Walgreens Mobile app gets prescription barcode scanning.

Feeling a bit under the weather, have a Walgreens prescription you need filled, and wish that Android powered device of yours could magically fill said prescription?  Well, it can't produce any pills or nasal spray, but the Walgreens Mobile app can do the next best thing.  By simply scanning the prescription's barcode, you can alert the folks at the Walgreens pharmacy that you're out of pills, and need a fix.

If you don't roll with barcode scanning, you can also fill your prescriptions based on account history.  By entering either your account number, or prescription number, the Walgreens Mobile app will notify Walgreens pharmacists that your prescription is empty, and needs to be refilled.  And then once it's ready, you'll receive an SMS notification -- pretty slick.  Now to just get out of the same sick clothes you've been wearing for three days, comb your hair, and drive all the way to your nearest Walgreens -- something else the Walgreens Mobile app will assist you with.

The Walgreens Mobile app also features a flu shot & store locator, photo print ordering, and weekly ad fliers.  This is actually a pretty robust app for a retail/pharmacy chain, and I'd like to see this level of usability from other retailer apps. Download links are after the break.  [Walgreens]


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Refill your Walgreens prescriptions with Walgreens Mobile app


Remind me again why everything that could just be done on a website/web browser has to have an associated "app"?

There might be better security in an app like this than in a web browser.

(Although without looking at the traffic stream there's no way of knowing, and my money is that this app simply talks to the same web server the browser would use.)

But basically I agree there are a lot of cookie cutter apps out there where they develop it once, and put another companies name on it and put it in the market. Seems like every big newspaper and TV station has their own app.

Sooo nice!! Thanks for the tip guys. I had to refill my prescription today and instead of having to enter a bunch of numbers into a telephone and listening for stupid prompts I just scanned my prescription bottle and hit refill! ! ! @crxssi my scanner function doesnt work on my browser... That's why..

Can you display coupons on your screen to the cashier, or do you still have to clip them out of the ads?

I actually had to run to CVS once while at work, and had a coupon that I got in an email earlier that day but hadn't printed out yet. They refused to accept the coupon displayed on my phone, even though it had the entire image, barcode and everything. They insisted that they could only take a paper version. $5 I didn't save, oh well.

Ok now I'm mad. Has anyone tried the photo section. The only part I would really use but I can't figure out how or if you can upload pics from the SD to the app. If I can't do that this app is just wasting space. No app2sd either.

I did this last week and it worked great... but it said for me to wait a day so I showed up hour later and they rushed it in for me.