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We're now in Week 3 of the Smartphone Round Robin and we have the Blackberry Bold in the Android Central headquarters! The Blackberry Bold is a much celebrated device and deservedly so, the Bold is a magnificent piece of hardware--everything is simply top notch. From the gorgeous screen to the superb build quality, the folks at RIM definitely put a lot of thought into this puppy--everything is so well executed and in concert.

Like any Blackberry (well almost any Blackberry, looking at you Storm), you can expect a few features to be as good as it gets on the Bold--namely the keyboard and E-mail. Both are definitely effective, though we still personally like our G1's Gmail App better than anything on Blackberry.

There are a few quirks and kinks in the Blackberry OS that, though upgraded from previous generations, still don't seem like the 'modern' way to go. We'll get more into that concept as the week goes along, so in the meantime, check out Android Central's Video Review of the Blackberry Bold!

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Round Robin: Blackberry Bold Video


Everyone has been praising the Bold's screen, now I'm getting curious how it looks like in person.

Thanks,Casey, for your video, very fair. Nobody can deny is a great device.I agree the screen a awesome. . It's all about pixel density. The Bold has 153600 pixels over an small area, 3.12 sq in. while the G1 has the same number of pixels but over a bigger area, 4.73 sq in. . But must people will agree that the experience on stamp size scree will never be the same as in a larger screen.

I would prefer the G1 experience is I'm watching a video.

I got to play with my friend's Bold a little, and that screen does not disappoint in person - really lives up to the hype. I still don't like the way all the icons look the same, though, and probably won't be able to live without a touchscreen in the end.

The Blackberry Bold is a very nice piece of hardware. Blackberry just needs a more intuitive OS.

I don't think the Storm has anything on the Bold. Hope I win the G1 as i'd love to have both the Bold and the G1. Great video!

I agree - it's a great device, but annoying without a touchscreen. Touchscreens all around, i say!

I think this dude was fair in his assessment of the Bold. I have checked out G1, HTC Touch Pro, and the Storm. What it still comes down to is whether you are a "touchscreen" person or a "keyboard person."

Personally, I prefer the Bold because of the ease of use when texting, email, and other typing functions. Kind of hard to type on a touchscreen on the go!

I think this was a fair review. I have had my Bold for a little over a month and I am in love with it. I have also had my hands on a G1 and I find it to be a great device as well. It all depends on what you are looking for. I would definitely love to have both!!!! ;)

Also, I forgot to mention:

A touchscreen bold-like device is slated from RIM for sometime next year.

The Bold has the hardware and design down right, with the exception of the missing touchscreen of course. The G1 hardware is sloppy (inferior keyboard and overall design, almost ugly). Hopefully, the next Google phone model will be more like the Bold in terms of hardware/design.

I like the bold, I think its one of the best phones out today but so is the G1. The bold is more of a business phone but if you're looking for business and entertainment than the G1 is your best bet.

Love my bold, glad you liked it too! Have went from 7290 to 8700 to 9000, don't think I could go back to any other device. Maybe the G1 could change my mind, all reviews seem promising, not as sexy of a device as some would hope.

I'm currently a Blackberry addict but I sure as hell wouldn't complain it I was able to upgrade to a G1. I'm sick of waiting for the storm or 8900 to show up for us.

Great video, I must say the bold seems like a great device as well as avoid looking device. The only problem is the outdated and mysterious os the blackberrys are running.

HDTV in the palm of your hand, upto ten-count them ten e mail accounts, in the palm od your hand, too include g mail. Let's see, video,mp3,ummm excel, word, ppt, viigo ohhh, google maps. What else, ummm google search, info search. Wifi, 3G and bluetooth, all in the palm of your hands. I'm literally in love with my BOLD! All it needs is a Vgin.

"Just FYI. The Crackberry DOES have a gmail app available."

Casey even has it running in the video...

Bold is my choice of device, great review Casey and all I can say about the screen is well...the SPE RR podcast, they all told ya so, glad to see ya admitted it though lmao :P

i'm a blackberry enthusiasts, but i agree there needs to be combo trackball/touch screen device.

i wish verizon had the bold! i'm going with the storm but if the bold was available I would choose it. great review.

Is it just me or does the Bold look "squaty" in this video. It looks too wide! Otherwise that screen does look stunning.

I've watched every review on the weband,yes, I'm impressed with he bold but...how long should I wait to have one? Damn, 3g, give me my Bold!

Android OS + Blackberry email + iphone media and sexiness + classic Palm Treo UI = happiness! Here's hoping someone comes up with that...

