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A lot of folks have signed up for the Rhapsody beta test, and now version 2.0 is available for all in the Android Market. Rhapsody has been trying to work out any kinks within the app itself and thus far has done a pretty good job. A few new features are included with this build:

  • Download and offline playback of your playlists!
  • Download playlists and manage your downloads through the My Playlists menu.
  • New toolbar with download and other options on the playlist screen.
  • Offline mode displaying unique UI and available menu items.
  • Settings: Clear Pending Downloads from the My Playlists menu; Force Offline Mode or Remove All Downloads from the Settings screen.
  • A completely refreshed user interface.
  • Artist Radio available right from the Artist screen, and a new "Search Artist Stations" option.
  • High-resolution album art (when available for specific releases).

Despite all the new additions and bug fixes added to the latest release, a few known issues do still exist so keep that in mind when deciding to use it. You can read the full change log and known issues via the Rhapsody website. If you want to give it try, the download link can certainly be found after the break. [Rhapsody]


Reader comments

Rhapsody for Android 2.0 available now


Thank god, this was so long coming. Rhapsody is awesome, and the iOS app was good enough, but the Android Beta was GARBAGE. 30 second song previews, constant disconnects, making you log back in, etc. Hope this is much better.

Also, its annoying they made this a separate app you have to go search for.

This wouldn't be an Android app thread without the obligatory "OMG THERE'S NAO WIDGET *RAGE QUIT*" comment.

Kudos to droid man...very well put. It's Beta 2, not finished product, people.

That aside, this is a huge step up. Offline works well. Playlists sync very intuitively. Looking forward to future enhancements, but this is enough to make me renew my previously-canceled subscription.