Remember The Milk

Redone interface, new widgets and full tablet support all in one update

Popular to-do list app Remember The Milk has just updated in the Play Store with a completely redesigned and improved user interface. The basic interface of the app new follows what it is calling a "card stack concept", which Android users should be familiar with as sliding panels that show/hide information when it is needed. The interface is smooth and intuitive, with the added bonus of scaling extremely well for tablets. This version 3.0 release focuses on having a tablet-specific design that looks great all the way up to the 10-inch screen.

The update goes beyond just the main app as well. Users running Android 4.1 and above will enjoy expandable and actionable notifications, which give you more information and let you "complete" or "postpone" tasks right from the notifications pane. The entire set of widgets has received a facelift as well. You can grab a download of the latest redesigned free version from the link at the top of this post.

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dmcincubus says:

Where the fuck you guys been?! I feel dirty. Been going to androidpolice all day today for news.

dmcincubus says:

...... And i feel dumb. Didn't realize the S4 review was stickied at the top.

one80oneday says:

Prefer out of milk

MC_A_DOT says:

Google Keep FTW

deadlock4400 says:

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Thanks for the post with lots of inside details.

yeah it's very good apps.

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