Win a free Sprint phone for the new year! What better way to start a brand new year than with a brand new phone? We can't think of anything better, so we've gotten in cahoots with Sprint to give not one, not two, but SEVEN lucky readers a shiny new device.

Up for grabs we have:

Since these are Sprint devices, you'll need to be in the US to win, and the contest is for the device only which means you're on your own for service, accessories, and anything else your heart may desire. As with all of our contests, if you've won a device in the past year from us, you're not eligible to win one of these. Gotta share the goodies with your fellow Android family! Also, one entry per person please. If we catch you trying to be sneaky and entering more than once, you will be disqualified and put on the naughty list.

So, to enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below telling us which of these fine phones you would like and why. The contest will run until just after the new year, with the winners announced on the blogs as normal. Good luck everyone!

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Stephman says:

Hope i win!!

flipfone says:

id be happy winning any of the above phones. Optimus G or Moto Photon are the 2 that really catch my eye, and my heart tho. it would be nice to retire my poor little nexus s 4g and grab some LTE lovin.

swear0730 says:

Optimus G. Sounds like a beast and I liked my last LG phone.

nkd says:

I want the Optimus G. Because Santa didn't bring me much this Christmas and I would love to have a transformer in my pocket ;)

iPhoneTHS says:

I'm a Blackberry, iPhone and now Android-Galaxy Note II loving tech buff. The LG Optimus would be an excellent addition to my repertoire. Just saying...

Va1ha11a says:

Photon Q please, a relative needs an upgrade!

bjcfox36 says:

LG Optimus G PLEASE! I have given my wife my upgrade for the past 2 years(She offered her upgrade to me and i turned around and got her a GS3 this year) as a gift and it would be great to receive this phone as a gift as well.

reidoreilly says:

optimus g, the iphone just doesn't cut it

legrand29 says:

for me I will say it's the photon Q cause I had the regular photon and I did love it it has a good camera and a great battery life so I would like to have this one to see how good is it and the other one had a great great reception, oh I missed the that phone so that's I would like to have this one, so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me.

Fussolia says:

Optimus for sure! Thanks for the chance to win!

kbboykin says:

I would love to have the Optimus G because it is a slick phone. I think it can even hang with the Galaxy S3 - looked at both in the Sprint Store.

ksb63 says:

Optimus G. Be nice to start new year with new phone.

kayropr says:

I would like the LG Optimus G because like Jerry said in his review it is a Beast of a phone. :)

goofy1973 says:

Has to be the Optimus G. I was at Best Buy upgrading my wife phone and while waiting this other customer asked me what phone would I upgrade next to? I responded I'm on sprint the note 2 or Optimus g. Right after I answered the guy pulls out his Optimus g wipes it off with his sleeve first and hands it to me insisting that I play with it. The screen was amazing and the speed has to be seen to be believed very smooth. The guy absolutely loved the phone. I thought he was a undercover salesman but his wife was also upgrading. I'm not sure what impressed me more the Optimus g or his pitch for the phone. Made for a great geek moment while waiting in line.

ezcats says:

Optimus G. Quad Core and looks like a Nexus 4 (Which I just cant get)!

dhall13 says:

Oh man would love to have the moto photon with the nice full keyboard. I miss having a full keyboard like the blackberries had I use to use, until being converted to the droid side and havent looked back since to be honest. Hope I win.

I would love to win the LG Optimus G :D

but to be honest even the Samsung would be an upgrade from my current phone.

docnok says:

I'd like the Optimus G. It basically has the same specs as the Nexus 4 and is one of the best phones on the market right now.

emcdonald75 says:

LG Optimus G for sure because of the High Definition Screen, Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor, and Android Jelly Bean!!! Sprint has some great devices and once their LTE network becomes widespread, their umlimited data plans will keep them in the spotlight. I have to give credit to LG too! If they can get timely updates to this new Optimus line of phones and offer great support, LG will make a strong presence in the U.S. market. Give me, Give me, Give ME!!! LOL.

Motorola PHOTON Q Because my mother-in-law needs to ditch her iphone 4( plus she still prefers the keyboard and its the only idevice on my plan ).

LG Optimus G because thats one sexy phone! Me-ow!

-IRON- says:

I would like the Optimus for a lot of the reasons posted a bow but any would be nice to get my wife off of the iPhone

thomaschila says:

LG Optimus G because I want to try out what LG has to offer.

Of course is the Optimus G. That is the closest thing to a Nexus 4.

