S Finder gets some critical updates on Galaxy S5 from Samsung

It looks like Samsung is pushing out a critical update to the Galaxy S5 that the company says is an "emergency update" related to the S Finder universal search app on the phone. The update could be downloaded over WiFi or over your carrier's network, though the latter will incur "additional data charges according to your data plan."

At this time, it's not known what is being patched, but the company says that "S Finder needs emergency updates for security and fundamental error correction," asking the user "will you update?"

We've seen the update hit our Galaxy S5 phones here at Android Central. Are you getting a push notification prompting you to update? Did the update process run smoothly for you? Let us know in the comments!

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I don't have the update:(
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Go to your settings. Click on the About Device icon. Then click on Software Update to check if your device is up to date

yodatom10 says:

nothing yet on my verizon gs5

Shawheim says:

Got the same update this morning on my Sprint Note 3

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NoNexus says:

+1 for the Note 3 on Sprint

Got one on the office S5 on Sprint as well this afternoon

Rob Andr says:

Also with Note 3 Rogers

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LordZog says:

Same on mine, I think this is any device running the s finder app

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Lesley Pugh says:

Hi I had a emergency update for s finder on Thursday 19th. & I updated it. Since then I have had no Internet on my mobile. It just disappeared. Got no mobile data whatsoever. Can anyone help me

Dizfunctions says:

What's the purpose of this update?

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NoNexus says:

Security fixes...nothing changed on the outside that I saw but didn't look either...

To patch the root exploit.
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Edit...that would be my guess.

jk086 says:

I got it earlier today via "Samsung Apps" - T mobile S5

TimmyTwo2 says:

I got it and it went well.

makailey3111 says:

I got the update on my Note 3 20 minutes ago in Canada

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jeregano says:

My T-mobile note 3 got it this evening.

chefmorry says:

Got it on my S5 through samsung apps on my way home from Boston tonight. It was a very small (like 3mg) update.

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killbuzz1 says:

I got it 5 minutes ago #CanadaNumberOne

rub2008 says:

i got the update today and I have the note 3

dadathepanda says:

Nothing yet on Vz s5 but then again, I don't use any s-devices so I don't care for this update too much...

The panda has spoken

ybcthanerd says:

Got this update on my T-Mobile note 3

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dkjames71 says:

Updated this afternoon.

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toonzizhere says:

Got it early this afternoon, s5 on Sprint.

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CJ Deaton says:

Was on my S5 when I woke up this morning. Took less than a minute over wifi.
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I've got it on my note 3.

Posted via the Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3

jeffieCanada says:

I'm on Rogers in Canada I got the update on Wednesday. Competed over the carrier network. With no issues

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Jude526 says:

Nothing on my Verizon Note 3

Gearu says:

This is the information age Samsung, you must explain yourself.

stormin58 says:

Just updated Galaxy S5 (UK) on o2. To date no problems.