Sexting outage

Yeah, yeah. You can argue about public safety all you want. But when Sprint's SMS service gets a little wonky (like it has been today), we know why you're really in a hurry to get things up and running again.


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The real crisis when Sprint's SMS service goes down


Most people text my Google Voice number anyway, so I don't know if mine is working or not.

That said, wouldn't this mess with VVM also, since Sprint relies on SMS for the VVM app notification and download?

I used SMS and MMS both a little today in San Jose and was OK.

BTW, I think "wonky" means something like "nerdy" or expert in a field, and is often used in the contact of politics. A politician is a wonk or is wonky if he/she is steeped or expert in policy and law. A better word here might be "funky". Hey, maybe I'm some kind of wonk for detailing this.

Issues were at least happening in Houston. Checked on Facebook and friends on the Sprint network were all complaining. Seems to be somewhat normal now.

Had sms problems earlier only on the EVO 4G, EVO 3D is and was good.

4G data has been very "wonky" for well over a week on both devices though

That explains a lot, was getting only parts of multi-part messages, delays in texts, and even got one text that says it was sent 4 hours in the future. (In central east Florida)

Texts of mine listed as 'sent but not received' in St. Louis to a WI number (also in St. Louis). Optimus S to iPhone.

Mine was out for a bit this morning, San Francisco/Bay Area, CA. Error on android device was "network setup error"

There was a Big issue in Northern Part of Idaho since June 20 till July 2 with my wife Shift 4g so on the 2nd I went into the Message setting of the app then MMS then Connection Settings then Clear out MMS Proxy and then MMS port then Reboot phone and it should work. If your phone was part of the GB update you will be able to do this.

I hope this helps you all out I know it works on the HTC Shift 4G

Did anyone have issues with getting the same text multiple times then getting a sms error when trying to send sms? I ask because my epic was fine but my 2.3 evo was doing this so I went to the store after tech support spent hours trying to fix it with no mention of an outage. The tech at the store then told me there were issues with a small amount of 2.3 evos and he gave me a new phone and its been fine since.

I haven't noticed any issues here in Massachusetts, but I use GO SMS Pro and maybe that bypasses SMS? Don't know.

My evo GB update has been very ish lately, and it's driving me crazy. You'd think for such a popular phone on sprint they would have put out fixes for stuff like the spotty 4g, slow messaging, missing N on wifi, and random other errors.

I miss root :C

also, no sms problems here in southern CA, but plenty of 3g and 4g connectivity issues.

in niagara falls ny still having problems had to deactivate phone now cant reactivate it on network or came calls, get data or tx smh

Mine was down for like 2 hrs. in MD... i was in the middle of setting up a late lunch meeting... ugh! instead, i had to eat with my coworker...

Haven't had any issues with text all day....i'm ova in Hawaii....that sucks that other states have had problems for most of the day....

Here in Puerto Rico I had problems around 2pm eastern time, couldn't send txts and got an error message when I tried... Was working fine a few hours later tho, around 5pm.