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See this, looks pretty sweet doesn't it? Would look great rolling around the office, or even at home wouldn't it? Well, from September, and if you work at Google, you could be in luck. 

This remote controlled, inflatable Android mascot is the work of Bladez Toys, and is awaiting the approval of the mighty Google. It will go on sale initially only to Google staff, as a kind of trial run to gage the items popularity before any possible release to joe public. 

The unit sits at 65cm tall, will go forwards and backwards, and can spin through 360-degrees left or right. There's also the ability to control upto three at any one time. Your own personal, little Android army. Expected price is around £45/$70, but you know what, that doesn't matter. I'd love one of these to roll around my house, how about you guys? 

Source: Pocket-lint

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Tsudeily says:

I'd definitely play with one.

jbern8 says:

Can I control it with my phone?

This infringes on the simple, beautiful, revolutionary inflatable remote-controlled Apple, doesn't it?

We should get some Lloyd ones made up and beat them to release. :P

scaots says:


Rockem'Sockem' Droids !

glazedfaith says:

That's awesome, and would be so for exactly one battery charge. This product is doomed. Now, don't get me wrong...I will have one, and I'll regret the purchase on day number two.

Time to check eBay.

These are the kind of things you buy from HSN or QVC at 3AM.

mcduffer says:

Apple just filed suit claiming the Android looks like a "green apple"....Fuck you crApple!

tlo07 says:

If I can program it to bring me a cold beer from the fridge, count me in...


DrDoppio says:

When is the inflatable Gynoid going on sale?