Research in Motion is continuing to dabble in Android -- and this time its in the device-management game. Announced at BlackBerry World this morning in Orlando, RIM announced that it expects to incorporate secure device management for Android devices and tablets in conjunction with its BlackBerry Enterprise Express Server and recent purchase of mobile device management company ubitexx.

Before you scoff too much, device management -- an IT department's ability to ensure the security of its fleet of devices -- is one of the major features that's been keeping Android from the enterprise environment (aka that cubicle farm you spend most of your time). This is separate from the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running Android apps, and it's actually something we're kind of looking forward to. Here's how RIM describes it in its press release:

The multi-platform BlackBerry Enterprise Solution will be comprised of optional architectural components based on the configuration of an organization’s mobile deployment and their operational needs. Optional components will include BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express for BlackBerry devices, and a separate, secure device management server for Android and iOS devices (based on the foundation of ubi-Suite from ubitexx). It will be possible to deploy multiple components in a virtualized environment on a single server.

So, all you working stiffs out there, if your company doesn't currently support Android devices for business, that might soon change.

Source: CrackBerry; More coverage: TiPb


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RIM to provide enterprise tool for secure management of ... Android devices?


I said this a year ago. RIM could make a mint allowing 3rd party phones on their BES. Hell, possibly more than schlepping phones.

COMPLETELY agree here. RIM should get out of the phone business alltogether and sell appliance servers instead.

OK, you're hearing it here first... :) I predict that in 3-5 years RIM will stop making phones and port all their software over to Android and iOS. They have shown that they are unable to keep up with the hardware in their phones, so software is the only place they have an advantage. BIS/BES on Android and iOS anyone? BBM? Blackberry messaging, in general?

Good move for RIM. Hopefully they realize that they are spread too thin by making multiple phones, on multiple carriers and ultimately multiple OS. Trying to do too much in a very competitive marketplace. Google only does Android OS, and leaves the hardware to professionals and Apple only has 1 product to worry about. How many different Blackberries are there available even on the same carrier? They will probably always have some sort of halo super phone, but it will be like the Nexus series and they will shop it out.

This is a good move by RIM all around. It keeps them relevant to the younger crowd who want something different and it keeps them in business.