Carbon backup

Carbon (the backup app) is a kick ass way to backup and restore apps and their precious data on your Android phone or tablet. It's simple, looks great, works even better, and doesn't need root or any fancy hocus-pocus to get it to work. We think it's the way Google should have done it. The free version works great, backing up all your data to the device, but the premium version takes things a step further by placing all your data in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or account. Yay the cloud!

There's one thing that could make it better, and that's getting a free Carbon Premium code. Koush hooked us up with 20 of them to give away, and here's your chance. Comment on this post, telling everyone what data you need to back up, and sometime after midnight (Eastern time) we'll pick 20 winners. No muss, no fuss.

If you're not sure because you haven't tried Carbon backup just yet, now is the time. Hit the Google Play link above and see why everyone is loving this one.


Reader comments

Quick contest: Win one of 20 Carbon (backup) unlock codes


I would love an easy way to backup my pics, data, files, etc. I just went through a "brick" event and had to send in my tablet to get scraped - having carbon would have saved a lot of work.

Probably all of my photos, settings, and appa. Ive lost a ton of data over the years, and Id love to backup my phone's data just in case something happens (they often do)

good luck everyone!

Probably all of my photos, settings, and appa. Ive lost a ton of data over the years, and Id love to backup my phone's data just in case something happens (they often do)

good luck everyone!

Probably all of my photos, settings, and appa. Ive lost a ton of data over the years, and Id love to backup my phone's data just in case something happens (they often do)

good luck everyone!

Probably all of my photos, settings, and appa. Ive lost a ton of data over the years, and Id love to backup my phone's data just in case something happens (they often do)

good luck everyone!

Game data!
Other apps data usually auto-sync after I log into my account. I only need to backup my game data when transferring device or performing a factory reset.
I think Carbon backup suits me more than Titanium backup because of 1) simpler functionality and control, more user-friendly; 2) Holo-theme, conforming to Google's ICS+ design guideline. In a word, Carbon contains and ONLY contains the functions I desire, without tons of complicated options to burden my mind (as Titanium backup does).

I want to backup my ROM Manager settings. ;-)
Especially, the in-app purchase for unlocking the Premium version, if I ever get it working again.

Seems like a beautiful alternative to TiBackup/DataSync all wrapped up in one. I'd love to win a code! Good luck everyone :)

Data sync for game saves between my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 would be awesome. If Google will not bake this into Android then this will have to fill the gap.

Wow, hope you've got lots of help Jerry because there's allot of people that want this.
Count me in though, wouldn't mind syncing data between my N4 and N7, especially games...

Good luck to all that have entered.

because I'm such a hoard junkie this would do me quite nicely with all my games and photos. especially when games like dark knight is a whopping 1.81 gb. please pick me

I want to backup my gaming data and accounts+settings associated with my applications all without having to use Titanium Backup!

I backup home screen data from apex. I hate redoing that every time I put a ROM on or something.

I need to backup all my apps and data to my cloud drives, so I can sync to other devices later. A code would be soooooo great... Koush is awesome with android programming, make a GREAT APP here!!!!!!

I'd like one! This app looks like it should be pre-loaded on every android device. I'd be backing up game files because I flash a lot.

I don't know how many times I've had to start over on my games when I change devices. Google needs an app data backup solution A.S.A.P. Good thing for carbon to come save the day. Oh... I guess that would be my game data lol.

Ok my 2 catches to this is.. I'm always damn late for these comps and i never win! haha but anyway, So i flash my S3 a fair bit to stay ahead of the Android versions rather than waiting for it to arrive months later in australia. I would love to backup all my app data because as i learnt afew weeks back, google backup doesnt.. =(( so my apps such as airdroid, my telstra stuff etc all were back to default.

I definitely need to backup all my game data. So much Angry birds star wars would be lost without it.

I would love to win i need to back up all my apps, music, photos and having all that stored and be able to back up with just one app is amazing. I have seen many reviews about the app and its amazing

I backup all my apps on my Galaxy Nexus just in case. Same with my iPad. Most of time I don't have to worry because it's nothing important but it does make it more convenient in case I have to. I have pictures saved with Instant Upload but that doesn't help with the app data with switching ROMS.

I have a two year old daughter who likes to play various games on my phone when we are out and about (Kids Connect the Dots, Toddler Tapping Zoo and others)...the problem is that I often forget to re-install these when I install a new ROM.

