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Vodafone UK sends word that it's just launched the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung's latest 5.5-inch phone/tablet hybrid device. The device is available on Vodafone's "Red" price plan from £47 per month, which includes unlimited calls and texts, and 2GB of data. Other tariffs are available, although you'll pay an up-front fee for the phone if you go this route. For example, £33 per month will get you 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB, with a £150 up-front fee for the Note.

Currently, Voda's offering the Galaxy Note 2 in "marbel white" only -- there's no sign of the "titanium grey" version available from other vendors.

For more on the Galaxy Note 2, check out our hands-on coverage.  We'll publish our full review later today.

Source: Vodafone UK

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icu says:

Seeing that phone lying face down on that rock wall is like fingernails against my nerd chalkboard. NOBODY MOVE!! DO NOT TOUCH IT!!
I'd want to lower a champion Jenga player down on a rope Tom Cruise style and I'd be like Indiana Jones' traitorous guide watching him take the idol. (lots of coffee this morning)

icebike says:

Maybe it has a screen protector?

I had to look twice when I thought I saw Sammy returning to extendable Antennas on this device.