The LG Optimus G because that's the closest I'll get to a LG Nexus. Plus it has an awesome screen too hard to resist

FSUMario says:

The Optimus G. It's a beast of a phone with amazing specs and by far one of the best phones available for Sprint

redball says:

LG Optimus G!!

csierra72 says:

In my Sam Witwicky voice...... OPTIMUS!

mysterfix says:

LG Optimus G please, because it would make my year! All I got for Christmas was a blanket that doesn't fit my bed. My pipes are frozen in my house and my birthday is New Years day.

cluckkillerb says:

The Optimus G so I can compare it with my Nexus 4!! :D

kilarican says:

I would take the optimus G it has great specs and i would love to root and play with a phone like that and take it to its limits.Then I would give it to my 6year old daughter.In so not lying my daughter is so into mobile phones its scary.She gets it from Happy New Year Every one...

anoiel1220 says:

The optimus g sounds good for the new year

sk1win says:

LG Optimus G please.

ntborg says:

The Motorola Photon Q would be perfect. My sprint device is broke and Christmas broke the bank. This would be a great gift!

kuoirad says:

Optimus G.

AsinX says:

Optimus G. For ROM Development purposes.

AsinX says:

Optimus G. For ROM Development purposes.

AsinX says:

Optimus G. For ROM Development purposes.

rocket321 says:

The Optimus G for the awesome screen and guts!

The Optimus G is where its at. Since Sprint will never see the Nexus 4, this is as close as we're going to get. The specs on this thing prove it will be a powerful device for the next 6 to 8 months. Plus, who can argue with the storage and the 13MP camera!

jjairal says:

The Photon Q.My fiance loved this phone when she saw it in the store would love to get her off her blackberry torch.

djjk2004 says:

motorola photon Q - has Iceeecreammmm! :)

airborne3e9 says:

LG Optimus G - that beautiful screen!!

Tim Norris says:

Optimus G for the win.

sakebomber77 says:

I would like the Optimus G Please. I think the most underated phone on the market. Or any other phone will be awesome!!! & Happy New Year!!! Great Job Android Central.

jbach25 says:

Optimus G, quad core beast, plus colors are very nice compared to the samsung galaxy phones.

ShieldForge says:

Optimus G would be nice, but alas there's only one for the many.

untcodegeek says:

The Optimus G because I would love another toy from LG and the phone has some great technology under the hood!!

dewey32399 says:

Optimus G please

mbrasher says:

I can't remember if I already posted to this forum or not, if I have please forgive me and it I haven't please give me the Optimus G.

Thank you and I hope all at AC had a great Christmas and have a bangin' New Year!

izzo00 says:

i would be happy just have any one of the phones:)

Shon Holder1 says:

I would like the Optimus G, because my gs3 broke on xmas

flicktron says:

Optimus G cause seriously it's impressive.

mmart19 says:

Optimus G please

agzgarcia says:

Optimus to replace my broken sgs3. Played with one at the sprint store..feels good in hand and not slippery like the samsung...
Good luck to all but please pick me!

I would love the Optimus G because it is a beast of a phone and similar to the Nexus 4

johnday23 says:

Optimus G love the keyboard and speed

rodney0905 says:

Lg Optimus G because I'm stuck with an HTC Trophy.

The Optimus G is an awesome device. I like the great 13mp camera and the large 4.7 in screen. It is a also has 32gb of memery. Best of all it has a quad core cpu.

tech_envy says:

LG Optimus G. Beautiful screen, and I'm the eternal optimist that LG will up their build quality game to where their component game has been.

Mgamerz says:

Wouldn't mind having a Photon Q or the Optimus G.

cygnusx8 says:

Optimus G. Why? Because my doctor said I have 7 days to live unless I get one.

phuc_head says:

I would love the Optimus G (I could upgrade my Epic 4G Touch), but if I won either of the keyboard sliders, I would upgrade my Wife's Epic 4G. She keeps asking my if she should be upgrading to ICS/JB and I have to keep telling her that her phone won't get it because it is out of support, and she does not want to ROM it like i do mine.

I would like to have the galaxy yictory, because my girlfriend´s birthday is in a few weeks and her biggest wish is a smartphone.
But she doesn´t like big smartphones and i know from a friend that the galaxy victory is a nice and easy to handle device.
It would be a great present for her :)

jamie says:

LG Optimus G. Best of the phones being given away.

Mrbrinson says:

Optimus G all day

abtxpress says:

Galaxy victory.

davidlt4 says:

One of the qwerty phones would be good for my college kid.

I would prefer Optimus G, but this would be for my wife since she has an OG EVO 4G that is slowly dying....

mxrider says:

LG Optimus G. Why you might ask? It's the only one better than my my Galaxy S 3

Xandroid says:

LG Optimus G - Because that phone is DA BOMB!!!

dalymon says:

I Want The OptimUs G ;)

faceless says:

i would totally love to win an LG Mach to fulfill my hardware keyboard needs.