Using Carbon to backup and sync with my Galaxy Tab 10.1, which has her apps, is a great way to make sure I can load the apps (with data) while we are on the go.

Would love to have my Game data, mainly Plauge inc and Hill climb racer, synced between my iconia tablet and my S3.

Thanks AC and KD

I would want to backup my app data, game saves, and the apps themselves. It's annoying losing your AB progress. -_-

I'd love to win a code! I have loved Carbon from the betas, and can't wait to unlock the Play version's full potential!

I want to backup game and app info. There is nothing worse and beating Angry Birds and then having to start from the beginning when your kid wipes your phone or tablet.

Need to back up my app data but must important I need to back up my workout data and sync it between my phone and tablet.

Carbon is really an amazing app! I would love the paid version to back up all my gaming data and sync them between my devices!!! Nothings worse than having to play the same level on angry birds multiple times on multiple devices to get my 3 stars! :D Thx AC, you're the best!!

Don't get me wrong, I love Titanium Backup, but the fact that it requires you to store your files on your phone's internal storage makes it a little tough to stomach when you don't have an external SD card to expand your storage with (Nexus 4). Carbon Backup looks like a great option to me!

I'd love to be able to sync any app data between my phone and my tablet...
Thank you Koush for developing the app, and AndroidCentral for hosting the contest :)

Pretty much everything?
Specifically I'd like to back up a few of my apps that don't support direct cloud storage yet (I'm looking at you, aCar!)

God, I'd be forever in your debt if I win this.
I'm currently using Carbon, and a few days ago I backed up my Temple Run 2 data to my Dropbox account and my internal storage. Couple days later, I installed a new rom and found out the hard way that my internal storage's backup didn't work(there was a bug on the app that is now fixed), and my only option is to buy the app to recover from Dropbox (have to be a premium owner to recover from cloud).

I've stopped playing Temple Run 2 altogether because of this. I had too much progress there to start again. I almost bought the app because of this.

I need it to sync my saved game data. I have a Nexus 4 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. I am constantly getting further along on my tablet then having to play catch up on the phone.

I need to back up my top secret password to the NORAD nuclear launch codes, my winning lotto numbers, and 3 GB of nude photos of your sister. It would really help if I had a Carbon Pro account so I don't have to do it all by hand...

On my tablet, I am way in level in Temple Run. But when I go back to my phone, I am just starting. Would it be nice if those are sync? (Not the starting part but obviously where I have already invested a lot of coins in Temple Run)

I would like to backup my application from top to bottom with the auwsome power of the cloud, that could be done automatically with the premium account which I WISHED TO GET . Some of the application include games, working applications, social application, entertainment application, games and more more more games.

It be a pretty huge help when ever I flash custom firmware, as all the aps can be recovered with just a click.

The power of carbon cloud rules!

I need a key so that when I need to back up my applications as I move to my next developer phone, it is easy, much like another great backup application we have all come to love. The great perk with this one is that no root is needed. Maybe Google will take the application and fold it into the AOSP tree, who knows. Koush is a great developer. From a fellow developer, I would like to say, Great Job, keep up the good work, and give me m a key.

Oh yea, see you at IO 2013.

Syncing podcast data between phone and tablet so I can easily continue listening to the best Android podcast in the world while on the go!

I need to backup my pr0n, playboy app and all the pictures of my hottie ex!. C'mon Carbon, I need ya bad! :) Thank you!

Want to back up game data and lots of other app data to gDrive so I can easily sync with my Nexus 7 and any other Android device I own in the future.

I downloaded the app yesterday I need to backup all my apps data, etc. I lost my phone 5 days ago and now on my new phone I have carbon but I want The cloud sync!!!!!!

This is a great app. Is so cool to back up everything to the cloud, especially your app data. All my passed levels of bad piggies will thank you :)

I'd love to win a free premium copy. I'd backup everything to the cloud for a potential tablet purchase and for my next upgrade to transfer all my data over. Not to mention custom rom changes.

Game progress, podcast settings, etc. Some of these have manual backups, but man, it would be nice to do it all at once.

