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Pulse News recently launched version 3.0 of their reader app for Android, which has a few significant changes. For one, there's no limitation on the number of pages that can saved to your Pulse account, which is great considering it was previously limited to five sections. There's a new sidebar to easily jump around these multiple content channels, as well as tweak your profile and view saved stories. There's also a new search mechanism that can haul in content from  Tumblr YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Google, Flickr, and other sources. Oh, and there's a new icon.

As always, Pulse offers their own curated, categorized library of content to subscribe to and view view them in a slick browser with scrollable rows for every site. Of course, you can always punch in RSS feeds for any kind of content you like and get a decent stream going on any of your categorized pages. They also have a web app that syncs up with your subscriptions and reading habits, if you'd rather catch up on the big screen.

Which reader apps do you use on a regular basis? It seems like the most direct competitor to Pulse is Flipboard, since they're so focused on cool design, but are there others which are of the same caliber?

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Pulse News 3.0 introduces unlimited pages and improved search


Like Flipboard, LOVE Feedly, and see no use in Pulse. But I think it depends on how you use it. Coming from using Google Reader, and consuming articles and checking them off as read, nothing is better than Feedly. Flipboard is also good, and pretty, but not quite as efficient. Pulse is more for casual reading, which is why I never use it.

I used to love Pulse but now I just use gReader. Apps like Pulse, Currents, and Flipboard look really good but aren't nearly as quick as a regular RSS reader. I occasionally use Flipboard for discovery, but I can't get back into Pulse or Currents.

The new Pulse UI is *horrible*. Makes it too iOS-like and takes out many of the things faithful users of the app liked and used all the time.

Check out the Play Store reviews since the update. Disaster. I accidentally updated on my phone but am looking for a revert APK. Definitely not updating on my tablet, since they apparently removed the splitscreen view.

I like Pulse but haven't used it in a long time. It's my favorite of these types of apps. I really tried using Channel Caster for a while, which can be pretty cool, but seems to have lost support from One Louder. Tried Flipboard, Taptu, News 360, Currents and really they are all pretty good. I think I just got used to Pulse.

I also use Google Reader via Android Pro Widgets on my phone, I probably use this method for quick news reads more than anything.

I used to use pulse, but it didn't have all the sources I read. It also seemed to be slow and use a lot of data. I use taptu now. It has more options than pulse.

I prefer News 360. I like widgets that scroll through articles so every time I turn my phone on I am seeing something new. Pulse does not offer this but News 360 does with pictures for the article as well.

Flipboard works quite well. What we really need is Rockmelt for Android. Rockmelt on iOS combines the best aspects of Flipboard, combined with Social Networking, all wrapped up in a very cool Browser environment.

I like Pulse, and I like the update. It's simple and like the "best of" sections. But I only use it for casual reading.