Galaxy Nexus vs. Lumia 900

Take the best Android smartphone and put it next to the best Windows Phone. Know what you get? A couple of big-ass phones. Hit the break for a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus against the Nokia Lumia 900.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus Nokia Lumia 900


He just gave his opinion on a phone. Just because he's an Android user, doesn't mean he has to hate all other cell phone OS's.

Before they are Android Nerds, they are just Nerds. CES is a nerd playground. No harm in showing off the competition. And he has to be nice in what he says in the video, as he is in Nokia's booth taking a video comparing it to the Galaxy Nexus... lol

I have a problem with you're premise. The Titan II is a better Windows Phone and the Galaxy Note is a better Android phone, particularly considering CyanogenMod will likely be releasing ICS for the Galaxy Note before the AT&T version hits the street.

Nokia's Lumia looks far better than the Titan II, is better built and has a superior display.

The Note is better than the Nexus on paper, if not for a few "niggles". Firstly, it's huge. Secondly, TouchWiz and Gingerbread. The Nexus runs stock ICS and it is GORGEOUS. Thirdly, sure the Note will be "better" with Cyanogenmod, but why should one have to root to get that experience? Not once have I felt the need or urge to root my Nexus. Heck, it's the first Android device I've had that I haven't rooted within a couple of days of receipt. And that's saying something.

Still, all this is my personal, humble opinion.

The Galaxy Note has Touchwiz, isn't on Verizon, and isn't even out yet in the states.. Not too long after it is though, it'll be outclassed by the GSIII. Not to mention the size is obnoxious. So no, it isn't a better phone, it doesn't have better development support (never will) and it's too damn big.

I like the industrial design but Windows Phone would get on my nerves. Those live tiles are so in your face all the time. If you get a lot of messages and updates, it starts to look like signs warning of highway construction.

i guess if having the latest android version automatically means "better"

after using a galaxy nexus there is no way id purchase that instead of waiting for a galaxy s3 announcement

After 2 weeks with the Nexus, I can't understand how anyone could call it the best Android phone. Except for ICS, which was nice, the two phones I went through were plagued with issues. Weak audio with no bass, cellular reception problems, wi-fi connectivity issues, freezing up for no reason, flimsey battery door, etc. FINALLY returned it for the Droid Razr...sweet phone! Flawless so far.
When the Razr gets ICS, it will be even sweeter!
My experience with the Nexus will actually make me think twice about buying another Samsung product...just my opinion.

By most accounts the only thing the Nexus has going for it is ICS now, and updates first, later. I really wouldn't base your opinion of Samsung on this single phone.

I recently converted from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S II and absolutely love it. Haven't had any issues so far.

I beg to differ - I went the opposite way - the Razr looked "ugly" to me compared to the GN. The speed of the GN camera blows everything else away. I have two kids under 6 and they do NOT sit still for pictures. I have the GS2, and as good as that camera may be - I was always missing "precious moment" shots - the GN is perfect for me.

The quality of the phone for me is great - it is not unlike the GS2 in construction (which I thought was ok), but agree not up to HTC's standard - BUT - the lightness of the phone is amazing - much better than HTC. So its a trade off...

I also love the curve of the Nexus and that SCREEN!!! Stunning. MUCH better than the Razr!

Lastly - I want to be able to replace the battery myself!!! One of the reasons I don't like the current Apple products.... And the Razr also has a sealed battery!

I think the Motorola RAZR beats both of these phones hands-down. ICS still has room for improvement, and putting a larger screen on a Windows Phone doesn't automatically make it a better user experience.

But the screen on RAZR sucks... I have an upgrade primed and ready to go with VZW but I can't decide. Probably will just wait till the next rev of phones or at least until this rev comes down in price.

Good idea. As much as I love my Nexus it is a mediocre phone. If not for ICS and it being a "Nexus" no one would buy it. I think Verizon ask for a low cost phone worried about replacing too many because it can be unlocked. I think the next latest and greatest with ICS will be out before the others will get upgraded. Be patient (unlike me).

taking pictures with the camera could def use a few improvements. my palm pre- could take better pictures. however, it takes awesome video.

Palm Pre? seriously? you have a lot of balls even mentioning that POS in the same context as the G-Nex.

"Mediocre" might be extreme, but definitely not the best hardware out there. The camera is horrible! Captures faster than my Incredible, but picture quality doesn't compare. Signal..well I get good signal where I work and live so no comment yet. Hopefully software upgrades will help with any other complaints I have. This is my favorite phone on Verizon right now, but could easily be replaced by the next phone to be released with ICS.

I don't like the screen on the RAZR and I won't own a phone that it is impossible to replace the battery. Don't get me wrong, I think the RAZR is a great phone. It or the Rezound would have been my phones of choice but for the Galaxy Nexus. But I like the Nexus better.

First thing I thought of when watching this video was how many people would flame phill for saying the Nexus was the best phone. yep I was right.

I love my nexus btw even if i wish the speaker was louder.

I have not heard of this, thank you both I will go get it right now.

I got the free version is the paid version worth it?

Yes the paid version is worth it. The free version only goes up to volume level 4, the paid version up to 15! I've found that 7 or 8 works for me. You can uninstall the free version when you buy - they are two separate apps. There are some reviews on the web (appbrain and amazon both recommend).

