Apple v Samsung Galaxy S III

Apple has amended a lawsuit they filed back in February against Samsung, and is now including four new devices to the original 17 they say violate their patented technology. The additions are the Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III), the Verizon specific Galaxy S III, the Galaxy Note, and the Galaxy Note 10.1. These devices will join the Galaxy S II Skyrocket, the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, the Galaxy S II, the T-Mobile Galaxy S II, the AT&T Galaxy S II, the Galaxy Nexus, the Illusion, the Captivate Glide, the Exhibit II 4G, the Stratosphere, the Transform Ultra, the Admire, the Conquer 4G, and the Dart on the smartphone side, and the Galaxy Player 4.0, the Galaxy Player 5.0, the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablets.

The patents Apple is claiming are being violated are:

The "Data detector" patent was successfully used against HTC to block the One X and EVO 4G LTE from import back in December 2011, while the others have been met with limited success around the globe.

The battle between these two is far from over folks -- last weeks news was just the beginning. Expect more as this develops further.

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Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note now targeted by Apple lawsuit


Don't worry to much about this. Apple can KISS IT'S iphone 5 goodbye especially if it's an LTE DEVICE. Samsung owns 10% of LTE patents and they will excerise this to BANNED any LTE iphone on any network. It is what it is I'd be jealous of Samsung and it's Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note matter of fact the Galaxy Note 2 also they all shit all over the iphone all day long. No iphone 5 will even matter in comparison.

I'd like to believe that, but we all know the iPhone 5 is going to do very very well as all the predecessors. I would like to see an iPhone banned just to say, HA!

Yea, it would be great to see the iPhone 5 banned from selling after everyone learns what the full specs and features of the phone is. That way it would severely anger the potential customers. It's true it would create more enemies for Samsung, but it would do the same for Apple for setting up the events that would lead to the ban.

I didn't say the specs would alter the amount of people who bought the phone. What it was meant to say is that if the iPhone 5 is released with nice specs more people will be interested in the phone whether they hate Apple or not. The ban of the iPhone then would cause more anger which would backfire to Apple.

I agree with xKrNMBoYx, people who`s buying the IPhone, most of them has no idea`s what the phone specs is. Or, what features it has! To them it`s nice IPhone.
Which Apple always claiming each Iphone the releasing it comes with 200 features more than the older version.

I'm a recent Android convert, and I knew every little detail about my iPhone inside, and out. People line up to buy the iPhone because it just works. I'm fairly tech savvy so the SIII is great for me, but to say it has the "Just works" feel would be a big understatement.

Yeah, I have to agree with ChrisXe. I have tried multiple android phones. I like how fast and responsive the S3 is. However, I still have yet to find an android phone that beats the smoothness and responsiveness of the iPhone.

C'mon Google. Make the general population love android.

Yes. 90 percent of the population don't give a damn about whats happening right now. Among the 90 percent, most of them only shop for the "newest device" because it is supposedly "new" and "improved". Among those people, a large amount are simply crapply fans and do not care whether Apple is a bitch or the device sucks, because they are going to collect everything from Crapple anyways. They would rather blind themselves away from the truth. They have much money to burn away. Just wait for the news to come: "Millions of people around the world lining up day and night for the Apple newest flagship blah blah blah..."

Maybe this is why apple is suing samsaung (again). They know samsung has these lte patents and want to strike a deal for them without having to pay for them. I hope the new iphone gets banned, burn in hell apple.

Unfortunately as nice as that sounds majority of people do not realize one thing... All those patents are under the FRAND act or agreement or whatever you call it. You know Fair Reasonable Non-Discriminitory act. Its in the same field of 2g and 3g since no can should be abke to sue others for 3g or 2g then theres really no way samsung sue apple over this with being investigated for well i dont remember exactly how its put either way they could beput under investigation and fined for abusing these non usable patents for infringement

Which is part of the problem, Apple has been walking all over competitors while flaunting using their FRAND patents and offering patheticly small sums for use of those patents when told to negotiate by courts patents apple needs to have to even be in the industry while at the same time apple is suing those same companies over things such as touch screen scroll behavior, rounded corners and flat faces while asking for huge chunks of those companies margin citing the money they spent on innovating those designs. What about the money these companies spent making the technology that makes it possible to have these smartphones in the first place Apple? Is it not important? i'd argue without 3g/4g patents apple would not have sold nearly as many phones without those.

But yeah Samsung/Moto/others can't use those patents to block Apple from having LTE but the way it's supposed to work is that they can demand a fair royalty rate for their use, however Apple seems to be playing a game of lowball then slug it out in court.

News flash:....!

Steve Jobs is in Heell!!!
I know this cause I died and saw him there.
The only reason I'm back is because I told the Devil that I could screw the world over better than Jobs. I hate lying to the Devil.

And for those of us that thought the world would be a better place without Steve Jobs,....Holy Fuck!

What does Apple think will happen,everyone will come running to the iPhone after they ban all the competition? I would buy a Blackberry or Windows phone before I would buy an iPhone again. 1-4. I switched to Google phones and haven't. been back since

Google just needs to take those very broad "cellular" patents that Moto has to have hidden away somewhere and threaten to sue Apple right out of the mobile/tablet space unless they knock this childish "sue everyone" crap off.

As has been mentioned, Motorola has already been wielding what patents it has that might fly. Google bought Motorola for the patents, but the ones that would be useful are generally already in play. It could be a bad gamble if Motorola mostly loses out. Remember, too, that Apple and Google are reportedly negotiating, so there could be a truce in at least some areas.

