Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

If you own a Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) W-Fi (see our review), you'll be pleased to learn that Samsung has finally begun rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat update. Note that we're currently at the beginning of the process with only select markets receiving the upgrade for the time being, but it's well on the way.

According to SamMobile, the release roll out has kicked off in Columbia but we can expect to see more regions receive the update in due course. The release includes the usual KitKat improvements, including faster/smoother performance, white status bar icons, wireless printing support and full-screen album art. Be sure to check on your tablet periodically for notification of an available update.

Source: SamMobile, via: Android Central Forums


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Samsung begins rolling out Android 4.4.2 update for Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition)


Looks like lightening up TouchWiz was a good thing for Sammy after all.

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It's not lost, it's just different. Yeah, it hampers some functionality out of some apps but there's still SD card support.

SD support is still there. It's just more secure and is now up to developers to fix things with their apps.

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All sam products are shit
Very slow
Already f***ed battery
And bad cores
Except note 3
Even with 4.4.2 the are still not good

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Very intelligent post lol! My Note 2 LTE is by far the best smartphone I've ever owned. Battery easily lasts 24 hours with regular use and no issues what so ever. Quick tip: generalizing all products as "sucking" is a dead on sign you're trolling.

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I have the Note 2.. And love the device but battery life is ok.. Care to share any tips? I have the Note 2014as well and is a really good tablet!
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Nothing really special actually. I recently reinstalled and factory reset my phone. Turn off gps and keep the screen brightness to your lowest useable state. I don't like the auto-brightness feature. Run in power save mode and download a wakelock detector app and see what is draining your battery. Good luck fellow Note 2 owner.

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i'm with you Drazum77. Note 2 is the best NOTE device that has optimized NOTE feature to the top! one single s-memo app that does most work, s-pen button click + double tap to launch s-memo. and page buddy. Descent screen compared to note 1. Note 2 isn't a work horse compared to current line up but the features offered where whole another realm from other phones.. oh! i'm sorry. Phablet. this device was advertised as Phablet and only worth of called Phablet. *"BUT"* 4.3 update messed up everything. so I moved to nexus 5 + note 10.1 2014. then kitkat upgrade messed up note 10.1. Samsung always MADE good devices. ahahaha why can't they just make better successor? they just make record breaker not a revolutionary life changing device.

Bro you must just be an all around Sammy Hater. have you even used any of these devices running KK ? Too bad you can back up your posts with some real experience or feed back. I think most people are pretty open minded when comes to all things tech... well except for Apple fan boys and Xbox Junkies..... but thats a whole other discussion. Why dont you try using a recent device and give a REAL opinion and back it up with your actual findings.

Then don't buy them if you dislike them so much! Do you think this post is going to 'reform' Samsung to your likes??

Guess the original Note 10.1 has been abandoned and I don't plan on picking up another Samsung device with that physical button on it. Looking forward to the updated Nexus 10.

the regular 10.1 was on the list when they annouced it..It should be coming but ya know how slow that process can be.

From some other place, the update plan was reveiling note 10.1 getting kitkat on may, arpund middle of the month. In usa, dont know which carrier or international version and it was saying the tablet version. But anyway, something probably happens on may. We will see...

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Same here. It wouldn't be that bad, if the current build it is on wouldn't be so buggy. Bluetooth goes through a continuous on/off cycle, LTE keeps dropping, and the keyboard lags something awful.

If Samsung and Verizon can't be trusted to update their super expensive flagship tablet more than a few months, then that is the last straw for me.

Got Nexus?

Buying a Carrier specific LTE tablet was really smart. I like being the dummy that didn't do it.

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Will the tab 3 10.1 (wifi edition) get the update? Can not get a solid answer nowhere.
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You REALLY shouldn't be scaring people off like that. KitKat DOES NOT kill the SD card. It adds an extra (extremely annoying) layer of security and yes, it removes certain features from non-system apps regarding SD card write privileges, but nope, SD card support is not removed and you can still use it, just not in the same way as before.

Please stop spreading lies. there is just an extra layer of security preventing an app from accessing everything on theSD card. Apps Can now only access their own directory and that is all. Apps that access more need to be updated by the developers.

In kitkat the permission to write files to external sd card has been removed.
All play store apps cannot create nor change files on the sd card.
On ext. Sd card, these apps can only create file in folder called Android.
All developers need to change their app to use this option, but only a few have changed their app. In practice you are forced to store all data on the internal sd card. I use lots of pdf and have lots of big sized photo's but only 16 GB internal storage. So my internal sd card gets overloaded!
Only with samsung stock file manager you can move to and change files in the external sd card. All of this is done for the sake of security, LOL!

Having just sent mine back to the company for a "newer" model, by their request, I wish I was able to keep it a few more days just to try this out. Grr

I downloaded and flashed the update from Columbia this afternoon. this Firmware has fixed alot of issues. Screen wake up is almost immediate and resolved the unlocking issues i was experiencing. UI is much more responsive and fluid. I have also noticed that there is a lot less RAM being used by the system after the update. My Magazine comes up quicker than before but sans the "upward" scrolling animation so opening magazine is more pleasant. Over the tablet is much more responsive and im loving it even more than i did before.

I wish they'd included the 4-window mode :( Have you tried out BT Keyboards? They used to be buggy before and reports were that the KitKat update would fix that, but I'm not sure if it did (update hasn't hit mine, yet)

i didn't wait for the update... i downloaded the Colombian update, but it works fine on my device, and im in the USA. haven't tested my BT keyboard yet. will have to do that tonight and see how that goes.

i didnt wait for the update... i downloaded the Colombian update, but it works fine on my device, and im in the USA. havent tested my BT keyboard yet. will have to do that tonight and see how that goes.

I know people are saying that the SD card is not stuffed up, but in the mean time, I can no longer transfer music from my iTunes to my phone via double twist, photos will no longer save to my card, which limits me to the 16gb internal, instead of the 32gb card I specifically bought for that purpose, I'm still very pissed off.

I downloaded the Columbian update but now I can't connect to my Wi-Fi. It doesn't even find it. My phone finds it so it has something to do with the update on my tablet.
Am I alone with this problem?