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It looks like Verizon will have two new LG handsets on offer, as a leak earlier today revealed that in addition to the G3, the carrier will also stock a device by the name of LG G Vista, which is claimed to be a "Lite" variant of the G Pro 2.

There aren't any details as to what the hardware G Vista might feature, but if the image above is any indication, it looks like the device sports the same 5.9-inch display as the original G Pro 2, considering that it is wider . The front camera and sensors positions are also identical to that of the G Pro 2, so it is possible that the device retains the design as the standard variant with slightly trimmed down hardware to make it more accessible to a wider audience. As far as the user interface is concerned, it looks like the G Vista will feature the redesigned flatter UI first seen on the G3.

LG's move with the G Pro 2 Lite would be similar to what Samsung has already done with the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. By offering a device with mid-range hardware in a chassis that is identical to that of the Note 3, Samsung has managed to attract interest from a broader selection of smartphone users.

As for the launch of the G Vista, while there is no concrete confirmation, rumors allege that LG is set to announce the device sometime next month.

What do you think of the device? Would you be interested in a mid-range large-screened device from LG?

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Rumored LG G Pro 2 Lite may launch as G Vista on Verizon


I'd be interested in a phone identical to the G3, but with a 1080p screen instead. Possibly smaller, too.

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Do you even own a G3? I do any it doesn't lag. Is actually faster than my wife's s5 and note 3. If you leave every single carrier item on app on it then I'm sure it will as any phone does. Why do people assume things based off of reviews rather than actually using the phone...

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The phone has not made it to my hands yet so all we have to go on is reviews, and almost every review out there says it has lag because of the screen/gpu/cpu combo.

I highly doubt it is better than the Note 3

Why would people not base their opinions of a device on a review? A reviewer is supposed to be impartial and give an honest and objective review of a device. I'd definitely recommend looking at multiple reviews to see what the common themes are though. I'm not sure where you're located too, but last I checked, the G3 is not available in the US. So personally speaking since I am in the US, my opinion of the device is currently based on reviews and video impressions etc. Also, most people cannot afford to try every single device that comes out to form their own impressions. Sure, you can test a demo unit in the store, but those demo units are left powered on all day and would likely be more prone to lag than a brand new device someone purchased for their personal use.

Because everyone by nature is bias, hence you should see it/use it yourself before making a judgment.

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At least it's centered lol. Any logo off center like on the G3 would be an affront to my eyes; regardless of what the logo was.

I'd be interested in a phone made by LG known as the G3. We still don't even have that available yet!

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Would have loved to have seen the original g pro 2 launched in the states. Instead we may get a neutered version only on America's greediest network - no thanks.

If u want the full version of the pro 2 for the US... enough people have to scream at LG for it to happen.

And make it available unlocked with no bloatware for anyone to use on any carrier.

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