I'm sure HP is willing to part with Palm's patents now that they aren't using them. Buy those up and throw them at Apple.

HP could run everyone into the ground since they hold the patent on the smarphone concept.


Disclosed is an integrated handheld computer and telephony system. Integration of the handheld computer and telephony system is at the physical and operational level. For example, the integrated handheld computer and telephony system physically integrates a handheld computer with a mobile (e.g., cellular) telephone. In addition, the handheld computer is distinct from telephony system in that they are logically separable. However, they are also operationally integrated, for example, the telephony system executes a telephone application on the processor of the handheld computer. Likewise, the handheld computer can execute applications, for example, a phone book, that can be used to launch the telephony application.

Inventors: Jeffrey Charles Hawkins, Robert Yuji Haitani
Original Assignee: Palm, Inc.
Primary Examiner: Stephen S Hong
Secondary Examiner: Sajeda Muhebbullah
Attorney: Fenwick & West LLP
Current U.S. Classification: 715/816; 379/93.23; 715/780; 715/864

Apple has just hit an all time low. How the hell does the GSIII fit in all this?!? The earlier Galaxy devices, maybe but this is just proof that Apple sees Samsung as a threat and wants to get rid of the competition.

Also considering the iphone 4s ripped off 10 features from android, google should think about pulling android from open source and the lease it to all the manufacturers of android for $1, just to keep apple from ripping off JellyBean now.

+ 1

I disagree. There are many who jumped to buy the 4s because of Siri and most don't use Siri.

Lots of apple owners I know say they wish they never bought 4S, because siri they seldom use.

The attacks by apple are out of fear and lack of ingenuity. Sadly the iPhone isn't as relevant as it once was and is now the go to smart phone for tweens and the technology challenged.

It's essentially RIM 2.0

They know that their OS hasn't changed in 5 years where Android's has dramatically. File lawsuits so you can keep the competition out and keep the same old boring and plain system.

iOS DOES work and look really well but EVERY OS needs to evolve to stay relevant and on par with the competition, otherwise the competition will eat it alive.

I don't see Mac OS looking the same as it did 5 years ago, or Windows, or BlackBerry OS, or Symbian OS, or Android... They all evolved into better versions of themselves to keep up with the innovations whereas iOS has looked and worked the very same way for 5 years already (except for wallpapers that every color screen phone has had long before the iPhone 4 and notification bar which they stole from Android and didn't really improve as they promised) and people get sick and tired of the same thing year after year. Today OSs are like celebrities, they have to reinvent, fix, evolve and change themselves to stay on top of their game or they will die and they must do it fast (BlackBerry OS being the perfect example of realising this way too late), Apple hasn't fallen because their reputation (among other important factors) is keeping them alive, not innovation as it was 5 years ago and they are playing this game like it's still 2007 and NO ONE has a full touchscreen phone with a diverse selection on user downloadable apps in the market that can compete with their iPhone and therefore has not felt the need to improve the look and functionality of their mobile OS and to counter this they are suing everyone else come high water or hell instead on focusing and spending all that money in reiventing iOS and making it appealing to lost customers.

Those who are technologically challenged or don't care as much about technology are the ones who love the iPhone and those will be the first ones to say "it looks nice on the outside but it's the same thing on the inside" every year with an exponentially growing boredom.

Like it or not, evolution is key and this is why Android is winning new customer by the minute, because they evolve and it shows.

This whole argument is reminiscent of this:
Apple iOS = creationism
Google Android = evolution

Apple iOS = creationism
Google Android = evolution

I think the iDrones prefer the term "intelligent design". [:`)

I think improving and "fixing" leads to innovation. Apple feels they've created the perfect mobile platform, and therefore won't improve or fix as drastically as android.

That's what happens when you are successful. Haters try to stop you. The company is being run by lawyers now that SJ is gone. Lawyers don't know how to make a smartphone so they do what they do to keep their jobs. Proud owner of a SGSIII

Oh geez. This so sucks! If I had *EVER* considered spending a DIME on an Apple product, I'll never do it now. Im sorry to say I did buy one of their bluetooth keyboards to use with my Tab 10.1, but Im about to sell the damn thing.

It's true...they see Samsung as a threat and they now smell blood (thanks you suckie jury). So they figure, "well, we got this far, let's go further". Hell...who is it that made the very first smart phone (it wasn't apple). Maybe THAT person/company should sue Apple.

Sick of this CRAP!

Why you mad brah? lol A simple software update fixes the new devices added. And Apple may negotiate with Samsung so the iPhone 5 launch isn't affected. No need to pop a blood vessel lol

Wanna apologize for all those links. I hate seeing it, and I hate doing it. 

But I thought in this case it was important to provide reference to all the devices.

Jerry.. Apple pissed off after the breaking news about the Galaxy S3 been sold out.
And about the patent 721 ( slide-to-unlock) it`s belong to Neonode,they`re the first company to invet it in the first place.
In my opinion, the system in the USA it is biased and has no justice what so ever... It`s true money talk and bullS***t walk.
Look at all Apple cases out the USA, get treat it different, Germany judge to Apple NO way, Japan and other country, but what the juror leadr said, Apple it`s an American company and before that judge in California, said Apple need to win.

Figured this would happen eventually. But think about this; I think this will anger the right people this time, since the S iii is such a popular phone. Maybe instead of just a few Android nerds getting mad others will fight those Apple jerks.