I'm going with the Optimus G mainly because it is free.

Samsung: because my Epic 4G is just a little long in the tooth...

seoulbrova says:

Optimus G but I'd be happy with any one of these!

card0124 says:

I would love to win the LG Optimus G, but if I win and that is taken I will take the

LG Mach and if that is taken I will take the Photon Q and if those are gone I would take the Galaxy Victory, and if I don't win then thanks for having this awesome site that I can come to for all my android news!

rolandbajzak says:

LG Optimus G of course! Great specs, beautiful design!

JonathanZ10 says:

I would have to say i would like the Motorola Photon Q. The near AOSP Android look and the great keyboard are reason enough, the good looks and speed are just a plus!

supermarkyo says:

I'd love to get a photon Q.

It would be nice to have a smaller phone with a keyboard and some durability when I'm out bring active. Buy I guess I should probably let my girlfriend use it since she's stuck using an archaic iphone 3gs since she lost her burst :S

Jay Edwards says:

Optimus 4G. I love the ability to work with 2 apps at once!

LG Optimus G please...and thank you!

cav22 says:

Motorola Photon Q

My wife refuses to purchase a new phone and says that any phone she will ever use must have a physical keyboard. She is currently using an old phone from. Sprint that cannot even browse the Internet.

kramerica says:

I too must have the Sprint Nexus 4! (and/or Optimus G!).


LG Optimus G--nice design and great specs

MaverickJJ says:

Photon Q for me, looks like a good keyboard.

Robbie Byrd says:

I would love the lg Optimus g. I still have the ancient lg Optimus s and I would like to get out of the Stone Age.

redhawk79 says:

I would love the Photon Q because even though I've gotten used to not having a physical qwerty, I would love to have one again. That, and I've always loved Motorola's phones! Thanks for the chance!

nickmorin99 says:

Optimus G because the Nexus 4 is SOLD OUT STILLLLLLLL. Its the closest of the bunch to it.

daplacidone says:

may i please have the Optimus G

Go Android! says:

I'd like to win the LG Mach. The main reason is that I'm more likely to win that opposed to LG Optimus G with one winner and hundreds more people wanting it :). Plus, I've been a loyal Sprint customer for 7 years, and I have good grammer :P.

My wife doesn't want want to lose her qwerty phone,. she loves her original epic because of her keyboard. so I want the.photon q

I'd love to work with the Photon Q as an expansion to use kb controls for android games.

Naris says:

Would totally love an Optimus G, but in truth got a chance to feel the keyboard in the Photon Q, and it's the most relaxing phone to type on that I've ever tried. Not to mention Motorola's build quality is usually quite nice.

Rwagner34 says:

I would like the LG Optimus G to give to my wife cause her Galaxy S3 was lost in a Porta potty by accident and we don't have $500 to replace it. She is now back to using her Samsung Instinct.

I would love the optimus g.... the screen is big and beautiful and sexy and the camera is magnificent!!

Love you long time!!

jmehrabi says:

Optimus G because it is stylish, has a great processor, and a huge screen. My HTC EVO Shift is killing me with its slow processing speed and small screen. Plus its thick. I'm ready to ditch the slide out keyboard for this baby.

schooner says:

Love that Optimus G, closest thing to the Nexus!

JStyles1 says:

Optimus G for me please! The beautiful screen and quad-core power that finally cooperates with LTE is just too good to pass up.

fcjr77 says:

Optimus G would be the best. As they guys have said it is the closest I will get to a Nexus 4 on Sprint.

deltasig says:

I so need a new phone! I would love a Optimus G, an equivalent to the Nexus 4 but with LTE, 13mp camera, and more. My Nexus S4g is getting old and would love something new and shinny.

whosit says:

LG Optimus G - So I can take some decent pictures of my kids. The HTC Evo 4G takes some pretty terrible pictures and it takes an awful long time to do it.

piizzadude says:

Optimus G
or Photon Q

Optimus G would be nice would love to upgrade from the OG EVO.

Id love to have the LG Optimus G. Its an awesome phone. Also I love to use that camera to capure my beautiful wife. Our 10 year anniversary is coming up

gizak says:

Could have sworn we already did this, but choice would still be the LG Optimus G - best device on the list.

yusterfu says:

LG Optimus G, so I can get rid of this Bionic :)

AJH says:

Optimus G would be awesome, since it is the closest thing to a Nexus 4 I could get on Sprint. Also, Q-Slide looks pretty fantastic, would love to try it out.

dm3ready says:

Hook me up with an Optimus G!!

udrunner says:

The Galaxy Victory is the way to go for me.

Guitar_Jesus says:

Optimus G. All those mega pixels sound lovely.