The description says that this app is for Gingerbread phones only. How does it work with ICS and the Nexus? Any FCs or anything wonky with it?

I don't quite understand all of the "disappointment" regarding the GN's camera. I think it is brilliant! I have a GS2 and although the specs for the camera are higher - it takes a lifetime to actually take the shot! The GN has taken 10 shots in the time it takes one with ANY other current phone.

If you are a "photo enthusiast" - then surely you have "real" equipment - like a proper DSLR with proper optical zoom etc.

To my way of thinking a phone's camera is for taking sudden and impromptu photos ONLY. If you are going to an event that requires photos - ie wedding, birthday, travel - surely you would take a dedicated camera with you that has proper flash and optical zoom????

To my way of thinking - the GN has the BEST camera for what a mobile phone camera should be used for - SPEEEEEED....

Well said. Also, I'm always amused when people rate a camera solely based on the number of pixels it records. A 5 MP camera can produce an acceptable 8x10 print; 8 MP will scale well to about 11x14. How many of us will ever want to produce an 11x14 print of a shot taken on a phone? 99% of the time they'll be viewed on the camera or online, where 5 MP of resolution is more than enough. The more important factor is photo quality - color reproduction, clarity, etc. - where in my experience, and from the examples in this post, the GNex camera does fine.

Got to love Phil's double standard. How many times has he harped on MP not being the measuring stick for camera's.

Here the GN uses only a 5MP camera and he harps on it for being "inferior". For me the speed is what makes the GN camera so attractive and the portability.

If I want a great pictures I'll use my DSLR, else I'm quite happy with my camera on my phone.


I don't know how you can even compare these 2 phones to eachother. They run 2 completely different operating systems. To say that the galaxy nexus has a one up just because it has a removable battery door is absurd. Nokia decided to make this phone as is. It would be a sin to add a extended battery on this phone. That's the only reason. I could see why you would need one. Please leave your personal opinions out of comparisons. I'm not a Windows "fan boy". Ive never owned a Windows phone either.

Do we really have to sound like iSnobs?

The Lmuia 900 has a lot to admire in it. The build quality is fantastic, the screen aside from resolution (which is because WP does not yet support qHD) is a high quality Super AMOLED panel and so far everyone who has used the camera has rated it the best one out there - bar none. The lack of removable battery is not that big a thing here because the OS is famously light on power draw.

As to Windows Phone, while I dislike the lack of support for all leading edge techs and the app ecosystem gives me pause I also have to admire it. In terms of stright out usability it beats all the other mobile OSes and it has a lot of ideas I would like to see incoroporated into Android - the Hub concept for one.

So I am an Android-er (HTC Thunderbolt) and plan to stay on Android when upgrade time rolls around (probably with HTC as I despise Samsung's plastic phones), I can respect and admire what others do as well (except Apple because their fans tend to be insufferable:) ).

I'm not saying the Lumia camera isn't great, but Carl Zeiss is a big name in optics, which are pretty small on most phones. I'm assuming that the lenses on Smartphones aren't anything special, with the real magic happening in the sensor and processing software. I'm therefore inclined to think that the Carl Zeiss name on the Lumia doesn't necessarily speak of camera quality, but rather the name was merely licensed to increase the perception of quality.

Actually Nokia cameras have been using genuine Zeiss optics for a while, so it is definitely not just branding. Zeiss optics especially in the micro area are considered the best out there. Plus the review tests on the Nokia camera are showing killer sharp images with no trace of the ususal phone camera light and/or color saturation problems.

Fair enough - I wouldn't have thought lenses on that scale would be aggressively engineered. I have been skooled - thanks for the info. ;)

I dont know about anyone else, but as WP gets better and better - windows 8 optimization - ie. i can run full software on my tablet / phone (with dock)....I will be sold on windows. Until then, I'm loving my Galaxy Nexus (hopefully Microsoft has it down in 2 years when i have to upgrade again).

I could fully see a similar version of the Moto Razr+lapdock, running windows phone 8 / windows 8, with full software on it that I can use however I want. As processors get smaller - ie quad core processors in a phone, the possibilities seem endless. Make it happen!

Random but, who do you think will be the first carrier to have a GSII and *Official* G-Nex on store shelves? AT&T or Sprint? Personally I say Sprint.

To be honest I'm still happy with my Samsung Captivate. Haven't had the fever for a new device since I picked it up back in October 10. Too many devices in too short a time IMO

1- Look wise Lumia is the best phone till date.
2- The technology in Lumia is the most used technology world wide, that do not need any developer for making apps rather runs all apps world wide, let it be for iphone or Android or Nokia.
3- Gives access to all the apps world wide.
4- Lowest price compared to any smartphone.
5- Trusted hardware and customer care by Nokia
6- Carried the best camera lens on earth.
7- Nokia is a brand created by its users and customers and not the company or any venture partner.

Does Samsung match any of the above qualities, if i have missed anything then kindly reply me.
Samsung users have shifted to Nokia in bulk, but have any Nokia user shifted to Samsung ever.

Nokia Lumia has yet not encountered any hardware or software issue, as searched on the internet.