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New free listening option will hopefully build a user base that can convert to paying subscribers

Streaming music service Rdio is opening up its "Stations" radio service to everyone starting today, meaning that you'll no longer need to pay a subscription to use the base level service. Much like Pandora and Spotify, Rdio is now lowering the entry point for its service to everyone, giving unlimited listening of randomized stations — based on artists, albums, genres or tracks — for free. Stations are now free in the US, Canada and Australia, and at the moment are ad-free as well.

To coincide with Stations going free, the Rdio app has also received a few new features that help tweak your listening experience. In the new Stations, you can now "tune" the station to be more adventurous with its selections or more strictly stick to one artist. There are also new playlist views if you're a paying subscriber.

Just as you would expect, Rdio is hoping that by building its user base with a free radio option it can transition some portion of those new customers into paying subscribers eventually. In a market that has several big players above it, Rdio should be willing to give a few new things a try.

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Rdio 'Stations' now free in hopes of challenging Spotify and Pandora


I am getting 30 second clips unless I'm on a trial or subscribe. Wished they can throw in commercials or something so it can truly be free

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Between Last.fm, Slacker, TuneIn, etc. I stick with TuneIn, no BS hassle and you can even get your local radio station even when you're not in that region.

i was a big fan of TuneIn back in the day but now Pandora has me spoiled. i don't want to listen to stupid DJ's endlessly yacking and joking and thinking they're funny. i don't want to listen to stupid skits and pranks. i don't want to listen to long sets of stupid commercials. just play the F'ing music!

Between what I've used, I prefer slacker. It tends to play more similar music to what I chose unlike Pandora which changes genres completely. Haven't tried Spotify or Rdio.

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Good stuff, I was getting tired of 10 minute mail subscriptions every two weeks...

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I've been a Pandora listener, but am giving this a shot. Created an account and listening online. Downloaded the App, but it knows I am listening elsewhere. Will use the App when I venture out tomorrow.

What the hell is it only the smartphone app where you can listen to unlimited music? And the website is only 30 second clips? Fucking lame!

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