I always want to backup my anMoney data - I use this app to keep track of my cashflow. Also like to keep text messages backed up (particularly when changing ROMs). And tags from Shazam.

i'm broke. and i need to backup everything on my android smartphone. my smartphone is running out of space. i have cloud storage but its not an option. and just as i opened up my email.... BOOM! 20 unlock codes to giveaway for my favorite backup app! right on! so please spare 1 for me... asking u from The Philippines. Thank you Koush & AndroidCentral!

I need Carbon for all reasons a rooted user needs backups. But more importantly to share my Granny Smith progress from Nexus 7 to Galaxy Nexus and back again. Its easier to play on the N7 at home but not at work.

I need to backup more apps on my DROID RAZR, ASUS Transformer and HP TouchPad with CM10 than anyone can imagine.

BTW Android Central and Carbon rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having tried the free version, only my lack of an international credit card has stopped me from buying this app. it works beautifully. Getting the ability to backup off device would be sweet.

I would really enjoy a code so I could backup essentially everything on my phone, most importantly my pictures. If my phone was stolen I would be screwed. Pictures are priceless and irreplaceable.

that's sick; koush rocks. i backup everything since i'm constantly flashing new roms..i'm a flashaholic :( went through like 5 Gs3 roms within one week once lol..ugh was awful. but yeah, i'd love to use carbon!

I've been thinking about this for a while. Why doesn't Google/Android have something like this built in because switching between Android phones can be a hassle.
This is great for backing up apps and their data that doesn't require root.
Now people can switch phones without worrying about their game progress being lost, or having to re-setup everything for an app.

When changing ROMS or factory resetting back up is a crucial role for Android devices. Until Carbon there has been no real way to backup App data without root.I use the free edition of Carbon and find it is great. A free version of the Premium edition would make me SMILE!

I'd like to try this out. The regular edition seems fine, but I think cloud syncing between devices is the big feature.

I need to back up literally everything on my N4 and N7, because Google's default automatic backup is useless.

Being a firefighter I use my phone for a lot of work related stuff. The biggest things to back up for me are pictures and videos (unique things in the district, code violations, short training clips filmed out in the field etc.), apps used for training/incident responses and downloaded documents (policies, pre plan info, forms, Incident Command worksheets etc.)

I have a Photon 4G and because the microUSB slot is damaged, I know I won't have long to save everything from total loss. I have a ton of applications and the one my soul loves(My wife :) ) loves playing some games on it and I know that if I am able to save everything, I'll be able to surprise her when everything gets transferred to a new android device in the near future! Thank you for your awesome contests!

I develop my own personal custom ROM and do data wipes frequently. Being able to schedule backups into different categories of apps would help me tremendously, I've lost too many Battleheart saves!!

It would be great to not have to constantly remember to backup my Titanium Backup folder and be able to access it on any of my other devices.

You can never have too many backups when dealing with your personal data.

I think the android to android backup is the best part. I can sync my game saves between devices so I never have to replay an angry birds level again!!!

I need to backup everything from my Galaxy Nexus to my Nexus 7. My game saves are especially important.

I need my game backups saved because with every new rom, i have to start my games all over. i beat angry birds 3 different times and i have nothing to show for it

I need to backup everything, but especially my 3 year Olds games. She gets tired of redoing the same numbers letters and puzzles when I flash new roms.

I need to backup everything, but especially my 3 year Olds games. She gets tired of redoing the same numbers letters and puzzles when I flash new roms.

I need to backup everything on my phone to flash new roms all the time and this would make it much faster and easier

Backing up my game data is so crucial. This was one the Reasons I hated starting over from scratch when I returned my S3 for my Galaxy Note II.

I would back up my application data first and foremost. Apps can be downloaded easily but i lost some useful application data that had no easy means of backup when my Galaxy Nexus took a spill.

I need to back up my photos, primarily. But backing up everything would certainly make upgrading ROMs easier!

If you are a ROM maniac you'll love to restore all the boring acounts and passwords in a touch.... Presto!! All done right.

Yes, Koush knocked it out of the park with this one.
I'd utilize the sync to Box for all my Nexus devices.

I don't always flash ROMs, but when I do, I'd like to use Carbon Premium to back up my apps, app data, preferences, settings and messages.

Longtime iphone user turned android user here. Used my iphone for 5 years, dumped big blue for and reluctantly got my first android (Samsung Galaxy Nexus). That was about a month ago.

Now I'm happily flashing nightly updates for Cyanogenmod 10.1. Would LOVE a free promo code to what sounds like an EXCELLENT backup utility.