Alex949 says:

Optimus G, gorgeous display, 2g of Ram, and a 13mp camera can't hurt either!

magneto198 says:

The Optimus G because it is the most advanced piece of swag out there.

eyeryo says:

Motorola Photon for my son who has to have an actual keyboard.

racingbmwm3 says:

Optimus G because QuadCore.

JayND says:

wait didn't we already do this? Ah well, still would pick the Photon Q personally.

any of the LG phones. I dont even care. It will be a good upgrade for my wife who gave her upgrade to our niece .

spleenfreak says:

Consider my hat thrown in. Would like to have the LG.

dcampbell57 says:

LG Optimus G becasue it uses premium build materials.

shanestocks says:

Would like to get the photon for the slider keyboard and the 4.3 inch display.

phillygoat says:

I'd like the Optimus G, because its probably the closest I will ever get to a nexus 4!

a-d says:

I would love to win the Optimus G!!! but in reality I would love to win any phone lol

eloy35 says:

LG Optimus G becuse its the closest to a Nexus 4 on Sprint.

Rene Cannon says:

Optimus G, because it's as close to a nexus as I can get.

Biglou508 says:

Well the phone i would like without a doubt whould be the optimus g it has the better specs and its lg return phone back to the big leagues of smartphones its everything the 2x wasnt

RyJoDetroit says:

Would love to get the LG Optimus G for my wife, she forbids me getting, or spending any money on her for Christmas. Would rather spend it on our kids instead. This would be the perfect way to get her something great without spending the money.

lbe says:

lg optimus g for the quadcore

jrw says:

Would love to replace my aging Epic with a schweet LG Optimus G :-)

I would love the Optimus G, it's the Nexus 4 for all of us poor saps who can't get the Nexus 4. :P

Please Send me the LG Optimus G....I'm stuck with an EVO 3D right now! Need that Snapdragon S4 to drag me out of the slow movement of the 3D!

zeebone says:

I'm down for the Optimus G because I'm tired of my SIII and it's pebble like structure :)

I'm also interested in quad cores!

I'm also down for the photon Q, I miss having a physical keyboard. I have such a hard time typing on the stupid onscreen keyboard. I feel like an old man whenever i type.

artman5x5 says:

I would be honored if I could get one for my little old grandma :)

spaceosc says:

Optimus G! or any of them to make the rest of my sprint contract tolerable!

smotrs says:

LG Optimus G for me please. :)

kmarx says:

LG Mach.. New LG line and has a keyboard for all of us old fashion people that like having a keyboard

opsfrog says:

LG Optimus G best phone on sprint right now!!!

LG Optimus G so I can trade up to a Note 2!

Quis89 says:

Lg optimus G because of the camera quality!! As well as the processing power.

mikbelch2 says:

If AC put this up twice does this count as entering twice? trickery....
but all of the phones would be great over my ever dying Nexus S, all besides the LG Mach...

adleyh2000 says:

I would the Motorola PHOTON Q because of that sexy keyboard! I also hear Motorola has the best radios.

optimus G! love the refreshed lg interface and new features

DVUS1977 says:


djmac182 says:

A Optimus G would be pretty sweet!!

rosendo7 says:

LG Optimus G because it's sleek and has an amazing screen

Bruhaha1234 says:

The LG Mach would be perfect for my Sprint needs! The samsung galaxy victory would come in 2nd though :-)

Tat2Jr says:

LG Optimus G. I loved my old V and would love to see what they do on the high end.

pdpablo says:

Photon Q. I currently have a Droid 2 global(verizon) that made me fall in love with the QWETRY keyboard phones. So easy to typ e with. The Q is basically the Verizon equivalent of the Droid 4. If I can get the Photon Q and join Sprint's Unlimited Data network, that would be a match made in heaven.

lyingfromyou says:

I would like to call dibs on the LG Mach! It looks pretty slick and I wouldn't mind giving a touchscreen with a slide out keyboard a whirl!!!

abwchris says:

Homeboy be thinking the Optimus's a thing.

FusioNFro says:

LG Optimus G please! My Evo 3d needs to retire!

greenmonster says:

LG Optimus G: The specs are top of the line.

slag02 says:

Optimus G is the way go !

jlaroche says:

How about an LG Optimus G

nsnsmj says:

I would like the Optimus G because it has similar hardware to the Nexus 4, which should hopefully mean custom ROMs will be available for it relatively soon.

Rich Ruane says:

Hmmmm Optimus G, my friend has one and i have to admit i am jealous

martian_11 says:

I would love to have the LG Optimus G, and it would be a great Christmas present for myself, since I didn't get any this year. Any of these amazing phones would be a great present for me. Thank You Android Central.

lenorris101 says:

I'd take the Optimus G. Only because it was such a tough choice between it and the Galaxy SIII. Would be sweet to have them both.

jds5445 says:

Optimus G because it's the best phone on sprint. Period.

