Samsung Galaxy S III flip case

Here's a quick look at Samsung's devilishly simple flip case for the Galaxy S III. Some of you might remember this guy from the Galaxy Note as well, and the premise remains the same. You get a pretty slick way of protecting the phone's display while adding very little bulk to the device.

That's achieved by having the cover attached to a replacement battery door via a hinge made of the same material. The inside is suede-like, and the exterior of the cover is done in a textured sort of vinyl or plastic. It folds over the display and lays nearly flat (or, more likely, will lay nearly flat after a little more time in our pockets), covering the screen and the buttons below it. There's a cutout for the earpiece, so you can close the cover while on a call, which will save you from those unsightly oil slicks. (On the other hand, we're not sure what it'll do for the cover itself. Who wants to walk around with a yellow phone?)

The battery door part of the flip case is nearly identical to what came with your phone. If you've got a carrier-branded phone in the U.S., you'll lose that logo, though, and have Samsung's instead. (That'll be a feature for a number of you, we imagine.)

The whole thing adds just a tiny bit of thickness to the phone, which at 8.6 mm maybe could stand to eat a sammich anyway. We've got a slew of pics and some hands-on video after the break.

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There are 33 comments

JamTheMan says:

Looking good! And it flips the right way, WOW! (The one for the 7.7" flips to the right which makes no sense..)

noturbizniss says:

Well, to be fair it does make sense to flip to the right if yo have the disability known as left-handedness...

deboss says:

Looks great! Will it dock with the case?

swmrbkrrnr says:

does it come in the pebble blue as well? I would assume as much but you didn't mention it so I wanted to confirm...

tommydaniel says:

yes, multiple colors.


SoreAintya says:

Yea I want this in Pebble Blue as well.

jaekim717 says:

Hi Phil,

Is it possible to still take pictures with the flip case, or do you have to keep the flap hanging while trying to take pictures? I don't see any holes for the lens on the front side of the case so that you could fold it all the way back to take pictures.

Gekko says:

flip cases are so late 90s/early 2000s. and they were toolbaggy back then too.

what's next a belt clip or holster????

don't be that guy.

taborcarn says:

Does it stay closed with magnets like the iPad cover?

Sebakl says:

No, no magnet. Old school manual work. It's actually pretty neat. I use one, quite happy with it. BUT!!!! I wait for VAJASACES to product a proper leather case. I like my phones "neat", wrapped in nice leather, to go in sync with my tablet etc....

mercado79 says:

Magnets would have made sense. The way it's currently designed, if you drop the phone, you have no way of knowing if the cover will stay over the screen or not.

As an aside, I saw these cases at the Boston launch event. They look really good (Samsung reps had them in blue, yellow, orange, and white).

Wish they had this for the Galaxy Nexus!

Same here buddy. Same here.

Hand_O_Death says:

If they release a pink one, my wife will love me forever

Sebakl says:

Not the very typical prominent Barbie Pink, but kind of pink :)
Order, and enjoy many happy evenings to come ;)

Hand_O_Death says:

LOL Thanks.

kylosma says:

I'd love this for my Galaxy Nexus.

noturbizniss says:

How's it feel when folding back over the battery cover?

nmccart says:

Why am I not seeing them in the store?? Shut up and take my money, please?

BKHAWK3 says:

Alot of people are gonna want these but what happens when they add the wireless charging solution to the accessory line.

HAAS599 says:

How will this get along with the samsung car dock? I'm assuming the phone will clip in on the corners and the flap will just hang down?

The case will be compatible with the regular charging dock, but not a custom fit Samsung auto dock like other models. Right now Samsung is only showing a universal auto dock for the SGIII which means it could work with the case and the flat folded behind the phone. Nobody wants a generic auto dock. Customers want a custom auto dock like Motorola devices. The Galaxy Nexus is custom too, so this case would not work if Samsung eventually releases a custom one.

21plays says:

i got the claraguard/clear-coat full body protector because the wonderfully ergonomic design of this device allows it to fit perfectly in your hand. So why cover this work of art with a case. Clear-Coat film, it's razor thin and crazy strong, so you can keep your device protected and beautiful at the same time.

I need this for my Galaxy Nexus!

wonkman says:


Needs a way to attach a lanyard. Can't say how many times this has prevented dropping my phone.

jeff327 says:

Agree on the need to have this for the Galaxy Nexus.

Zammo76 says:

Does the case flap fold back behind the battery cover? Also could you use the case flap to stand the phone at an angle for viewing in portrait mode?


SirNickselot says:

I've seen both the neon orange and neon yellow flip covers. I am actually tempted to get the neon orange.

3mp3ror says:

It looks like a nice product but I'm a little skeptical on the durability. Hinges of any kind will wear down after a while. Anyone know if the front cover itself is flexible or not?

mantczak says:

Has anyone seen these in a store? I don't want to activate my phone until I get a case and this case looks very nice.

Biggest complaint I've heard from others is they did not put a hole in the case so you could see the notification led without opening the case.