Rhapsody for AndroidRhapsody for Android

We've been waiting for Rhapsody to come to Android for what seems like months and months because, well, it has been. The wait is all but over, folks. A beta app is now available directly from Rhapsody -- no official app in the Android Market yet -- at www.rhapsody.com/android/download. Head on over in your phone's browser (though check the instructions first; you'll need to accept apps from "unknown sources" first), get your download on, and let us know how it goes. [via Mobilecrunch]


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Rhapsody beta now available


Trial version sucks. All I'm getting in the free trial are snippets and "previews" of the songs I search for with prompts to purchase the songs. Does the paid version give you complete songs?

Awesome! I know a lot of people don't like Rhapsody, but I love it. I had it for a little while on my iPhone. Funny thing is, I was just talking about it with my son, who now has the iPhone. I opened up Android Central, and there it was. Thanks for letting us know.

Pretty cool. VERY sluggish on artist search though, then ok for everything else. jdmoore81, make sure you are signed in. Trial is giving me full songs. Will probably keep this :)

Rhapsody is great. I have had an account for years and I love it. Aside from the search being a little sluggish this is a very nice app.

Just got the beta yesterday. Have only briefly played with it over phone's speaker, but on HTC Droid Eris (Verizon) seems to work pretty well and pulled up all my library and playlists pretty quickly. I thought the interface worked pretty decently as well for finding my artists/albums/etc.

I'll have to explore more, but I am VERY stoked, as all of my music since a year or two ago is on Rhapsody now! Buying 2-4 albums a month on iTunes was just getting too expensive, I much prefer up to 100's of new albums for $14.95 a month!!!

I got into the Beta and have loved it so far. I've been a Rhapsody subscriber for years and love it. There's just no way I could justify buying as much music as I want to listen to so that's why I've been on their subscription for so long. I did have a Blackberry Storm and used the downloading to get my songs on that. When I was thinking about getting my new Motorola Droid I checked to make sure Rhapsody would be there at least eventually, otherwise it just wouldn't be worth if for me. But now that I have my Droid I realize it WOULD have been worth it to make the switch, even without Rhapsody, but now that I got in the Beta I don't have to worry about it.

Works great! I have been using Rhapsody to go for 2 years now and love it. I am glad to see it on my Android Phone, now I only have to carry one device.