Miguel Avila says:

LG Optimus G, because my Blackberry Curve 9820 is ancient.

jkrough0728 says:

I want that Optimus G so bad! It is amazingly fast and I need that sexy looking phone!

kobe24b says:

I would love to have any one of those phones to use on Sprint. But if I had to choose 1, I would choose the Optimus G!

lapk78 says:

I've got the original Motorola Photon 4G and would like the Photon Q please.

kc_exactly says:

I would love that Photon Q. My first android was a slider. It sure was convenient for keeping up with the rest of the family during my long shifts at the fire station. Paying bills, texting, emailing, you name is just that much easier.

I would love the Photon Q! I dropped my current phone with Sprint and am in dire need of a new one. Working dad with a tight budget, this phone would be greatly appreciated!!

kc_exactly says:

I would love that Photon Q. My first android was a slider. It sure was convenient for keeping up with the rest of the family during my long shifts at the fire station. Paying bills, texting, emailing, you name is just that much easier.

senturusix says:

whatever i can win! yes!!

kc_exactly says:

My kids are getting to the age when they need more freedom. That Galaxy Victory might do the trick. They want me to buy them a phone. One day they will get the talk about how firefighting is fun but doesn't pay much.

terrycanfly says:

I would love the LG mach. It has a fast enough s4 chip set and a respectable keyboard without being overly bulky.

wpavlik2 says:

Motorola PHOTON Q for me, please. I think it would be a cool device to try out and give Motorola the opportunity to "wow" me.
Plus, my son would have a blast playing with it!

The optimus g is one of the sexiest phones on sprint right now. I would put it to good use.

goggles6 says:

I want the Grand Daddy- the Optimus G

In my opinion this phone is arguably the best device on sprints network. It has some pretty Beefy specs and set the tone for 2013 smartphone cameras. It has insane viewing angles and sprints first quadcore phone. Yes. Everyone loves the GSIII. I see why. I have an EVO LTE and have never been happier with a device in my life... let alone a device that is NOT ROOTED!!!. Now I have used my mother's upgrades many times for various reasons. such reasons can be viewed in the 12/28/12 Stocking stuffers thread as my entry. My mother is still on her Blackberry curve and without an upgrade, she replaces her 35 track ball once each month. SHES MISERABLE. Should I win this magnificent OPTIMUS G device I'm unsure whether I would hand down the EVO LTE to my mother or if I would gift the LGOG to her. Either way I owe her for a lot. Not only did she let me use all of those upgrades, nor does she deserve to be stuck on a blackberry, but we are talking about the Very woman who bore me and loaned me her womb for 9 months. I had quite the bachelor pad in there. I love my mom. I hope you do too. I hope you love her enough to send this OPTIMUS G my/her way.

Adam Goldberg
(Yeah. I played the womb card)


cbalter says:

The LG Optimus G is the phone everyone is asking for!

bobonyc says:

The Optimus G - the camera is great.

p0rkguy says:

LG Optimus G because of its huge screen or Photon Q because of the keyboard.

bbrown13 says:


fredknex says:

Optimus G to get my step mom away from her falling apart Shift! The top screen falls down when you try to type on the keyboard.

markdowd84 says:

I would like the Photon Q because of its stellar keyboard.

seanlongoria says:

Optimus G for me please

I would LOVE a Photon Q or the Optimus G. I have an Epic 4G and the only thing I like about it is the sliding keyboard which is important to me. Otherwise, the phone is horrible. Thanks for the offer.

frizz3l says:

LG Optimus G.

frizz3l says:

LG Optimus G.

slinkman44 says:

I would love to have the Optimus G to replace my gnex. But honestly any of these phones would be awesome!

llmgtab says:

I would love to give the Galaxy Victory to my Mom. LTE is getting ready to come to our town and it would be great for her to see what a phone can really do!!

cageman3 says:

Optimus G.....If I can't get the Nexus 4 than the G it is.

theintention says:

Optimus G. I have had my eye on that device since it was announced! Beautiful high quality device.