All of this nonsense will eventually end. Whether I agree with Apple or not, they still have the right to try and sue whoever they want. I think it is a little premature though given the fact that their last lawsuit has a good chance of being overturned on appeal, and likely would not stand up to a more thoughtful examination of the patents in question. You cannot stop progress, maybe slow it down for a time, but it never stops. Android will continue to become better as Apple fights to remain relevant with it's aging OS. iOS 6 looks like Gingerbread on Android, need I say more?

I don't blame you, if i had known about the sg3 and that 5 companies could bring 5 different nexus devices this year with a chance of a moto nexus, i would have waited in updating to a gnex.

Even the phones involved in the most recent lawsuit won't be banned until possibly December, so I think you have quite awhile to make up your mind. Heck, if you haven't pulled the trigger then wait to see what the next Nexus looks like. I know I would.

647 is way too broad, 721 does not apply to the Galaxy S III at all, 172 is actually an extremely annoying feature that I hope they do remove, and 604 was removed in an update. Despite all of that, however, Apple will still probably manage to pull this off somehow.

172- isn't that like Nokia's predictive text feature on their regular cellphones long before smartphones were a concept? Prior art 172 invalid.

Nilay Patel will probably come up with something about it being specific implementation, and people will eat it up.

He said on the pinch to zoom one that Google said its bypassed it in Jelly Bean therefore Google admitted wrong, which was false. His pinch to zoom implementation he was talking about was that you put one finger down then move the second one, but Android for as long as I have known has used both, and in Maps, actually can me annoying.

So who really knows, but if its a specific implementation of it, then no Android phone infringes on it, because the Apple way is it pops up above the word in the draft vs in Android its part of the keyboard. The Apple way is terrible, and spawned a hilarious website because of how bad it is.

Nokia's predictive text is a way to speed up typing on a T9 keyboard. For an 8 letter word you have to press 8 button and the system will display a probable match (you can step through other option in the library).In word completion you type the first few letters of the word and a number of possible complete words are displayed (you do not have to press 8 keys).I do not think these two systems could be considered the same.

I use word completion on my Nexus S all the time and find it very useful.

You Forgot, somehow Apple has this ability to sprinkle fairy dust and people start believing their BS

God Damn it, I just cant wait till apple goes under for good.... I understand the first set of devices but this is Bullshit.... no one confuses these phones, or and a few of those claims Samsung has already taken action to avoid this shit..., God damn patent system...

Slide to unlock? Really? Apples patent is to slide a bar with an arrow from left to right. That is even what the patent says, but yet the gs3 doesn't even do that. Come on man.

One of their patents is for the curved edges on the iPad.

The patent system is fucked. They need to re-do it completely.

There is no reason someone should patent every little detail. Apple is just anti-competition and their patents and lawsuits show it.

How in the ever living hell did they find a so called "patent issue" with the Samsung Transform Ultra? Apple doesn't even have a built in slide qwerty keyboard for their devices! This is what's pissing me off. Apple should sue all the cell phone companies for violating their patents so they can push everyone in the world to only use their hardware. I was concidering a long time ago an iPhone when my upgrade was available BUT I ended up getting the Transform Ultra because I didn't want to deal with FRIGGIN ITUNES!!!!!!!! Love this phone and love Android! It'll be staying around for a long time. Oh and one other thing; GO F*/K YOURSELF APPLE AND YOUR IS*/TS!!!!!!

What needs to happen is Google, HP/Palm, Motorola, Sony, Samsung, and everyone else needs to pool their resources, present their 'prior art' and get Apple's patents invalidated. And then Sue Apple into oblige over the iPhone.

I will be caught littering Apple's Cupertino campus with rotten apples.

Loads of rotten apples flung by:
Air cannon
The fastball arm of Greg Maddux
Random bystanders

Edit: Apple (as a corporate citizen) has actually upset me this time, as much as I have tried to give that company credit for the design and easy to use products they produce; all of the credit is washed down the drain as they wage this war against anything Samsung.

strangely carriers seem to be pushing stores to sell, Android more than Iphone, for what reason or to what end i don't know.

The reason for this is such that Apple sets the price of their phone and take the exact same amount from each carrier for each unit sold. Much like how they sell it in their own stores. With android phones the carriers have much more control of price to entice sales like how youll see an android phone go down in price over time. The iPhone is the same price until apple introduces its next passable slightly upgraded crap of a phone. Then and only then does the price change on the iPhone meaning less sales for carriers as people stop buying the old version cuz the new one is just over the horizon but the phone is stil full price. Oddly enough you see more people selling there less than a year old iPhone to get the most back for their polished turd

Carriers push Android more than iOS because Android phones come preloaded with bloatware, whereas iOS products don't. The more units moved with bloatware, the more the carriers make, from the phones and the apps. Also, Apple controls the price of its products, whereas Android is more controlled by the actual carriers. That's my opinion anyway

lol very good one. The video put up was just proof within itself that apple just wants all their competition to go down. If you want your competitors to go down then come out with something better... instead of sueing every chance you get over a darn phone that has your same rectangular rounded edges. Really though?

Apple's new approach to business crying foul on their biggest competitors. Makes me literally hate this company for all that they stand for. I will never buy another Apple product.

The new iPhone looks like a TV remote, while their is no doubt that the uninformed and easily led customer will snap these and the new iPad mini up like kids in a candy store I have a feeling there will be a lot of doubters after the 5 is released. What have Apple got left ... oh some patents they can use to sue anyone that makes phones better than theirs.

The S3 and Galaxy Note kick the new iPhone to hell and back and Apple knows this. They will never keep up with the high spec phones of companies like Samsung, HTC etc

Burn Apple. You are pathetic.

