HTC M8 leak

Familiar colors and icons with on-screen buttons and a dash of transparency

With a successor to the HTC One on the horizon, we may be looking at our first leak of the purported HTC M8's software. While we only have a single homescreen look to go off of, the first thing that strikes us are the on-screen navigation buttons, giving us a pretty good idea that HTC has scrapped the two-button capacitive setup.

Beyond that, this really looks like a refined version of Sense, with lots of transparency and color dominating the look of the screen. Icons look basically unchanged from the current crop in Sense 5.5, but as we know this could all change. But if this really does turn out to be the new version of Sense on the HTC M8, we can say we wouldn't be upset.

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Purported HTC 'M8' homescreen surfaces with a refined look


Now that looks legit! This is a look that I can say that I would be proud to sport on my phone. Looks good to me.

I personally don't care for Blinkfeed, but it has been around since the HTC One was released early last year. It's hard for this to be a copy of Samsung's "new" Touchwhiz since Sense 5.0/5.5 has already been on devices for nearly a year.

This would be Sense 6, and the jury is still out whether Magazine will copy blinkfeed, or the other way around.

There is no such thing as a corporate secret....

One of my many admirers.

Dont actually read whats being posted about, just know that if it says NoNexus, its bad.

So your ProNexus?

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

NoNsense is a slaber akin to the other Yarellians except more intelligent at manipulation with the use of false-isms and excuses for jokes.

Yeah I want to see all those that based the colors and "flat" look on the Samsung leaks show up. iPhone people as well.

Or is it just fanboism?

The two button nonsense was the only thing that kept me from buying the One last year. I'm glad they decided to drop it.

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It didn't work well at first but I'm surprised how many functions they crammed into the Home button. Tap for Home Screen, Double-tap for Recent Apps, Slide Up for Google, and Hold for Menu all worked their way in since the 4.3 update, I believe.

Though Soft buttons in exchange for a smaller profile would be nice.

Sorry, I just don't get Google's demand that oem's drop hardware buttons... Every single time I play with a handset with onscreen buttons I get frustrated with how they don't work how I expect them to, drop it and pick up one with real buttons. Would much prefer them to stay, and truth be told handsets with real/capacitive touch outsell phones without 5 to 1,maybe more

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Capacitive buttons are being phased out on Android. Hopefully Samsung gets rid of the absolutely horrid, antiquated, old school dysfunctional home button this year.

I hope they focus more on design and materials used rather then software bloat.

And no plastic looking leather it's not premium.

As for the button.. u think it's bad on a about a 12 inch note tablet... I mean how stup!d is that ?! (Apart from the £700 price)

i dont like the green. and not sure if i like icons splashed over the feed. they get in the way.

Welcome to the transparency kit kat introduced. Its present all over the Google Now launcher. (Including overlapping elements like we see here)

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This looks like the new blinkfeed and not so much a new version of sense. They better still have the traditional home screens to the right of this.

That "thin," lightweight style looks really nice and enticing! I'm enjoying the near-vanilla experience on my Moto X too much and totally disliked the EVO 4G being skipped over for every updating during its lifespan (when it was supposed to be Sprint's flagship at the time) so I don't think I'd ever get another HTC based on that. But that UI design is really nice. =v)

I like it. Whether it's legit is of little concern to me as I think I'm going to grab a Nexus 5, but compared to the Sense that was on my Sensation and Eris, this is great.

I did love my Eris as all I had before that was an HTC Touch Pro. I could turn Sense off but 1.5 Android was way too bland.

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I'm really liking the looks of the leaked rumors on this product so far, but bracing myself that some of the best of the rumored features won't really happen. I remember being very excited about the 3000 mAh battery rumor on the Nexus 5, and the huge letdown when it actually has a 2300 mAh battery , and now a rumored 4000 mAh on the M8.

The anticipated timing of the actual announcements on this phone and the Samsung S5 will be very exciting for me, with my Verizon contract set to expire on Mar 17. I'm itching to move onward from Verizon and upward from my Galaxy Nexus.

That smaller battery goes a long way on the one. It got better battery life than the iPhone 5, and the one has a bigger screen, way more pixels, and a fatter processor to boot.

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I think this looks good. The new sense looks great, and I like the onscreen buttons.
The new HTC One looks like I would buy it.

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Ditch the seafoam. I like the fact this nav bar is transparent unlike the other leak with the thick black bar. I'm not a fan of all the white being used recently, I prefer darker themes. However, I do love the flat designs.