Recon Instruments Snow2If you're looking for something a little more rugged than Google Glass to take skiing or snowboarding, know this: Recon Instruments has just released its Snow2 heads-up display. This little Android-based guy fits inside a compatible set of goggles and displays a number of items, including your speed, analysis of any jumps you might do, altitude, distance, navigation, buddy tracking, phone calls and texts, and serves as a music controller.

It's maybe more Borg than Google Glass sexy, but it's also much cheaper and more suited to flying down the slopes. Snow2 itself runs $399. You can pair it with a set of goggles for another $150. It also can be had right now, whereas the sunglasses-friendly Recon Jet has been delayed.


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Recon Instruments' Snow2 HUD hits slopes starting at $399


Personally, I would use texting and calling on the chairlift; I know too many people who have dropped phones and gloves

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Part of Snowboarding for me is getting away and enjoying the mountain, not sure I would want texting, calls etc... the gps features and friend locator would be nice but I assume they need this setup as well to use that feature... I am fine with our 2 way radios.