I am SERIOUSLY getting annoyed by this...

I currently have an iPhone 4S(used to have an Evo, and before that the Pre-) on Sprint. The only feature that is keeping me with the iPhone 4S is the iMessage thing. Other than that I rather have an Android. I like the way Android is and I am coming around to the aesthetics of the phones like the SIII now.

To me the only reason Apple is going after Samsung is 1.)They see them as a threat and 2.)They are anti-competition.

4s here too. I have been seriously considering the s3 too. I was just waiting to see what the new iPhone was going to offer, but I have been having serious doubt.

I think you should make the job to the s3, my wife had the iphone 4s and she hated it, only reason she was willing to keep it is cause she has small hands and she thought the s3 would be too big, but now its been over a week with the s3 and she loves it

Maybe Blackberry should sue Apple because iMessage is in a lot of ways similar to the PIN feature between Blackberrys. Same concept.

Wow, this has become beyond annoying! I'm ashamed of my Macbook now LOL. But I love my GS III..

I feel the same way about the overpriced and now almost with my iPad2 which is becoming obsolete to me. I knew Apple was going to be problematic once I discovered how closed and problematic iTunes was.

Palm should sue Apple for stealing the whole look of there PDAs since icons in a grid came from Palm and the basic look of a iPhone is just a Palm copy!!!!!

Exactly. I'm a long time Palm user going back to the M500 series through the Pre and TouchPad. Palm has the patent for:

The smartphone
Touch screen on a smartphone (resistive but still)
Universal search (was in the Treo line)
Icon based application desktop (Palm Launcher)
Installable applications (pdc and pdb app files could be downloaded and installed over WAP

HP could sue the b@lls off Tim Cookie and while not shutting them down, make them pay damages for ever iPhone ever sold. Hello stock value! :-)

BIH Apple, BIH...

I think the best weapon is US as consumer. 1. We should take a poll and show it to Apple how many people against them. 2. Sign petition to boycott Apple. what you think guys ?

that would work except Apple would then sue all involved in signing the petition and would motion that we all be sent to work camps. Of course because they are Apple and the California district courts are Steve Jobs dick suckers it will be granted. World War 2 all over again man.

I think everyone who is pissed needs to go to the closest Apple store and spit on their window. imagine 40 people doing that in a row.

I can get the Galaxy Nexus as a free upgrade at Bestbuy. That's the phone I really want. Maybe I should just go ahead and get it now while I still can.

Well I posted this on other discussion forums so I might as well post it here I just don't know what else to say about Apple's behavior anymore:

"The point is, ladies and gentleman, that greed -- for lack of a better word -- is good. Greed is right. Greed works. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed, in all of its forms -- greed for life, for money, for love, knowledge -- has marked the upward surge of mankind."

-Gordon Gekko from the movie Wall Street.

If this is Apple's new attitude towards dealing with competitors? Then I don't want anything to do with them. Not saying that every big tech company are Angels. But considering that Apple has always presented itself as the "Good Guys". Well not anymore, they're just like every other big company now trying to make as much money as they can for their shareholders.

They need to moved the trials for these lawsuits out of california. Alot of the people on the jury work for apple so the jury is bias from the get go.

Android Manufacturers UNITE and use all your patents to take the evil Titan Apple down.

I'm seriously disappointed with Apple. Would this have happened if Steve Jobs was alive? I have no idea, but all I can say is Apple can go bankrupt. I hate the fact as a designer many use Apple products (Macbook (Pro/Air), IMac, Mac Pro, etc) I really hope I'm not required to purchase a over priced Macbook Pro for my profession and fuel this greedy corporation.

Of course this would have happened if Steve Jobs was alive. He had said that he was going to go thermonuclear on android and do everything he could to destroy it.

Maybe you're right. Maybe Steve Jobs said to destroy Android or Samsung at all cost in his Will when he died.

Well first off, a lot of patent infringements are being done by everyone including some of these little independent app creators and android is the playground market to get your infringement on. Samsung is going on the offense from the first lawsuit loss by threatening to block the iphone 5 if they use LTE which probably will not go anywhere do to the Frand policy and Apple getting wind of the Samsung theat is going after the major players in Samsung's arsenal. I am not against either one of them but they should really do some negotiating so that the consumer can make the best choice.

While I love my MB Air, this lawsuit stuff is getting on my last nerve. Somebody needs to win a major case in the U.S. and show APPLE what's up.

Oh yeah, this means war. If Samsung was pissed before they are downright livid now. I had thought their vow to use the LTE patent was a bit of sore loser posturing. Now I'm thinking Apple has gotten more than they bargained for.

So will Google's overtures this week to settle patents come to naught? I wouldn't enter into any negotiations with a company so hostile it seeks product bans against some of your leading phones.

It shows how scared Apple is. Instead of concentrating on iPhone5's release they are seeking bans of the competition and releasing dribs and drabs of rumor leaks. It all sparks of desperation and arrogance.

Not sure but didn't apple almost fail except someone bailed them out? So does this jury want a monopoly on smartphones? I choose technology that isn't apple because I refuse to follow a product that is bland and boring. BUT when people ask for my opinion I am fair and unbiased example ("if you want freedom, choice, and customization..go android" " if you want simple and boring and don't care, go apple" ) some people just like to let others decide for them, but as an android junky, I like to use my brain to learn and explore new ideas, new thinking, and endless limitations. Its time for apple to accept the fact that we will not go away, and should just focus on their products and be happy with what they have, instead of destroying themselves lawsuit by lawsuit.

