Galaxy Camera

AT&T had more than a few tricks up its sleeve at tonight’s holiday preview event, one of them being the unveiling of the Galaxy Camera, the Android-powered point-and-shoot camera we first met back at IFA in Berlin this year. It’ll be heading to the carrier’s shelves in time for the holiday season, though we currently don’t know when or for how much.

A quick refresher -- the Galaxy Camera is a full blown, honest-to-goodness camera packed with a 16 MP lens and 20X optical zoom, that just happens to have a 4.8-inch Jelly Bean-powered interface attached to its rear, fuelled by a 1.4GHz quad-core Exynos CPU. The screen is gorgeous, the performance is fast, and this is by far the most unique Android device we've seen yet. Be sure to check out the in-depth hands on video after the break, where we spend some quality time with the AT&T-branded model. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is due to arrive on AT&T's network in time for the holidays.


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Samsung Galaxy Camera for AT&T hands-on


Let me get this straight Samsung can release a camera with jelly bean but can not up grade there phones and tablets to jb

Sure ... since it's a new device and doesn't have to get an upgrade approval from the carriers. 80% of the issue HAS always been the carriers.

i like the concept but the price vs performance (from what i have seen) just isnt worth it IMO. the pic samples i saw last looked like a cell phone camera... which is not bad, but not for something claiming to be a camera first with android on board.

I don't like the idea of the carriers releasing these cameras. I can tether, there's no need for them to have a stranglehold on all my electronic devices. Some things were just meant to be bought outright without any kind of carrier branding. I believe a camera is one of those things.

It will be sold without carrier attachment as well. This just gives you 3g connectivity for anywhere photo uploading. Heck, just throw GrooVe IP on it, pair your bluetooth and you can use it as a phone too.

"A quick refresher -- the Galaxy Camera is a full blown, honest-to-goodness camera packed with a 16 MP lens and 20X optical zoom"

A 16 MP lens, huh? Sigh. Can you please just stick to reviewing phones, and just insert a link to a legit camera review site in place of this? Putting it nicely, camera reviews on AC are rubbish.