Rogers is announcing today that it is planning to roll out 44 new LTE markets this Spring for its customers. The rollout is expected over the next few months, and while there isn't a definitive list of every new market, Rogers is listing a few areas as a primer of what's to come:

  • Saint John, New Brunswick
  • Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  • Guelph, Ontario
  • Muskokas, Ontario
  • Collingwood, Ontario
  • "multiple cities" in Quebec

As part of its LTE rollout announcement, Rogers is also giving more information on the deployment of that network over the 2600MHz frequency. The carrier indicates that it will start to utilize the 2600MHz spectrum in every one of its markets, including 34 of the 44 new markets planned. You'll need a 2600MHz-capable device -- Rogers lists the LG Optimus G as one --  to take advantage, but Rogers says it will make more available as the network goes live.

Source: Rogers


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Rogers expanding LTE network to 44 new markets this Spring


How about fixing their speeds or something? Routinely stays at less than 15 mbps or so around Toronto or Vancouver, two of the largest markets.

On what band ? The 2600Lte is largely uncrowded and people are reporting speeds of over 40 in those cities. My small town of Sherbrooke get consistently over 40Mbps on both AWS and 2600 bands.