I say keep it positive, keep it real

- Remain world's most valuable brand by making easy money using patents to screw over companies "after" they make "billions"

- Keep the sheep brainwashed by using big words like amazing, intelligent assistant, most powerful, you-can’t-believe-it’s-on-a-phone, amazing HD, world’s most advanced mobile operating system

- Update software and increase screen size by .5 inches every 5 years

"Apple Iphone 5 - Designed for sheep, inspired by greed"

Ultimate Objective
Destroy all competition and become the worlds only manufacturer of mobile phones

Apple was failing until Steve Jobs came back and revived them. Now that he has passed away, they lost their sole innovator and now use legal action to stay alive. Look at the newer models of MacBooks. Not much is changing except for the hardware. The design is the same and the features I am sure were worked on by Steve before he passed. They may have nothing left hence the legal battles to stop their competitors.

Unfortunately your assessment misses out some important details.

Steve did save Apple, but to do so he changed almost every policy the company had. They had been producing a very wide range of models; he broke them back to about 5. Then Johnny Ives approached him walking back to his office with his iMac design. Before they reached his office Jobs committed to building it. Ives has designed the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple also embodied every design they could in patents and registered designs worldwide. They researched and patent protected new ways of doing all kinds of things; long before they included them in products.

Jobs did the deal of the century, which made iTunes possible and made iOS the core of a new market sector for Apple. In just a few years he turned a sinking wreck into a rolling success. He also restructured the Apple board and development teams. Apple makes just 15-18 key products in two or three main sectors and makes at least 30% on every item. He conceived the modern Apple stores to present and sell the new product range, keeping ALL the profit inside Apple.

That business plan remains in place, backed by huge cash reserves and a solid management team. Many of them lived through that rescue plan, they were part of it. Now they are flexibly continuing Jobs business plan, backed by his approach to product development and research. They continue to make huge profits.

Always know your enemy well and understand them.

Despite several superb products Samsung still have not learned the lessons Apple learned years ago. They have not learned the legal lessons either. In design terms they equal or beat Apple regularly; but in management they are grotesquely wasteful, arrogant and downright foolish.

The patent system (especially in the USA) defends Apple's position, but it is a tool any company could use if they just thought about it and planned for it. Google Android had a weak IP position because they are a young company; they needed to build protective walls around their OS and defend it more actively - mostly behind the scenes, they are beginning to do so.

Apple have been preparing for today for over 30 years. That is why they can do this and are doing so well. I hate to say this, but Samsung needs to learn these lessons. Always know your enemy well and understand them.

Dang it Apple. Stop, please. I'd rather read phone reviews than court documents. This is getting old even if Sammy is guilty, just call the billion a day and go home.

Imagine this possibility. Google is allowing Apple to sue Samsung without Google sueing Apple back because Google wants the other OEM's to have a chance. It would benefit them both and this could be the "terms" they are discussing...

That does not make sense.
Why would Google want Samsung to loose? No other Android manufacturer is even coming close to Samsung phones and competing against the iPhone.
Samsung phones are needed to keep Android in the mix.
What other phone has even come close to the numbers the SIII has sold?

This crap Apple is pulling is disgusting.
My family will no longer buy any Apple products nor recommend them to anyone.

Don't see this personally. Google cannot get involved with an issue that is of Samsung's own making, ie designs etc.

It is just par for the course that Apple is already going after the S3 when this other case isn't even finished. The will have egg on their faces when this last case gets overturned because in my mind, the patents that Apple is suing over should and needs to be invalidated. When that happens, they might as well go bury their heads in the sand, because they won't have a leg to stand on going after the S3.

Apple (lawyers) won the case with the original Galaxy. They should move on, and now they are proving to be sore winners.. err losers.

I will never buy an Apple product again that's one thing I know for sure.

Time to take action, grab your pitchforks, the evil giant is coming. We will not let family and friends buy Apple products.... Unite the Clans! Apple, it is time to die.

Samsung builds a good chunk of the chips for all phones. I don't see apple manufacturing those chips anytime soon, don't know why they would sue the company they have to buy from when, oops sorry apple, supply chains increased so your chips will be double, I see that happening. Apple will go with cheaper hardware you think? Don't think so. Sammy will still be ok.

Dear Google,

Get off your fucking ass and do something. I'm going to be honest. I'm bordering on ready to do physical violence to someone over this. If I met Tim Cook I sear to god I would break his god damn nose and not feel a single regret for going to jail over it.

Innovation through litigation. They can't sell so many crappy phones if people know there are better ones out there. I know a few Apple employes that passed on the free iPhone Apple was giving employes, and they spent their own money to get Android phones.

As for Apple claiming people are getting confused because they are similar, I only slightly agree. They are both Rectangular phones with rounded corners and a touch screen. Most people are idiots and just refer to things by what's popular, aka, the guy who blankets the media with their name first. Like how NES and Sega were around about the same time and Nintendo took off with it's advertising. Now all old people call your Sega, NES, SNES, Dreamcast, Playstation, "That damn Nintendo thing"

People see all these commercials like the S3 using NFC and think, "that is cool, I want that new iPhone coming out that can do that wireless thing". "Galaxy 4G fast speeds" "I need to get that new fast iPhone with that 4 something". Soon people will be referring to Google wallet as Passbook and Apple will be suing over it.

You are right about blanketing the media with your name. Remember when the orginal Droid came out? I had the Hero at the time, whenever I said it was an Android phone, They all said "Oh a Droid!" No Android operating system. That went on for a long time. Till Android took off better.