Wow that screen is gorgeous! It is a bit wide, but the phone itself is a good looking piece of hardware. It looks like a great phone, but it would've been awesome if they added a touchscreen.

Also, I'd just like to say that after watching the video and having used a co-worker's G1, the G1 is superior when it comes to surfing the net.

I arrived at this video from a reference on Crackberry.com. I can tell you, the screen is gorgeous. It is like having a brilliantly bright HDTV in your hand. I have a Bold, and had an 8800 before that. I also own a Curve (I have a small office; I don't use all of them). The Bold is a much nicer device than any of the other I mentioned, and the Storm is a gimmick. The G1 seems to be a very nice phone, though I haven't held one and build quality is important to me (I have had HTC's in the past that did not have good build quality).

I can tell you that the Bold is a very useful phone. I have seen videos of apps for the G1 that leave me wondering why I can't do those things with my new phone, but in the end, I am not sure that a touchscreen is for me. I had a WinMo (HTC) touchscreen phone a few years ago and it drove me nuts. Always dirty, always hitting the wrong spot on the screen. Always worrying about cracking it somehow. I have watched videos of the Android OS in operation, and hope it avoids many or all of those pitfalls. Having just watched a Crackberry review of the iPhone, my touchscreen fears are not allayed. However, with Google's backing, I am sure that the OS will be great, the apps will be great... and not so sure about the hardware. The trackball is a big plus. If the G1 and Android continue to grow and become available for demo at stores, I have no doubt that at least a few Blackberry users will defect. The Blackberry OS is very functional, but closed and unexciting.

Long live open source.

give me the g1 so i may sell it to unsuspecting idiot, thinking that it is the savior of smartphones, so that i can get a bberry storm!

I'm still deciding if I want the Bold or Storm. Currently have a Curve and love it. Have to wait for a year until I can get another upgrade. :(

I like my bold with a few exceptions like the incredibly restrictive 'application memory' which limits you to a mere 128MB (what is this the late '90's?), and the every shrinking behavior of said 'application memory'. I don't know that the G1 is it, but android does appear to be the way to go in the near future. I played with a storm (original firmware) at a verizon store and it was fairly painful.

It's a fair review, I wanted the Bold. But I wont switch from Verizon, by far for me the best service around in terms of network and customer service. So I ended up getting a Storm. I'll wait until the BB Pluto comes out. It's basically a Bold with a larger screen and it's touchscreen on top of that with a physical qwerty. I like the Android OS, but don't like the look of the current G1. But I find myself quite impressed with my first BB, definitely the best communications device I've used.

Glad you liked the Bold - it certainly is quite the fone! I cant say enough about the screen! Also - i agree the Storm is a gimmicky fone - jus tryin to steal some of the touchscreen market....cant blame RIM 4 trying, but the Bold is where my $ goes!

The bold is one of the best phone I have ever seen. The only wrong thing is his camera, but phone are not for take pictures so it's not a problem.

The Bold is for those of us who hate touch screens. I'm so glad the Bold isn't. Could you imagine trying to watch a movie or video on it with smudges all over the screen. I had a touch screen, and I got so tired of having to clean the screen on a daily basis. If your a blackberry fan and want a touch screen, you get the Storm, but if you hate touch screens, then you get the Bold. The Blackberry is for those of us that want stability and simplicity. I have the top 8 app icons on my home screen and shortcut keys are already defined to everything else. It's that simple...

what are the chances that Rimm creates a blackberry email client for android? one of the biggest problems with android that i see is lack of exchange support. Rimm could probably get away with charging for an app that connects android with BES servers giving Sys admins a solid email service with extensive support. maybe it will cannibalize handset sales but i wonder if licensing will overshadow or at least tap a seemingly inaccessible market. it just seems odd that google left this out. if rimmm doesn't do it i see goodlink doing it soon.

Great video man, I think your video might be the most fair of all the round robin videos I've seen so far. For me, The look of the devices, the sharp screen and the front facing keyboard make the Bold a winner.

From the clips I've seen I'm very impressed with it.

While waiting for your final review, let me add the G1 may not show too much for now, but looking ahead, the solid support from a lot companies around the world will make the G1 a tough contender.

In the other hand BlackBerry already squeezed all the juice from a form factor that doesn' have too much future since the trend is not small screens, is not on-touch screens, is not tiny keyboards. But they will hold on for a log while because the have strong grip in the corporate world (The Storm? No I don't think so. That unit actually show more weaknesses in BB)

Never been all that interested in BB myself. But the Bold at least gets my attention. Personally though, I would still take the G1 any day of the week.