Take a look at our hands on with the GSM Galaxy Nexus extended battery

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There is still a distinct lack of official accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. While we're still eagerly awaiting the arrival of such tasty treats as the vehicle and HDMI docks, there is at least one which has made it over to UK shores.

Available now from MobiCity, the 2000mAh extended battery and replacement battery door will set you back £49.95. We really like this battery, and the replacement door adds a slight thickness to the phone which actually makes it nicer to hold in the hand. Hit the source link below to head over to the product page. 

Source: MobiCity


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Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) extended battery now available in the UK


A slightly thicker phone is better in some way?
But the slim phone was an important "feature" only a few weeks ago.
Pay more for a slim phone so that there is an additional charge for bulking it up. Right On.

When it comes to Galaxy Nexus then yes. It is by far too thin. 1.5x the current thickness would be much better.

Yep. External. That you have to carry separately and connect by cable. Not very practical imo.

I still can't figure out why the mobile phones today can't have decent batteries... Around only a half of the usable area is used by battery. Why not the whole area so the thickness could be about the same for same size battery or couple of millimeters more for double (or so) capacity.

Also it is ridiculous to offer 1750 mAh as stock and 2 Ah as extended. Whole 250 mAh more, which is less than 15 % more than the original. Would not bother to make new battery and call it extended without at least doubling the capacity.