Sexy memory cards

Go back through every review we've ever written here, and one underlying theme you'll find is that we're tired of the same old microSD card and, boy howdy, do we wish someone would sex things up a little bit.

Wait. Scratch that. Haven't once thought that. But Samsung apparently is solving the problem nobody has with the way memory cards look by introducing a "stylish design" in its line of SD and microSD cards. More important, we suppose, is that these new cards are supposed to be waterproof, shockproof and magnetproof, and have 24MB-per-second read speeds. As in, survive up to 24 hours in water (longer than you would last, we might add), handle being run over by a 1.6-ton vehicle (again, you wouldn't make it) and resist up to 10,000 gaus, which Samsung says is a little less than the power of a medical imaging magnet. (Which we play with on weekends, just for fun.)

In all seriousness, SD card performance is important (provided your phone can still take one), as is survivability. There's important stuff on there, and performance and price are sexy enough. Though we would recommend some sort of instant-uploading of images, just in case.

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Reader comments

Samsung brings the sexy to memory cards


Great - Samsung pretties up the cards just in time for my new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but it won't fit. Ironic.

Fail outright? No. But I have had one take water damage - which would be nice to not have to worry about, even if the phone itself isn't waterproof. Recover the card, you have your main data and off you go.

I've had 2 fail, and it's a royal pain. Both of mine were cards that came with a phone, so after the 2nd one I went and bought my own card and have had no problems.

Woah, class 10s. I've had a class 4 in my phone for the past couple of years, and that hasn't slowed me down any. To be fair, the phone doesn't have a 10 Mpixel camera, is only a 1Ghz single core, and has enough internal storage that I have very little in the way of applications on the external SD, so that could be making a pretty big difference.

If class 10 is the manufacturer supposed standard, I'll have to upgrade the SD card when I upgrade my phone, I suppose. As someone else said, the cards have dropped quite a bit in price the last couple of years.

The inside of my phone has been pretty shy lately, maybe a pretty microSD card will make it feel better about itself.

They should also make them able to survive when people don't realize they have to unmount them from your phone or eject them from the computer. They should make it where that's not required anymore & so it won't corrupt the data.

I don't see a lot of use for the "sexy" card with my phone or tablet (reminds me of the people who insist on a white tablet (Ipad) or colored phone then promptly put in a full case where the colors don't show lol) but I think I would consider using, say the white one, with my dslr. Would be nice to just just look in my bag and see white and know instantly what card it is, wouldn't have to look closely for the real important card. Of course with them being relatively cheap you could get all high quality/durability ones and not worr

Probably more expensive to. Who cares what they look like? You put them in your phone and if you are lucky they are never seen again.

moto, are you going to let Samsung win across the board? The Note, Journal now this. Stop with the Razers already and get back to work on phone inventions