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If you're in the market for a new smartphone on AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, and aren't afraid to sign a new contract you might want to check out Radio Shack before you spend your cash.  They're running a holiday promotion where they give away free phones (including some Android handsets) with a new agreement, and the list of devices changes every week.  This week's offerings (good until Dec. 10) include the HTC Inspire 4G, the HTC Status, and the LG Phoenix for AT&T; the LG Marquee, the Kyocera Milano, the Samsung Conquer 4G, the Samsung Transform Ultra, and LG Optimus S for Sprint; and the Samsung Stratosphere and LG Enlighten for Verizon.

Remember the list changes every week, so if you've had you eye on a particular model you'll have to grab it while it's on sale.  Might be a great way to get a Facebook phone or a QWERTY LTE phone without any out-of-pocket cash.  Hit the break for the comparison charts for this week, and for more info, visit Radio Shack Wireless.

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Radio Shack offering free phones for the holidays, new selection each week


>"Radio Shack offering free phones for the holidays"

OK, my usual posting about the word "Free". There is nothing "Free" about the phones. You get a financed phone with no down payment. If that is "Free", then I will sell you my car for "Free", just a $300 payment each month for the next 5 years...

I wish the FTC would stomp out the misuse of the word "free".

Sorry to say this, you're completely wrong. The monthly payments after signing the contract aren't for the phone, they're for the service. You're getting a free "gift" for signing up to pay them for service for the contract length. The monthly fee would be the same whether you're getting a free Android device, a free feature phone, paying the on-contract price, or paying the full, off-contract price. In no way does that payment go towards the phone.

To use your car analogy, it's like if, say, Shell offered you a free car in exchange for you buying all your gas there for two years. (not a perfect analogy, I know, but as close as I could come up with) A better example would be the cable and satellite companies giving you free equipment, premium channels, or a gift card for agreeing to use their service for two years.

It's not financing, it's a gift. And, as someone who can't afford to go out and pay $600 for the newest Android device every three months, I personally think it's a great thing. It's not without strings, of course, but nothing is.

That's an pretty old RadioShack picture. If you look, the sign in the left window is advertising the RAZR on Cingular. As in, the flip-phone RAZR. So the photo's from between '04 & '07.