Lenovo IdeaPad K1

The Lenovo IdeaPad K1 is one of the latest Android tablets to be introduced, and I'm thinking it may have been worth the wait. It's a Tegra 2 packing Honeycomb tablet, from a name everyone knows, and it manages to be on the thin side while still providing a microSD card slot and HDMI port.  If you need the connectivity, and still want something stylish and light, the IdeaPad K1 just might be the ticket.  And you can enter to win one in Nvidia and Android Central's Tegra Madness giveaway!

Winning one is easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the contest thread, and you're entered.  Each contest runs for 24 hours (midnight to midnight, Eastern Time), and we'll pick the winner at random, then announce them all in one big blog post next Sunday (Sep. 18).  Good luck to all, and be sure to enter all week!

Win a Lenovo IdeaPad K1

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roblee37 says:

i just want to win..

kberger4 says:

Count me in!

impulse89 says:

hell, its a tablet! Count me in!

El Jefe says:

OK. You guys all understand that the winner won't be chosen from here, right?

Try reading the story. "Winning one is easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the ***contest thread***, and you're entered."

Here is the contest thread:

bombaju says:

lenovo products are great I want to win!

SpookDroid says:

Wow! First page of posts! Yei!!! And I'm second post!!! I want to win, too, by the way :D

npickle says:

luck be a lady tonight!

walther1337 says:

Sweetness. Want in!

hoonigan says:

Crossing my fingers

metro39 says:

Pick me......Pick me! Please!

mpaul4 says:

Good luck to me!

ppedulla says:

Count me in! I'd like one too please.

whitenessj says:

Did I win yet??

Phergy says:

Looks like a sweet tablet. I would love to get my hands on one.

Burz says:

Pick me please thank you

Lito187 says:


Scott500 says:

Count me in...thank you!

crackbob says:

I'm in!

davidforseth says:

Need one bad!!!

ChiuOnThis says:

Maybe this time I will get lucky.

Drucifer007 says:


BigTex says:

Pick me! Pick me!

mitch10 says:

This would be nice replacement for the Galaxy Tab I lost.

kaeruil says:

Count me in as well.

Auro says:

Please pick me.... :D

Tons of folks with 1 post in the thread... Hopefully someone with a little more time under their belt will win... like say... Me? :)

36dbldz says:

I'm down like Charlie brown

campanth says:

Would really like one of these...

jamesrmca1 says:

I am really ready to win something after entering these types of contests. In the Past, I enter, I lose, I enter, I lose...well, NOT THIS TIME..(I hope) Hook me up with a tablet PLEASE.....

apgrovas says:

Please pick me ...my laptop is HUUUUGE and this would save me from a massive hernia when traveling :-)

sentinelly says:

Awww sweeett! Hope i win this pad . Looks awsome .
Levono its doing some great workk... .

brandonm928 says:


sgastel says:

It will be mine..

CIMYA89 says:

I would luv to win this....been wanting one forever for school.

wushugene says:

Lenovo is a great choice

Win Win Win Please!!!!

brycenull says:

I am in. Hopefully i can win

pbolton says:

Count me in I would love one!

Sailmaker says:

I'm Still an animal for Nvidia and Android Central. Pick me & I'll add Lenovo to my animal zoo!

tlds says:

It would be so cool to win such a cool prize. The Nvidia chipset looks like it is very fast and I'd love to have one for myself. I need a tab to do some couch computing.

rnr-tnt1 says:

Want to win.

1LoudLS says:

please AC, keep feeding my addiction!!!!!!!
I've got a fever, and the only medicine is more ANDROID

drt777 says:

Pick me, please!

madcow1048 says:

In IT TO WIN it....my kids need a movie box for the road and I'm not buying another crappy portable dvd rig.

KC8UTQ says:

Android Central ROCKS! Enter me to win.

raffavet says:

Android central, you may now pronounce me in

Android central is awesome. I want one. I want one. I want one.

Godpir says:

Dibbs, I now claim this in the name of me.

Dueddums says:

Chosen at random! Ok androidcentral thats what we will tell them when i win!!!!!

uiucryan says:

me please

joshnaugle says:

I definitely want in on this!

I will gladly pay you tomorrow for and android tablet today

Barron513 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner!

bulvine420 says:

Count me in a Bionic and a free tab that would keep me busy for a while.

I 'THINK' I may, I 'THINK' I might win this Lenovo THINK pad on Sunday night.

would love to have this for travel.

pepronne says:

Winning would make my year! This tablet is awesome!

rudejamaican says:

Would make a great gift for my daughter to use at school, she loves google Body and a table would be great. thanks in advance

xmi says:

Will I be the lucky one today?!?!?!

farhan001 says:

58th comment

acginzo says:

I want one Please

I want this one!

greentj says:

I hope I'm the winner!

elmatatan says:

pick me please, pick meee

von11 says:

Another day, Another Try.

ehernandez says:

I never know who wins? I think this is a scam to see how desperate people are for free stuff hahaha


6 words....Please? :-)

rahilanath says:

I would like to win pweeze!