This situation is mostly Samsung's fault. They had several opportunities to avoid it during development, but instead of reacting strategically they behaved like a bull in a china shop. It’s just my opinion - but I think a good design team has been let down by an arrogant and sometimes wilfully stupid management team.

I hate what Apple has done and oppose their objectives, which won’t hurt them. Apple does not win worldwide. For the recent case they put together a solid legal strategy and won, but it could have gone the other way and they know it. This jury, presented with this specific case, favoured Apple. Have you watched any interviews with the jury foreman? Very interesting!

Now Samsung will have to fight these bans and (if they have any sanity) reform their design policy. Software on existing phones can be updated OTA to remove infringements, which might help. Some informed users will refuse that update.

The main appeal depends on Samsung taking the matter seriously and presenting a more compelling case this time. I think the best they can hope for is reduced damages.

Blame Apple for misusing the patent system. But the logical response is a campaign by Android’s American supporters to change it politically, it could take years.

Unfortunate but true. Samsung could have appealed to existing iFone users by just being innovative (which they have been to a degree) without the need to mimic in any form what so ever. the ifone

News Flash "Samsung, Not everyone desires everything crapple like, most like to be different"

Apple is running scared because Samsung is popular. You know why they are popular, they are giving the people what they want. Most people don't want tiny screen, most people don't want a completely uncustomizable device that gives you what Apple wants, not what you want. Most people don't want to wait for 1 phone a year. Maybe Apple should step up their game instead of going after other that playing the game.

Couldn't have said it better myself. I have never been so furious over something in my life. Words can't explain my hatred towards them. I have always been a MS/Android man however I tolerated Apple. It was only a little over a year ago my wife purchased an iPhone and Macbook Pro. There is no way in hell I would let that happen now. I will do my best to sway every person I know to purchase antything but an Apple device.


the day when steve jobs died me and my friends went out and celebrated his death, since he was a ****ing a** hole

While I agree Jobs is an incredibly huge asshole with a God complex (he was a megalomaniac), I don't think I would celebrate his death. Just does not seem humane or good for karma.


OK I know this has been said until we are all blue in the face

Ambiguous doesn't begin to describe it.

Slide to unlock surely is prior art.....

OK rant over, do crapple not realise that their market share would not increase by too much if the competition was removed, after all people have chosen not to buy their products for a reason, those reasons wont change,(costs, ecosystem, designs, user experience!)

Unfortunately if tried in the US every chance of winning

Has Apple ever heard the term "Inspiration?"

And for gods sake, are they really going after Samsung for the swipe to unlock feature? I mean I get that when Samsung marketed the S1 they had the App drawer open, granted it's a silly thing to attack Samsung for, but it's a true thing.

Samsung has marketed the swipe to unlock feature using the fucking "Ripple effect" in ANY Direction. If anyone has the right to complain about something similar, it's HTC ... NOT Apple.

FUCK Apple, fuck the Simpleton device known as the iPhone, and FUCK their inability to accept that they are LOSING.

It looks like it is time to remove iTunes from my desktop pc and take a ball-peen hammer to my iPod. iI rather liked the iPod for some stuff but I can no longer support Apple in any way, shape or form.

What I hate most is that people are stupid and they all will stand in line to get the new iPhone 5 with out knowing that Android phones are so much better!!!!!!

So if you buy iPhone you are stupid, when buy Android you are intelligent? :p

Truth is that most users don't care what phones can do, they care about care about things that they wanted to do. Both iOS and Android fans fail to understand it.

It all comes down to the user and preference. I love Android but for my less technology-proficient parents and sister's, I recommend iPhone for them as they can do what they want and have a simpler time, albeit being simpler limits some of the cool features that they cannot get from Android and the less choice in devices. I have nothing against iOS and Apple products so much as I have a problem with Apple itself as a company and it's poor reaction to the rest of the market and competition as a patent troll and trying to limit choice to ONLY its platform. If Apple would act like a grown up and not a butt hurt 12 year old, then I really would not have a concern about iOS and what Apple does.

People are not stupid. I think they were just brainwashed.

The other day we headed out to dinner. 7 of us were in the minivan. I pulled out my Samsung Galaxy S3 and launched Google Navigation with real time turn by turn navigation. The person with an iPhone 4S said "My phone could do the same". I curiously asked "It can do turn by turn navigation?" She replied "Yes." So I asked her to launch her app so that we could compare. We put our phones side by side.

Turns out that she was using Google Map. She had always thought she was using the real Google Navigation. She now knows the difference and admitted there is no comparison.

I'm sure iPhone 5 will sell like hot cakes. But as iPhone users are surrounded with more and more top of the line Android phone users, they will see the light and reach enlightenment one day. Apple better start to innovate or I see that a lot of their sheeps will jump ship.

I will, no matter the cost, support and purchase Samsung/android devices because I just plain hate Apple with a passion.

Maybe one day, in the near future, appletards will wake up and say that this is all ridiculous and it's hurting us too. Because if this continues, we will have nothing left to choose from and I'll have to work an extra hour at work to pay my breath royalties to Apple.

I think with all things considered the timing of these recent lawsuits is very telling. They have beefs with phones that are over 2 yrs old? And they just recently blow the whistle and pull the patent card? And when thats done they go after they're biggest competitor (sg3)....All it tells me is they are definetly feeling the heat from samsung and they are pissed...They were probably banking on people coming off 2 yr contracts and scooping up the iphone5...unfortunately most opted for a sg3, OneX, Gnex...People used to be able to brag about the features and superiority of theyre iphones, now its just not the case...The competition has caught up, pulled ahead, and apple is reeling...Trying to sell the same rehashed idea, with nothing new....its pretty pathetic

Well, if you guys really want apple to understand that what they are doing is both childish and anti-competitive, you know what you have to do. When that shiny new iPhone 5 comes out with it's 2 year old abilities and last years processor, just keep your greenbacks in your wallet.

