Samsung's latest partnership with Swarovski will bring to market a "crystal collection" edition of its flagship phone, the Galaxy S5. A teaser posted on YouTube by Samsung Mobile Korea reveals that the blingtastic handset, the back of which is smothered in Swarovski crystals, will arrive in May in Samsung's home market.

It's unclear whether the "crystal collection" GS5 will see wide availability internationally, however the limited edition crystal-backed Galaxy Note 3 did make its debut in New York a couple of months back, so there's hope yet for fans of sparkly things.

Source: YouTube; via: SamMobile

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rkcmd says:


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Yeah. I'd buy it to complement my gold Ferrari.

iowabeakster says:

Some idiot is totally going to buy that hideous thing, and they'll think that it is awesome.


The All New Samsung Galaxy S5 Bright and Shiny See How It Sparkles It's My Precious Can't Let The Hobbitses Have It Edition.

quailallstar says:


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BillyOConnor says:

"As seen on Geordie Shore."

TheDu9du says:

Couldn't Swarovski just sell an official cover separate?

marisdaman says:

Women will eat this up!

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Dominick079 says:

I agree! I would never buy it but I can bet that my girlfriend definitely would

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is this for people who can't afford the De Beers Edition of Samsung S5?

fuzzylumpkin says:

Only women without taste.

We need a lady's opinion, but I suspect most would agree.

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illregal says:

Such GLAM, much VOMIT

fuzzylumpkin says:

Eww, that's nasty.

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rvirga says:

Cl-ass-y! :D

That thing is hideous.

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daeca says:

Pass me the bucket please!

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K White1 says:

I like it. You guys know nothing about Swarovski-dripping fashion!

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