SeanBest says:

Oh ohh ... pick me!

BlueGoldAce says:

Count me in.

darelllm says:

I can't wait.

zimme71 says:

Lenovo rocks! I would totally dig the new tablet and own the best!

ryanp098 says:

give it to me!

Gustav_4 says:

I can't get enough android

ngiaquinto says:

I love all things Lenovo. This would be a wonderful addition to my X 61 tablet. What would I do with my HTC Flyer... There is always ebay.

ktracho207 says:

I Want to Win it ....

the4ofusjax says:

Need a great tab for movies

slickjames says:

My daughter needs a tablet badly!

pastapapa50 says:

This will be a great tablet for me. Thanks for picking me.

Contractor6 says:

Let this be my lucky night! Count me in

kbaggs says:

I'll take it.

moonhunter says:

Me !! its mine !

pyroguy57#AC says:

Well of course you can count me in!!

Parrah says:

Would love to get my hands on this device! Thanks for the chance!!

Ningboren says:

It's Lenovo, i really like this type of UI.

ian628 says:

Yeah! Get me one!

altezza03 says:

would love a tablet....

Droid Stew says:

Tegra 2 + Honeycomb = gimmie one!

Bud90 says:

I want one too!

Rmgreen says:

I'll take this please!

pdiddyfan says:

All mine...

mbaker911 says:

Me too

the gator says:

would like

I'm in!

amusick#AC says:

I'm in

carp717 says:

Count me in. I need this to be cooler.

bgall021 says:

Did I win yet?

JayFreshly says:

I want a tablet sooo bad! A free one would be NICE!!! :)

fkpalm says:

Looks like a nice tablet just purchased the acer A100 and it will be great to give this one to wife so she can dump the Ipad

Please pick me

cmcmyers says:

Tegra 2... Tegra 2 plz............!!! =)

google123 says:

I can haz Lenovo K1? Please?

Let me win this time, Phil.

Catalyst#AC says:

The countless entries to win a tablet, maybe this could be the one. Pick ME please :)

Catalyst#AC says:

The countless entries to win a tablet, maybe this could be the one. Pick ME please :)

asif ali says:

This contest is the only apparent way that I can hold a Tegra 2 device in my hands, because otherwise I cant afford them right now being unemployed.

krx100 says:

Oh lord, please oh please oh please let me win the Idea Pad.
If I win, I will use it at my work (hospital) to help my patients.

AlinG says:

I like the K1

Verso says:

Another awesome tablet! Really want it! Tegra 2 burns!

swanbad says:

I believe that I am too late for this one. Good luck everyone!

rwsst12 says:

This would be a nice tool for me both at work and at school. Wish i could have one!

kevin5377 says:

Just gives me a reason do ditch my ipad!

big-red says:

i feel lucky

umarfaruk says:

i'm in? please add me :)

Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!

TheNicky2031 says:

A Lenovo Tablet would look pretty sitting next to my Lenovo laptop :)

sunads says:

Count me in...

n25philly says:


rfdesign21 says:

Lenovo K1, I am in.

blunt420 says:

Winner winner chicken dinner

Beer, Beef, Bacon, Football and Android! Go Lloyd Go!!!

Me me me me

flyguydip says:

I posted last night, but it doesn't look like the post stayed :(

jginder says:

I want to win!

tbaptista says:

This is a sweet contest! Love to check out an IBM product.

jginder says:

I want one, please!

Droidxy says:

Please pick me! I want one.


am i too late?

eander315 says:

Me me me!

Braun00 says:

me too

I really love Lenovo. HOpe I can win it.

h3seaking says:

Just pick me, already.

Sawerin says:

my fingers need practice and this is the best way to make them work!

naihochow says:

pick me!!!!

billr says:

I'd love to have one of these babies!

carpdeeem says:

Count me in!

ngiaquinto says:

Would be an awesome mate to my x61 tablet. I love Lenovo products. Anyone want to buy an HTC Flyer if I win?

Vetdoctor says:

Me think win.

Hatshepsut says:

I'd love to win this.

designgal75 says:

I would love one!

ngiaquinto says:

Ok... So by now I think it is known that really want one. What better than this to go with my Lenovo x61 tablet.

dabrandt says:

Yes please

tami1121 says:

I would LOVE to win the Lenovo IdeaPad K1!!!!!!

ngiaquinto says:

Please and thank you. I would live one as a companion to my Think Pad x61 tablet.