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With the pre-Mobile World Congress rumor season in full swing, today sees the emergence of yet another purported device, spec list and image. This time it's the "Motorola Atrix 3", which is being reported on Chinese site Tianjin Daily, after being pulled from The photo shows a relatively plain, buttonless front sporting a Motorola logo and roughly 16:9 aspect ratio screen. However, it's unclear whether this is a concept, a prototype or simply an imagined device. The original picture is a far cry from your usual concept render, and appears to be an actual photograph. Maybe it's real, maybe someone was just really bored and made a model of their dream smartphone.

For what they're worth, the alleged specs include a Tegra 3 processor, a surprising 2GB of RAM, a 720p display, 10MP camera with dual LED flash and a Droid RAZR MAXX-level 3300mAh battery. All plausible (though 2GB of RAM would be a smartphone first), but at the same time unconfirmable. So we're taking this with a pinch of salt for now.

If it is real, though, the "Atrix 3" could go up against rumored Tegra 3 phones like the HTC One X and LG X3, both of which are expected to be unveiled in Barcelona in just over a week's time. We'll be there covering the whole week's events live.

Source: Tianjin Daily (Chinese), Concept-Phones; via: HDBlog (Italian)


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Purported leaked 'Motorola Atrix 3' photo and specs emerge


Then 3 months after the Atrix 3 is released, a new phone with new specs will leak out rumored for 2 quarters later, and people will say "what the Atrix 3 should have been!"

Get real for a second.

But the Nexus was released in November. This phone will maybe be released 6 months later or more even. I would think phones will improve in that much time.

Maybe for you, but I buy a Nexus for the Vanilla Android/Unlocked goodness that is the Nexus line. A blured out phone has nothing on a Nexus when will you spec hors learn this?

After having a g nex and razr....i wouldn't take a blurred out phone too lightly. I no longer have my g nex by the way....

Easy. Just pick a device you like & stick with it until you are elgible for upgrade again. Follow the forums for your device here & over @ XDA if you feel you are missing something on the software side. Yes, better phones will come out than whatever you pick, no matter how long you wait. Its one of the good things about Android; constant innovation & evolution of the platform.

Anyone who is so insecure that they can't deal with someone who uses their OS having a device with better specs should chose an iPhone. That's why they all flock to buy the latest phone on release day, because they know they will have the "best" until Apple releases the next one a year later. Nothing changes in between. They don't realize, however, that it's the main reason that iOS lags behind Android now.

Wow...looks like Moto is trying to corner the market on massive stock batteries.

Nice move.

Today is only the 16th! It seems like MWC is such a long time away! These manufacterers better start including NFC chips in their 2012 smartphones!

Very nice, however, since Moto has not even listed the Razr Maxx on their list of ICS upgrades, hell no with Moto. Good thing its my wife's phone and she will never know. Then there is my Droid X. Wow, still full of bugs and will not see another update. I don't expect ICS for it, but at least fix the MAJOR bugs. Moto, Hell no.

There already are a couple very stable ICS ROMs for the Droid X.

Personally, I am running a Gingerbread ROM (Liberty 3 v2.0) that is amazing & I have no bugs to speak of.

looks a lot like the GN. i hope the screen isn't too big though. bigger is better isn't always great for me. i hope that screen is like 4.5"...

You guys are such losers! I'm already carrying the Atrix 5. I haven't plugged it in since I bought it, and the 5G connection is REALLY sweet! :)

Hellooooooooooooooooo MOTO! . . . I'll tell ya'll this right now. If MOTO is the only one pumping out 3300mah Batteries . . . A Moto Device WILL be my next phone... I'm done playing with these Manufacturers especially HTC with their Rumored 1800mah BS battery

Yet another reason why I hope Google turns Motorola around... I would've waited a few more months to get a Nexus with those specs & Virgin ICS!!! Same thing happened last year.. Nexus S released, then 3 months later The original Atrix released with specs that embarrassed the Nexus S in every aspect.. Posted from my Gnex..

Virgin ICS? Why do folks have this delusion about Google pumping out Stock phones through MOTO? It will nEVER HAPPEN... they've said that multiple times.... And it will cause nothing but backlash by other OEMS

Why will it never happen??? All OEMs get to a chance to submit their device for a bid at the Nexus. I've had a Nexus S and an Atrix. Atrix flat out bitchslaps the Nexus S. Besides It's not like the OEM's are in a hurry to push out updates anyway, Samsung is one of the worst.. And btw I still prefer my Atrix over my SGS2, both running CM7. Motorola needs a shot at it, barring a bootloader.

I think he means that Moto won't receive preferential treatment. They'll have the same opportunity to submit a Nexus design as anyone else. But I would definitly like to see their offering.

I would still take the Nexus S over the Atrix but that isn't the point.

You will wait forever if you hope to get the best. This is how technology works. Something new will be announced 2 months after this phone is released as well. The nexus was released in November which means if you got one you will have had it for more than likely 6 or more months before this ever sees a release. That's a pretty long time in the smartphone world.

Doesn't matter. It's a Motorola phone so with any luck it MIGHT launch with ICS but more likely GB and be updated to ICS in Q1/2013 when Jellybean is being pre-installed or pushed to existing handsets from every other manufacturer other than Moto. Do yourselves a favor. Say no to Moto.

Its a galaxy nexus with a photoshopped moto logo on it! Hahahahab!!

Maybe this will be a stepping stone for the next nexus line with the merger with moto mobile and all.....

Haha, the Motorola isn't even centered.

I would hope their new design philosophy (razr, Droid 4, xyboards) would continue to the atrix. I really like that design.

But will it still have a display with heavy block artifacts? I want to like Motorola phones but I cannot handle the pixelation.

But will it still have a display with heavy block artifacts? I want to like Motorola phones but I cannot handle the pixelation.