Gersonian says:

Optimus G or Photon Q for my wife who is on a dying XPRT and our 1.5 yr old son likes to smash on the ground. Please! She really needs and deserves something nice.

bbrech1 says:

Great HD screen, 32GB of storage and Snapdragon S4 Pro.

lanypr says:

I want one. Preferably a LG Optimus G.

enigma350 says:

I would like to win the Motorola photon Q to replace my old HTC Hero. I miss having a keyboard and Motorola is an American company

The Photon Q, Obviously, I had one , lost it, got another one and Sprint Bricked it and they had no replacements so i went with the HTC EVO 4G, nice phone but not as nice as the Photon Q, The striking design elements of the case are what originally got me interested in the phone. The capabilities are what sold me on the Photon, Moto's UI/UX are incredible, very little crapware. The Screen... OMG I wish i still had mine, the screen, was incredibly bright, consistent and did Blacks very well.
The photon Q is an awesome phone.....Speedy, great feature set, configurable, battery lasted 2.5 days on a charge. great feel when it was in your hands and to top it off it got a Kickstand. I love the Photon Q, and am interested in seeing what they do with the Intel Based Phone , it feels like a mash up between a iPhone 4s and a Photon Q , we shall have to wait

enforcer 808 says:

Galaxy Victory is very nice

1Brite1 says:

Optimus G. For my best friend in Chico who needs a smart phone as a single mother. Because I already have Sprint and can easily add her to my account. And to the new LG Optimus G Carbon Free award. Congrats to you and hopefully me, but really for my friend. Good luck to all! And thanks A/C!!!!

FryGuy66 says:

I'm due for a new phone and it's LG Optimus G for me. I like the features, size, specs, looks, and the fact that it doesn't say "Samsung" or "Apple" on it!

FryGuy66 says:

Sorry..double post...don't disqualify me, please.

whip it good says:

I will jump on the Optimus G bandwagon too.

cob11341 says:

Although the chances of me winning are very slim, it wouldn't hurt to try. I would Like to have the Motorola Photon Q or the LG Optimus G because I am still running my ol' Samsung Epic 4G :L #needanupgrade

bevon says:

LG Optimus G for sure. Its one of the best out on sprint.

unniphilip says:

Optimus G sounds like an awesome phone! I need a new one because my current one keeps crapping out on me.

Albert Nery says:

Optimus G for all its Optimal Glory! :)

Traplord says:

LG Mach. I've only ever owned LG smartphones and I still dig QWERTY keyboards.

Robbzilla says:

An Optimus G would be so very very sweet in my pocket!

norsairius says:

I'd like to give the LG Optimus G a shot. I've had LG phones before and was disappointed, but I want the Optimus G since it seems LG has really redeemed themselves and I do want to see them succeed!

I'd love the Photon Q or the Optimus G to give a friend of mine.

DaGODFather says:

The LG Optimus G because it has a nice screen, good storage, and an awesome S4 pro processor. And its the closest phone to a Nexus 4...on Sprint!

ix3pho says:

I would like to win the Photon Q! I am used to having a keyboard and all touchscreen is no good for me anymore!

gerard187 says:

LG Optimus G because it's sexy!

FaisDogg says:

LG Optimus G: Sounds really cool with HD screen, Snapdragon S4 pro (quad core), beautiful hardware....Would love to add Sprint's unlimited Data plan to it... ;)

spartanguy81 says:

Photon Q. It's sexy.

deltatko says:

Always been curious about lg phones and I prefer high end, so it's the G for me

rsolid says:

An Optimus G would be great for the start of a new year!

Nick McLeod says:

Optimus G because its supposed to be incredible

John-Smith says:

1413 comments currently.. I'm feeling lucky!

axllebeer says:

I'd love to have that Photon Q. Running the Evo LTE now and the Photon Q is the only other phone I considered being a longtime BlackBerry user.

Still have yet to see an LG phone that is worth a damn. Too much crap over the years to trust my daily driver to them with their 1st good product.

Galaxy Victory would be awesome!

TheRobotSpy says:

For sure the Optimus G. With similar hardware to the Nexus this phone plus CM10.1 seems like the closest you are going to get to a Nexus 4 on Sprint.

Mrshades says:

My wife has been to kind to our kids and given up her phone ugrades to them!

She would like the Photon Q!

bryceh7 says:

Lg mach for sure! Awesome to get a qwerty keyboard in a phone that skinny! Specs are solid too.

TopJimmyII says:

I could really use the Photon Q. I gave my wife my upgrade after she lost her phone, and my SII struggles to say the least after all this time of heavy use. A new phone would really help my situation, I would take any of them really! Thanks so much!

Optimus G, beautiful phone!

Lgmack says:

I want the optimus G... mainly for the screen!!

Concho Pete says:

I will take any of these new phones, so that I may replace my Evo.

jayn says:

LG optimus. Great hardware on that phone. But will also take photon or mach for the keyboards.

deuxphoria says:

it is the lg optimus g for sure. love the fact that it's received the carbon-free certification.

nextelfixer says:

I would love a Galaxy Victory. Great balance of size and performance.