My nexus phone died today. I will be overnighted a new nexus. I am backuped with carbon but, need premium to reinstall saved files. Your timing is impeccable.

Thanking you in advance!


I back up everything, at least everything that I can. I need to be able to back up my app data for the apps I use in conjuction with running my business like Cashbook. I'm using the free version which I like but would love to get a license so I can back up to my box or dropbox accounts

Put me on the game data bandwagon. Seriously, I wish we had something like Whispersync on all our games on non Kindle devices.

Notes. So many notes to back up. Plus all the PDF files I keep on here. And work stuff... Man, I'm getting anxiety just thinking about all the data I could lose if something were to happen to my phone...

I lost months of pictures thanks to the 4.2.1 update(and thanks to not backing up my pictures)... Should have had Carbon!

I'd like to backup all my widget apps and everything that needs customization so when I load new roms I can easily restore them.

I would ike to back up all of my game data. I've invested too much time in World of Goo to let that get left behind or lost.

I had recorded a voice mail my Aunt had left me for my birthday with the voice recorder app.I ended up having to do a factory reset while trouble shooting with verizon and lost it.I wish I would have had a way to have backed it up.She passed away from cancer a few months ago and I had been saving that message so I could hear her voice when I missed her.

Thanks Jerry for your quick reply. You guys are awesome.

Since I've lost everything once before and know I've never been able to replace it all especially the pictures of my family I would have to say I would backup everything. Good luck everybody.

I want a backup solution for devices that are not rooted. Also any competition is great for the user not on titanium. thanks!

Would love to have a reliable safe way to backup and restore my apps pictures and videos when installing various roms on my galaxy nexus which has issues with the internal storage wiping the device means losing everything unlike other phones where the pictures stay on a micro sd card safe from a data wipe.

I have an unlocked Verizon Galaxy Nexus and was trying to avoid rooting because of instability with my OG Droid after rooting. After months of frustration and watching every other carrier version pass me by, i have been exceedingly frustrated and ready to take the plunge and flash a custom ROM. The only thing holding me back is the hassle of losing all of my settings and data. Carbon seems like the perfect solution! Please pick me!

I need to backup everything on my phone. I'm always concerned of losing my data no matter how unimportant it is.

Backup of games and important apps and I love the sync feature... nexus s, nexus 4 and nexus 7 all on the same page.. been waiting for this for so long

Marvelous app! I think it woud be marvelous for me to being able to backup my work important data and notes, apps of course and being able to flash without worries of losing or reinstalling everything or dealing with complicated solutions. :D

I would love to back up the pictures I take off Harry and if I decide to start angry birds again from scratch.

backing up my data and syncing between devices is crucial, as i am an IT tech and having multiple devices with me is pretty much the norm. so getting things backed up and synced in a neat and organized way (such as all apps for remote support, etc) will be a HUGE help.

oh, im a Nexus user BTW, Galaxy and N7.

I would use this like crazy. I just installed the free version because of AC's review just a couple of days ago and look forward to trying it out when I get home. Thanks AC.

I will of course use it to backup my apps between messing around with custom ROMs. I already got my Note II running JellyBomb and I've only had it for 5 days. The cloud storage will come in super duper handy since I just got 50GB for free with DropBox for two years because of the Note II.

Even if I don't win, I'm really excited about Carbon. TBPro and Nandroid backups are great for power users, but they aren't something your average person can use easily. I haven't been able to recommend an 'average person' backup tool for all the people I switched over to Android over the past 3 years. But now I do! Finally, Apple users can quit rubbing iCloud in my face because I will have Carbon Premium. Hopefully.

I'm getting a warranty replacement tomorrow for my N4, I'd really like to make a backup of everything before I switch to my new one.

I need to back up everything and the full features of this app are awesome for switching between devices. Please pick me.

I have like 100 apps and I don't wanna root cause I'm waiting for 4.1.2 for T889V and I would exceptionally appreciate this.

My phone (EVO 4G LTE) has basically become my computer so to be able to back up all my documents, pictures, videos, apps, etc to one place would be really awesome. Breaking my phone or having it "brick" would totally suck without having everything backed up.

I'm new to the Android world and one thing i've been looking for is the simplicity of Carbon. Back ups on the cloud is what i've been looking for and they done it in the way it should be done. Awesome app... Now i just need the full version to take the full advantage of it!