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A new leaked firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) has the mark of the fabled "Value Pack" written all over it.  For those not following along at home and wondering what the hell we're talking about, it all started when Samsung's Korean language blog Samsung Tomorrow said that the Galaxy S would not be getting Ice Cream Sandwich.  Then we heard that Samsung was reconsidering their decision, and looking into updating the Galaxy S with ICS.  Fast forward a few days, and we hear that Samsung has decided to offer a "Value Pack" consisting of some features from ICS backported to Gingerbread for the Galaxy S.  Then (you knew this was coming) Samsung told the folks at The Next Web that there was no such thing in the works for the Galaxy S.

Then the "Value Pack" ROM leaked out, and here we are. 

It's Android 2.3.6, firmware XXJVU, built December 29, 2011.  Feature-wise, it has some new goodies:

  • Galaxy Note Lockscreen
  • Galaxy S2 Photo Editor
  • Better camera that can snap stills while shooting video
  • Fast auto-rotation
  • Face unlock

If you're on the hacker update path, hit the links below and get your "not a value pack" ROM.  If you're not the hacker type (and we wouldn't blame you) there's no telling exactly what -- if any -- update you'll be seeing.

Source: SamMobile; More: XDA-Developers


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S 'Value Pack' saga continues - new leak shows face unlock and more


I love that they would rather spend more money building these proprietary features for an old version of Android, instead of just giving people ICS, which is already built and would cost far less money.

Good to see they're still working on my phone.

Like some of the updates. Hopefully it'll improve the phone's stability as well.

Samsung should release a full version of ICS instead of this idiotic crap pack. Most Galaxy S owners have no desire to root their phones and install custom ROMs.

Most people don't even know what version they have anyway. If someone wants ICS that bad but are not willing to root and rom, then they really dont want it as much as they think.

It's easier to make apps then it is to make a framework of a new OS based around older hardware. U MAD?

Wish Samsumg would fix the LOS thing (loss of signal/service/3G). It has absolutely no DATA reception in low signal environments compared to other phones (side by side HTC EVO/IPHONE 4S/Galaxy S II: I tried all these at same location; all having 3G except Galaxy).

Other updates are nice, but no 3G makes everything else worthless.