Yay - Rayman has arrived this week for Android. If you are looking for a fun, fast and colorful game then Rayman Jungle Run is well worth considering. It does come with a price tag I'm afraid of $2.99/£1.99 but in the last 24 hours since I have been playing it I would say its money well spent.

Rayman has been around for years on other platforms, and hugely successful. I see no reason why that shouldn't continue with the Android platform. With wonderful, catchy background music, bright, smooth and vivid graphics the game is super fun. You guider Rayman through various worlds collecting treats along the way. Each world will give you an extra power so for example in World one you will just be able to jump but once in world two you can jump and fly thanks to the blades on Rayman's head.

Features of the game include:

  • Beautiful graphics
  • New worlds to discover
  • New powers to unlock
  • Captivating music
  • Smooth touch-based controls
  • Exclusive wallpapers to unlock for your device

Don't think. Just play.


Reader comments

Rayman Jungle Run hands on video - this is fun!


Yes it is. Very smooth running on many of my devices. I am impressed now only if others could achieve this type of quality.

LOVE this game. I was weary about the slightly higher price, but this is worth at least $5...game is boss lol

That's my thinking as well. While I think quality games are easily worth more than $.99, I've got such a backlog of games that I got on sale for pennies-on-the-dollar that I don't have a reason to buy games at full price.


Nintendo 3DS, also known as a real gaming system with a proper Rayman game on it called Rayment Origins. Look it up, you'll never play a smartphone game again.

You might have forgotton the link to the Play Store. Not that it's hard to go track it down, but out of convenience for your readers, it's typical to include the link, and the QR code.

Anyone know whats up with this not being compatible with the one s?? One of the best phones on the market, shares same graphics as the one x.... VERY CAPABLE... what gives?

this is one hellava game! games like these just make the tablet and smartphone experience that much better!