Optimus G. It's the best phone in the bunch.

houstonwino says:

I would love to win the Optimus G and give it to my wife. She is stuck with the original Photon, in all of its un-updated glory (she's afraid to root, plus it's Motorola, so...well, you know). Imagine living in a house with a husband using an EVO LTE and a son using Galaxy Nexus, both geeking on all of the things their devices can do, while your pathetic phone is limping along with CDMA and Froyo. The poor thing! If that sad tale doesn't break your heart (and make you choose this comment as a winner), I can't imagine what would.

cowkong says:

LG OPTIMAS G! Because my HTC Hero is quite the sad sack these days

ippikiokami says:

Optimus G and it's 13mp shooter pleaseee

DJJeffT says:

I'd prefer the Photon or Optimus, but would be happy with the Victory or Mach as it would be an upgrade for my son. Thanks. Jeff

ammaralo says:

I'm not sure if I already posted. But for me I would prob pick the LG OG. My wife has an original photon, and I was never down with moto blur. But she picked it because it was international capable.

got berry says:

Would love to win the Samsung Galaxy. Pick me, please.

slick8125 says:

Optimus G because it's better than an Optimus S

kirk0625 says:

Gotta get the LG Optimus G! It's an awesome phone, amazing battery life, screen resolution and good camera. All I would want in a device. AND SO THIN!

bama4life916 says:

I would love the optimus G seems like a great phone ....I have never own a LG phone, I hear mixed reviews about there products...

botanu says:

Winning an Optimus G would keep me with Sprint after February when my contract is up. Otherwise I'm switching to T-Mobile and getting a Nexus 4. Sprint's data speeds seem to be getting worse here in Portland, Oregon - even with Wimax on my original Evo 4G. And it appears unlikely that LTE will come here before 2014. I've been a pretty happy Sprint customer since the 90s, but the last couple of years and the deteriorating data speeds has me looking to more affordable networks with 4G - even if it's 'only' HSPA+.

I would love to upgrade my girlfriend's slow and frustrating Nexus S 4G to the Optimus G!

SpyderHawke says:

Even though everyone seems to want it as well, I would love an Optimus G because it's the closest I think I can get to a Nexus right now & also because of its Carbon-neutral rating.

bsball721 says:

Optimus g so my wife can have the cousin to my nexus 4

Orkchop says:

I'd like the Optimus G, because I can pretend it is (and possibly flash it to be) a Nexus 4.

android_app says:

An Optimus G would be nice. I always had samsung pure android experience. It would be nice to try a new brand. New Year, New Phone ;)

devores says:

definately the Optimus G. I played with it at the store and don't think i could do any other phone happily anymore.

jemproperty says:

Would love an LG Optimus G; I truly need a new phone as my screen is broken and no upgrade available! Please... pretty please... Thanks!!

Sam Qu says:

I would go with the LG Optimus G, because it just look dam sexy!

jbern8 says:

Optimus G, because it's the best of the bunch

stormfury says:

Gave my upgrade to the kids for Christmas. Little Love?

abranch352 says:

Optimus G is the one for me

TallOne says:

I would love the Optimus G :)

Willy says:

The Galaxy Victory because I have been using the HTC Hero since October 2009 and I really think it is time for an upgrade. I have wanted to upgrade my phone for over a year now but I have not found a Sprint Android phone that I liked, in terms of the way it looked and the screen size until I saw the Victory.

chud says:

Optimus G, please.
Thank you =)

arsenic53 says:

I would love the Lg Optimus G because my galaxy nexus needs to be replaced. And I don't have the money to upgrade to a newer phone. Happy Holidays to everybody at Android Central!

END says:

My sister really needs a new phone.
Optimus G please.


gelnd says:

Mach please! I'd like to try out that keyboard.

14n3 says:

Sign me up!!!

pacha248 says:

Optimus G because of the quad-core :)

LG Optimus G, or the LG Optimus 4x HD, or the LG Nexus 4. It would be nice to have anyone of those devices.

poppeycole says:

My sister upgraded our family's CRT tv to a flatscreen last year for my birthday. She will be upgrading our dsl to FIOS now that our mom has learned how to use youtube. She is getting our dad his first smartphone (iphone because he's old). However, she plans to stick with her blackberry curve until she thinks she can "splurge" on a smartphone. Please help her make it all the way to this century with the Photon Q.

Jordan2348 says:

Optimus G, baddest of the bunch!

kpasgma says:

I could use a LG Optimus G, but will take any one of the 4. As a developer, it is hard to get a hold of different devices to ensure compatibility.

kururuko says:

What a great way to start a new year?!

