PuppyPOP is not the LG G3 Quick Circle case game we need, but the LG G3 Quick Circle case game we deserve

If you've ever looked at your case-ensconced smartphone with its windowed flap and thought, "Man, if only I could play a game on this," then you should take heart in the fact that someone at LG thought that too. Just released into the Google Play Store is PuppyPOP, which is the first game that is designed to be played through the circular window on the LG G3's Quick Circle case.

PuppyPOP is more or less a weird circular version of the classic Bejeweled, but with puppies instead of jewels. Don't expect to just download it and play right away — you'll need to enable it in the settings first.

How to use:

  1. 'PUPPYPOP' download and installation
  2. System configuration > General option > Quick Circle case on > App click > 'PUPPYPOP'

How to play:

  1. Match three or more blocks of the same color
  2. The more blocks matched in a row, the higher score you can acquire.
  3. Match five or more blocks to create special blocks.
  4. You can acquire higher score during Fever Time.

So yeah, that's that. If you've got an LG G3 with a Quick Circle case and love unbearably cheery music interspersed with dog barks, then PuppyPOP is the game for you — and it's free on Google Play.

Source: LG


Reader comments

PuppyPOP is the first game for the LG G3 Quick Circle case, because why not?


PuppyPOOP is way more fun, and good for compost. But it's only available for Windows and Blackberry devices. Causes moist stinky fingers though- so rubber gloves are a must. Unless you're into that stinky finger sniffing stuff. Like when you rub behind your ears then smell your finger. Yeah I'm talking to you.
Posted via Ash Williams Boom Stick!

I haven't tried this yet to give it a fair assessment, but on some level, anything that continues to leverage the Quick Circle technology has got to be good for those of us using it.

Posted via Android Central App

This (not the game necessarily but the concept ) is brilliant.

Posted via Android Central App with my Nexus 5