It's really that simple.

I wonder if it is time to gather up the troops and stand in front of ALL Crapple stores with huge BOYCOTT Apple signs (where even non-techies like ourselves will see it). This is complete BS. It needs to stop.

Samsung should try to offer a deal the day before launch of the iphone 5 to allow people to trade in the 4s for a free galaxy s3.

Did Google get a patent on camera for taking videos and pictures at the same time? Grrr this would irritate the s out of the fan boys... cuz i get the eye from them when i use it!

how in the hell is the sg3 on this list? IF this phone gets banned will we still receive os updates from sammy? sure glad verizon just sent me my brand new sg3, the thing is a beast. that's why apple is scared. and as i said before apple wants to destroy android in a whole.

If anything to do with the S3 gets it a ban then we might as well kiss the future of tech goodbye as more and more features become limited to the bloody Iphone. I for one dont want a dictatorship of Apple :( Oh and soon we wont be able to use the letter i either or say the word phone without paying lol

Apple will no longer get any more of my hard earned money. I had an ipod touch and just sold it. No more Apple products for me. Transferred all the media I had on the ipod to my spacious S3 and still have plenty of room. I have plenty of music that I don't need itunes, so Crapple can just suck it!

Ok now this is personal. They better not start pulling functionality off of my GNote anytime soon...time to start looking at the CM10 nightlies I guess.

Global thermonuclear war as waged by Apple - shall we play a game?

Oh my god Apple !!!!! Do one all ready whats next releasing the Iphone 5 with a bigger screen then claiming samsung stole the idea from you. The u.s patent system is a mess clearly and with Apple been in that garden we all know who the courts in the U.S are going to side with don't we unlike other countries who have at least seen sense in this rubbish. Sheesh this crap needs to be stopped and the u.s patent system needs some serious reviewing done.

if apple claims samsungs phones looks too much like the iphone, then just to be a bitch, when the 4 inch iphone comes out, samsung should be like "hey! our phones are 4 inches one can tell the difference, you copied our design of a rectangle with a 4 inch touch screen"...basically they should try to use apples argument against them just for the F*** of it

Apple isnt worried about Samsung, They are protecting their intellectual property, the same thing i would do if someone copied my innovations. Samsung makes a great phone, I have had an apple 4 and 4S and both were good phones but not nearly as functional as my S2 and now my S III, Samsung needs to start innovating and quit imitating or hire some of Apple's lawyers.

Put your iPhone 4S side by side with your Samsung Galaxy S3. Can you tell us what Galaxy S3 is copied from iPhone?

Do you own a Galaxy S3 at all?

According to Apple, the Swipe to unlock functionality.

Which if you own an S3 or watched ANY of the S3 hype videos, that functionality works in pretty much any direction and includes a ripple effect when touching the screen.

Apple is just getting more ridiculous with these patents.

Apparently the Judge, 12 Jurors and Legal Experts that testified dont agree with you and yes, I do have an S III but no Apple phones any longer, I dumped them in favor of the S III.

Sick of apple. I actually sold and stopped purchasing apple shit when an upgrade they forced to my iPod caused it to stop working. I called for help and they told me to go buy a care plan then call back. My kids actually have android phones they use for music and games and we have android tablets instead of ipads. Happy to not be a slave of apple. :) as for everyone wanting to see apple fall... we as the consumers have that power. Boycott apple products. Urge your friends and family to do the same. Educate the ignorant. I turn many would be Iconsumers to android owners every day.

Considering that Judge Koh is overseeing this case as well, I'm expecting the same level of bias in favor of Apple.

None of this upsets me, I could careless. Both my Android and Apple phones work and meet my expectations. You all sound like a bunch of cry babies! Put the phone down and go enjoy life!

This should upset you. This will effect any and all phone purchases in the future. Besides. Just spent hours outside with my 3 year old.

This has gone beyond ridiculous!

Where's the iPhone with a 4.5"+ screen?
Where's the iPhablet phone with more than 5 inches of screen and a stulys for note taking?
Where's the iPhone with a sliding QWERTY keyboard?
Where's the affordable iPhone for prepaid customers? (I'm not talking about paying $600+ for a Virgin Mobile or Cricket locked iPhone that will cost you as much as the factory-unlocked GSM version.)

I could give Apple a pass on the Galaxy S and the S II because they kinda looked a bit like the iPhone. But Apple is really showing its true colors now. They don't want to give customers choices and they'll sue out of market anyone who does give consumers those choices. It's that simple. Apple has dethroned Microsoft as the king of corporate bullies.

I don't get paid by Samsung at all -- they can go bankrupt for all I care, but you have to be naive to not realize that after Apple is done with Samsung, they are going to go after HTC, LG, Motorola/Google... even Huawei and ZTE.

That kind of behavior should not be tolerated and at least my wallet has spoken. I'm not spending a single penny on Apple products ever again and I don't want any of their products even if I could get paid for having them.