JWVig82 says:

Samsung Galaxy Victory, love samsung, still kicking around my old S2.

quigs1 says:

Not sure I know the difference, but everyone says LG Optimus G, so I will say the same. This would be for my little boy who has been begging for a phone for over a year. All his friends have iphones and simply cannot go that route. Just could not get an android phone this year. Thanks for the consideration.

JTD121 says:

Optimus G! Because I am seriously considering switching to Sprint. Plus, super awesome phone! says:

The LG Mach looks great! It has a great screen with nice Specs.


dtanderson says:

I would love to win the Galaxy Victory

J K1 says:

Any of them would be nice but not that lucky

twbrooklyn says:

LG Optimus G, because Moto refuses to upgrade my OG Photon!

Bengalerik says:

Optimus please! Want to try a different brand :)

Jeswin Raj says:

LG Optimus G - quadcore and nothing beats it.

sneezy316 says:

the LG Optimus G! Since the N4 is not available.. Happy New Year!

Duc-Tri says:

I would like to have a LG Optimus G please! ;D
Because my HTC One V sucks.... really sucks! :)
I wish I could win one!

I'm eyeing the Photon Q. I love Motorola's build quality and the physical keyboard and smart actions make it a shoe in.

I'm eyeing the Photon Q. I love Motorola's build quality and the physical keyboard and smart actions make it a shoe in.

Dirty1 says:

To the Small King of the North--Victory Please

madmanuel says:

Big fan of the Optimus G. Great screen & processor!

David Myers1 says:

I would love to have an Optimus G to replace my Nexus S!

Sacshop says:

LG primus G

hurrikaine1 says:

Why thank you AC, I'd love a LG Optimus G for free! I read your reviews & it sounds like a great phone, for me to k.i.t. With Mom back home... (hey, I'm rhyming lol) and besides I've been very nice this year!

gnieto22 says:

The LG Optimus G is the only device listed that is up to today's standards, so that is my obvious choice. I should be chosen because a true android enthusiast would not only appreciate the underated industry leading technology demonstrated by Google, but also hold a passionate rivalry with it's competitors. That's me!

dcjakez says:

I'd love to get a Optimus G for the fantastic screen, s4 pro, 32gb of on board storage, 13mp camera, all of this makes for a dream android device. Simply put it's the best device on sprint right. What better reason is there to want one other than those listed above and mainly because android central has the best damn android community on the web, and the best resource for anything android!

I would love the opportunity to own the LG Optimus G. It is an incredible phone and would be a blessing to get an upgrade from the Android Gingerbread I am currently running. My wife and I both bought Motorola Photon 4g's February 2012 and will not be eligible for upgrades till next November. I really can't afford a new phone at retail value especially after Christmas. Thanks for the opportunity. It's really great what you guys do.

Angle1555 says:

Would be amazing to win an LG Optimus G!

Would like the Photon Q. My Stratosphere is getting old and clunky, and getting the best Android slider on the market would be fantastico!

Photon Q to replace the spouses dying Evo Shift!

blade86 says:

Motorola Photon Q.

yirmeyahu23 says:

Absolutely the LG Optimus G. I don't really know a good reason to why I should be getting it, but I'm sure we are destined to have what we need.

Cory Myers says:

Hi I would like the Motorola Photon Q unlocked. Too bad it's a crippled world phone, so I hear, with gsm quad band, but a SIM soldered to the motherboard and an unremovable battery. For the nice keyboard, and camera it takes the cake for me.

geoff5093 says:

I'd love the Optimus G! If I switch to sprint, I would want to have the best phone possible!

triangle8 says:

I would take any of them, but the Optimus G is clearly the best of the bunch because of it's quad-core processor and great display. I would give this to my dad who is still soldiering on with the OG Evo.

McFly121 says:

Optimus G for sure. Best phone in that group.

wag375 says:

If I could choose? Optimus G. Considering it'll be free, I'd take what I could get.

Razgriz24 says:

Photon Q. I was a big fan of Blur on the first Photon. That, and I've never won anything from you guys yet.

oddlou says:

Optimus G would be awesome... But any free phone would worm for my sister. :-)

The LG Optimus G because its the slightly bigger brother to the Nexus 4.

iga ld says:

Galaxy Victory, as it is a good stable, feature balanced 4G phone

kenyee says:

LG Optimus G for the screen.

Why happens if everyone wants the same phone? :-)

headcipher says:

Anything would be awesome!

Tappy053 says:

Photon Q, because I miss my original Moto Droid with the keyboard & I've been wanting to switch to Sprint anyway!

murphdsurf says:

Sprint LG Optimus G please. Looks like a superb phone for all my needs.......

Adnan Sana says:

LG Optimus G. Because of its screen size and specs. Looks like it meet my requirements