Canadian carrier Rogers has begun rolling out into the 44 markets they had promised a few weeks ago. Seven new markets go live today, including a few in my hometown of Ottawa.

  • Ottawa, including Kanata, Nepean, Gloucester, Stittsville and Cumberland
  • Airdrie, Alberta
  • Langley, B.C
  • Keswick; Ontario
  • Hamilton, including Grimsby in Ontario
  • Orillia, Ontario
  • Stratford, Ontario

As ever, Rogers is touting their access to the 2600 MHz band for faster speeds on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Any Canadian readers in these new markets? How many Rogers customers out there happy with their LTE service? 


Reader comments

Rogers opens up LTE in 7 new markets


Rogers LTE is blazing fast in Toronto. Probably not getting the most out of it on my Galaxy S3 and 1 GB a month. Visit Stratford and Keswick regularly so that will be nice. Now, if only Rogers would give me more data for my monthly ransom.

Never had a problem with LTE here in Ottawa. The speed and coverage is great, too bad Rogers monthly plans suck for data.

In Sherbrooke, QC I get awesome speeds of over 40Mbps with both 2600Mhz (Optimus G) and AWS (N4). It's crazy how they managed to have better LTE coverage than Bell/Telus.

I thought Ottawa was one of the first cities to get LTE. I know I've been connected to LTE with my LGOG since I picked it up in November. Been gettin' crazy fast download speeds since (especially compared to my old Captivate that I replaced.)

Well I can see Kanata and Nepean getting LTE when it was first introduced. (I'm in Kanata.) Maybe it wasn't all of Kanata in the initial rollout, and I'm just lucky to live in a part that was. However, Stittsville & Cumberland are getting pretty far out. Good that they're joining the LTE coverage here though.

I'm in Orillia, and have yet to see LTE anywhere 1 week later. I have my cell phone, an LTE stick at work downtown, and a brother who lives in another part of town, and have yet to see an LTE signal on any of the devices.

My phone/plan are not the problem, as I get great LTE speeds when I travel.