ROM Manager 4

The ClockworkMod team has released version 4.0 of ROM Manager, the popular custom ROM flashing app for rooted phones. The update brings a visual refresh in the form of new icons, along with the ability to rate and comment on ROMs and some behind-the-scenes changes. Writing on his personal blog, ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta says he's "really proud" of the new ROM Manager, and hints that "even bigger things" may be on the way for the project, including a website.

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063_xobx says:

And yet it still doesn't work properly with the Epic...

Paul627g says:

Your correct! I do know that ACS over at XDA did donate a Epic 4g to Koush to aid in his development. So I would eventually expect it to be fixed for the Epic 4g but as of right now everyone is still recommended to avoid it for the Epic 4g.

k0nane says:

Indeed, ACS team lead rjmjr69 did - and Koush has now had it for almost six months.

dwhitman says:

I bought and used ROM Manager Premium for quite a while and liked it.

Stopped using RM when I started loading CM7 nightlies, because I was just wiping cache and Dalvik cache (vs. a complete wipe) which ROM manager doesn't support - you have to do it in recovery. The advantage is that you don't need to reload your apps and preferences which saves a lot of time.

Suggested this intermediate wipe level as a feature on Koush's twitter feed, but he never responded.

Good app I guess, but isn't that much more convenient than doing stuff in recovery, where you have more options and control.

Wease says:

New updates mean nothing when it still has not been updated to work with the S4G. Useless

You're on your own. DIY! LMAO

mozes316 says:

Works fine on my Incredible... lol
Can't wait to see what other improvements will be coming.

davidnc says:

I dont use it .Just as easy to do it from recovery as it is from Rom manager ,plus can wipe dalvik cache though recovery but cant tho rom manager