stereo speakers, memory card slot. They came with a mains charger and separate data cable, and ear buds.

I bought some gel cases and screen protectors for them for a few dollars off ebay, and neoprene sleeves for a Note which fit nicely.

Being slightly smaller than a Note, it's also helped me realise that I'd be happy with a Note.

BTW, don't confuse the Galaxy S WiFis with the older crappier Galaxy Players. The S Wifis have the 800x480 screen, more storage, better video chips etc.