This is bullshit!!!!! Wtf does apple think they are doing? I have an iphone 4S at the moment because i had a GS3 and it crashed completely, i had a faulty one, instead of getting another one i went back to the 4S. I was pissed off at the time so I wasn't thinking straight but I really should have went and got another galaxy s 3 because recently, after playing with my mom's S3 and seeing how awesome it is, i really miss it. I like the iPhone, but the GS3 is just way better and this is getting out of hand with the suing that Apple is doing. I find myself more and more opposed to buy apples products now. I really want a Mac Book Pro with Retina display, but I'm seriously thinking about getting a different laptop as well as another galaxy s 3 and just sell my iPhone because we all know the new iPhone that is coming out isn't going to be anywhere close to as good as the S 3, its just a stretched out 4S!!!

They're wasting all this time trying to sue Samsung when they could be making an actual new phone. They are a sad company and I will never buy from them.

we can talk here until our faces turn blue and purple, but it won't change the fact
that Apple will sell 30 to 50 million new iPhone 5 within a couple of months.... :)

ask any random stranger on the street(someone who doesn't visit AndroidCentral) to
pick between the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S3.... most people will pick the iPhone.
Not because it's a "better" phone but because that's what everybody he/she knows
has one.

Take the London Olympics that ended a few weeks ago. Samsung was the official
sponsor, but everywhere you look, people are using iPhones. WSJ(again) did some
research and based on the coverage of Olympic events on NBC, more than 78% of the
smartphones that appeared on screen were iPhones. (the phone being held in
the hands of the audience) The iPads did even better, at around 98%.(including
the families of all the family members of the medal-winning US swimming & diving
teams who sat in the audience)

Apple makes the crappies smartphones on the planet, but there are still idiots who
insist on buying them.....

Being a phone Geek at heart I found Renee's recent posted SGS3 review on the I-More website to be pretty pathetic. He called out Samsung for copying the I-Phone in his sarcastic way. Apple better come out with one bad ass phone because if it doesn't then this will begin the slow down spiral for Apple. The I-Phone is their biggest money maker so maybe Apple has realized the total dominance of the Samsung product and knows their phone can not compete so their only way to stay in the game is to litigate because innovation isn't working. This new I-Phone better make your coffee because the Samsung phones do just about everything else. If the leaks are true images of the new I-Phone then IMO it is just ugly. I thought the 4s was a better looking phone, the new images are just plain ugly. I think they should have kept the size just about the same and eliminate as much of the bezel as they could and increase the screen size that way, make it a touch thicker for increased battery power and room for LTE radio. Yep, this I-Phone better be damn good or they are in big big trouble. Just my Opinion.

This is so dumb, I'm not taking sides, but seriously why waste resources and time on lawsuits when you can push out an iPhone 5 to the people that want it. This totally hinders innovation on apple's part, forcing other companies to create new ideas.

Well I wish Apple all the best to go to Hell and die soon , what a rotten fruit company which has no invention but keep trolling around .

From what I've read there might not be much left of Apple depending on how the ITC rules on Motorola's suit filed against Apple in mid-August goes. There are eveidently 7 non-essential patents according to accounts, violated by all iPhones, iPads, iTouches and several Mac Notebooks. It sounds like Moto and Google are out for blood on this one. Unlike essential standard patents, Moto can't be forced to license non-essential patents. The ITC filing calls for an import ban on all violating devices.

Apple the end the consumers will lose out....I don't own any Apple products nor will I in the near future....Steve Jobs is dead and the company will go downhill very quickly!

I still have an ipod I used during my blackberry days .I hardly even turn it on now tho .I will never buy another apple product either .

Apple is a hudge company so dont expect it to go bankrupt anytime soon tho.

Apple was pissed off that Samsung vendors sold SG3 millions in london 2012 olympics and paralympic. Then why not they go over london 2012 olympics to sells iphone in first place, but too late.

In present and future, Apple know Iphone generations ran out of innovation and patents since they stuck with old patents and 4Gs forever. You will see iphone 5 generation look exactly like 4 & 4s generations.

Apple stop the BS. Samsung Do not violate anything. If you going to sue Samsung, Your going to need to sue Google For making the software. See Samsung is only one of over 100's of android phones and tabs.

I can only see this BS is only going to hurt you and not help you in anyway. Stop suing Samsung. If anything you should learn form Samsung and truly make a phone that we would want to use. Came on were is the sd sot. Also you should have the os unlocked be default. Over 90% of Iphone user go straight home and jailbreak your Iphone.

You Iphone is so 2-3 years ago. learn form Samsung and android and really show us a good phone.


Oh boy, Apple is going for the jugular with this one.

I suppose that this is only so that Apple can temporarily ban Samsung's flagship devices, so that Apple can artificially inflate the sales of their new phone when it's released.
They don't want the S3 competing for customer dollars when their new iPhone hits the market.

what does this mean for people that have them nothing or does that mean not updates or anything also is this for Canadians as well

I DO NOT envy the person who has to knock on my door & ask me to hand my GS3 over...

because they're going to get their ass kicked!

Aside from hardware, when you compare an iPhone to any top of the line Android phone the iPhone looks like a little kids toy. There is no competition it is really comical to even have them in the same vicinity. And the thing about even the iPhone 5 with a little bump in specs and the newest already released Android phones will still be better.

This has gotten so out of hand, and its time we users stepped into the fray. If the S3 is added to the list by the courts without going through a trial process, I'm going to organize a protest against the local Apple stores. A web site will be set up to coordinate picketing multiple Apple stores simultaneously, and - of course - make sure the press is all invited. Maybe that will get Apple's attention.

One of the reasons why I left apple was because I felt they were releasing the same phone every year and that the OS was stale. I've never been happier with a phone like I am with my GS3. I hope apple flops since more and more people will start seeing what they are trying to do to the competition.